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Born Under Dirt is the thirty-second chapter of the fanon series Kyoshi Revolts. It is also the first chapter to have the dialogue of the characters written in.


The team finally arrives in New Ozai, though the city proves to be more of a danger than a help, as Mina ends up drawing the attention of a vicious serial killer named Siwang. Meanwhile, Ray and Kaila race to find Chen medical help before he dies of his injuries.


Mina wakes up, hearing the quiet noise of flowing water. She looks around, and sees the boat has landed in a forest region on the shoreline of the river. She looks around the boat, and sees Giu and Kaila both fast asleep. She turns to Ray, who is still healing Chen.

"Did you get a good night's sleep?" Ray asks Mina, while dabbing the pure water from the river through Chen's wound, which is now surrounded by rotting flesh.

"You were up all night?" Mina counters, as she washes her hair in the river waters.

"Of course. Chen's wound requires constant attention. Getting hit by a jet of blue flame right into your chest is not exactly a walk in the park. And he's in a coma." Ray places a wet cloth over Chen's forehead to rub off the dirt and sweat.

Upon hearing voices, Kaila and Giu wake up.

"How is he?" Kaila asks, with an explicitly worried look on her face.

"If we don't get to New Ozai soon, he's going to die." Ray says. "But look, we're in the middle of nowhere!"

"Ah, but things are not always what they seem." Giu says. Before Ray can argue, Giu shoots a large rock pillar up from over the boat, and it begins to rise over the trees. The kids look through the forest, and, to their relief, they see the city of New Ozai.

"Here guys, put these on." Mina says, handing each of the children long black cloaks.

"Help is on the way." Kaila says while holding Chen's limp hand, as Momo snuggles over to her.

"I love you." She whispers to his deaf ear.

Fire Nation Capital

Azula, on the deck of the Royal Plaza, looks out to a crowd of hundreds of people.

"Citizens! Soldiers! I speak to you today not as your Supreme Fire Lord, but as your new global empress! Two days ago, my daughter Princess Mitsuki claimed the Rebel City as her own, and defeated the evil criminal, Kambi, and Avatar Chen! Now the Fire Nation has finally become a global empire! The world is mine!" The audience cheers widely, as Azula smirks evilly. "And soon, the universe will also be mine for the taking."

The audience silences, as Azula reveals a dark, terrifying smile.

New Ozai Sewage Tunnel


The team makes their way through the sewage tunnels of New Ozai

"Ew, why did we have to come through the sewage?" Giu says as the team climbs up from the vents of the sewer ducts into the city.

Mina, Giu, and Ray climb out through the hole. Kaila goes to climb out with Chen's body, though as they gets out of the duck, she drops him.

"CRAP!!!" Kaila yells as Chen slides down the sewer ducts.

"You did NOT just drop a dying, comatose boy down as sewer vent." Mina says to Kaila is anger.

"Okay, let's all just go down and-" Giu is then interrupted by Kaila.

"No, I'll get him by myself. You guys find a doctor." Kaila says.

"Kaila, you have the medical skills of a mentally retarded elephant-mouse. I'm coming with you. Mina, Giu, you guys go find that doctor." Ray says as she jumps into the sewer, followed by Kaila.

"Come on Giu, let's go, we gotta find Chen help." Mina says as she and Giu race through the city.

New Ozai alleyway

"Hey guys, wait up!" says a young boy, running through the alleyways for his friends. "Come on, this isn't funny."

Suddenly, a small shake in the ground causes the boy to trip. He looks up, only to see an eerie figure looking down at him.

"Hello. My name is Siwang." The man says. "What's yours?"

"Ping." The boy says nervously. "And I really must be going."

The boy attempts to run away, though Siwang grabs him by the neck. "Wrong!" He throws the boy to the ground, and begins suffocating him with a large stone. As the boy gasps for air, Siwang begins laughing menacingly. After a few minutes, he feels for a pulse, and does not detect one. "Now your name is Victim Number 512." He shoves the stone down the boy's throat and kicks the body aside.

Siwang steps out of the dark alleyway, and sees Mina and Giu walk by. He takes a sharp look at Mina, and then grips the stone he used to strangle Ping. "It looks like I've found Victim Number 513." He says with a malevolent grin.

New Ozai Sewage Tunnel

"You just had to drop him." Ray bitterly says to Kaila, while picking feces out of her hair.

"Well, maybe if you had helped me carry him, he wouldn't have fallen!" Kaila retorts.

"I'm sorry, I can't hear you! I'm deaf!!" Ray yells to Kaila, while covering her ears.

"Oh, way to be childish." Kaila says. "Wait, I found Chen!

Kaila runs over to Chen, who is lying face-down over the murky water.

"Oh my god, is he breathing?" Ray asks in concern.

"Yes, surprisingly." Kaila says. "Now, we need to get him back onto the surface, but with all this sewage, it's gonna take us a while."

"Screw this sewage! I'm a Waterbender." Ray says confidently, before shooting the three kids up the tunnel.

New Ozai alleyway

"Man, does this city have any doctors?" Giu asks Mina as the two scurry around in an unsuccessful attempt to find Chen medical help. They begin to cross an alleyway.

"I just hope they get him back up through the sewers safely." Mina says. "And to think, we could be in the Rebel City right now, sipping Jasmine Tea with Kambi. But instead, Mitsuki goes and ruins our lives. I swear, there is no human being on this Earth crueler or more mentally deranged than her. No one-Oof!" Mina pauses in mid-sentence as she runs into a mysterious man with a jagged face and rotten green teeth: Siwang.

"Pardon me." Mina says as she steps back up to her feet, unaware she has just bumped into the Earth Kingdom's most vicious serial killer.

"Mmm. I like a girl with politeness." Siwang says.

"Excuse me?" Mina bellows in shock.

"Hey, no one hits on her but me!" Giu says. Siwang simply looks at him with cold eyes, and, in an incredible speed, punches Giu hard in the face, causing him to fall to the floor unconscious.

"GIU!!!" Mina yells in fright at seeing her friend knocked out with blood all over his face.

"Now, as for you, you little bitch!" Siwang says as he lunges at Mina.

"Don't touch me!" Mina says. She grabs her arrows and her bow from her skirt.

"Ooooh, I like a girl with spunk in her." Siwang says, with a creepy grin across his face.

Azula's Throne Room

Azula sits prominently on her throne, surrounded by swirling blue flames. A guard enters her throne room.

"Your highness, Princess Mitsuki has returned." The guard says.

"Send her in." Azula says, while examining her long, thin nails.

Mitsuki walks up to her mother through the throne room, and bows to the ground.

"Hello mother." Mitsuki says, as she lifts her head up.

"Hello Mitsuki. Well, all I can say is, I am proud of you. You have conquered the world. You have defeated Chen. And now, I don't need to worry about those foolish rebels. I can finally go ahead with my plans to conquer the Spirit World!" Azula exclaims. "I will be the Queen of the Universe! And in my stead, I will crown you, my most esteemed servant, Supreme Fire Lord!"

Upon hearing this, Mitsuki smiles devilishly. "Supreme Fire Lord Mitsuki? Oh, it fits very nicely."

"But I have no idea how I am going to conquer the all-powerful spirits." Azula says, while pacing through her throne room.

"I have a plan." Mitsuki slyly says as she stands up on her feet.

New Ozai alleyway

Long Feng attacks

Siwang attacks Mina

Mina shoots an arrow at Siwang, though he grabs it with an earth glove, and throws it to the ground.

"You can shoot as many arrows as you want at me, but you can't win!" Siwang says, while jerking a block of stone at Mina's face. She dodges it, and the block smashes into a dumpster. "None of my targets have ever survived!" Siwang says as he begins shooting spikes of earth from the ground.

Siwang begins to advance toward Mina, and she starts to fall back.

Mina shoots an arrow right at him, which goes right into his leg.

Upon feeling the arrow's sharp, jagged point cut right through his leg, Siwang screams in rage. "YOU LITTLE WHORE!" Siwang yells, as Mina stands her ground prominently. He falls to the ground for a brief moment in pain. Mina looks in surprise as pieces of paper fall out of his sleeve. She picks one up, and sees it is a pornographic drawing of Ty Lee. She looks down at all the papers, and realizes that every single one is a sexual drawing of Ty Lee.

"You sick bastard." Mina says to her fallen opponent.

"My dream has always been to find the beautiful Ty Lee, to make her my lover! And then, to rape her and kill her as my ultimate victim.

"You're insane!" Mina yells. She runs over to retrieve Giu, though Siwang jumps onto his feet, grabs her throat, and throws her on the ground.

"Nice try bitch, but this is where you get torn up!" Siwang whispers to Mina, while getting on top of her.

"Now prepare to-UGH!" Siwang suddenly falls to the ground beside Mina.

Mina looks up, and sees Giu standing over her, with a slab of Earth in his hand.

"Giu, are you okay?" Mina asks the Earthbender.

"Yeah, I think so. Are you?" Giu replies.

"Yes." Mina says, still a bit shaken up. She quickly recovers, wiping sweat from her face. "Now come on, we need to meet up with Ray and Kaila."

Giu and Mina run through the streets of the city, looking all around for Ray and Kaila.

"Maybe they're still in the sewers." Giu suggests.

"Nope." Says a voice in the background. Mina and Giu turn around, and see Ray running towards them.

"Kaila has him over at the New Ozai Hospital." Ray says, as she stops by the two.

"But how are we gonna pay them?" Mina asks. In response to this, Ray pulls out a sack of gold pieces from her pocket.

"Being Kambi's top advisor came with its perks." Kaila tells Mina.

"Hey, I never got gold pieces from Kambi!?" Giu exclaims.

"Gee, I wonder why." Ray says, sarcastically.

New Ozai Hospital

The team walks into the hospital, and Ray checks in with the nurse.

As they walk up into Chen's room, Mina realizes something.

"Wait, how did they not realize he was the Avatar?" Mina whispers to Ray.

Before Ray can answer, the kids arrive at the room. They see Chen, lying down on the hospital bed, donning a fake moustache and beard.

They see Kaila sitting on the bed next to him.

"Hey guys!" Kaila says, as the team makes their way up to Chen. A nurse walks up to Kaila.

"Who are they?" she asks.

"Oh, these are my siblings." Kaila responds to the unusually perky nurse.

"Okay, Mr. Mushi's operation and healing treatment seems to have been successful. His vital signs all appear to be in check, his breathing is normal, and his wound has been bandaged. Ma'm, your husband is going to be okay! He should wake up in a few days." The nurse says happily.

"Oh thank goodness!" Kaila says, as Mina, Giu, and Ray sigh in relief.

"I'll give all of you some time alone with him." The nurse says. She leaves the room, and shuts the door.

"Mr Mushi?" Giu asks Kaila.

"Your husband?" Mina adds.

Kaila slightly blushes, and looks down to Chen once more.

New Ozai alleyway

Siwang sits on the rocky ground, sulking.

"No one survives the wrath of Siwang!" He says, while holding one of Mina's arrows. "I swear to the spirits, I will kill that girl, no matter what!"

Siwang stands up, and viciously snaps the arrow in half.


  • The chapter was originally supposed to be much darker. However, Vaznock decided to lighten the chapter up so as to not make it too much of an abrupt transition from the light first half of Book 2.
  • For the first time ever, Azula reveals her intentions of conquering the Spirit World.
  • Chen was originally supposed to wake up at the end of the chapter, though Vaznock made other plans.
  • The idea of writing the chapter in dialogue came when Vaznock accidentally lost the original copy of the chapter.

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