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Terra Team
Bosta Bashers
General information

Colonel Zang


General Kan She


Fort Bosta


Earth Kingdom


To cause great damage to the Fire Nation in short amounts of time.

The Bosta Bashers are an elite team of Earthbenders who all trained at Fort Bosta where their headquarters are located. The Bosta Bashers have a total of fifty regular members and ten officers, with an extra officer to lead all of them. They are organized in teams of ten with a single officer leading ten soldiers.

The Bosta Bashers are constantly shipped from one end of the Earth Kingdom to another. Their skills are highly sought after as they are seen as the most elite soldiers in the Earth Kingdom military. The Bosta Bashers have turned the tide of many battles in the war.

When the Fire Nation invaded Omashu the King commanded the soldiers to not fight. The Bosta Bashers and several other units refused the orders and fought back against the Fire Nation in the streets. The Bosta Bashers held off the Firebenders long enough for them to evacuate nearly five hundred people. However, it was not without loss, and an entire file of ten men and an officer were lost.

The Bosta Bashers went back to Fort Bosta to recover from their losses but they did not have time as the Fire Nation invaded. As of now, it is unknown what their fate was, though they are most likely dead.

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