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The Great Divide in Eyes of Katara

Borin Do, or simply Bo, used to act as a canyon guide for a massive canyon located in the Earth Kingdom, known as the Great Divide. He has extensive knowledge of the creatures, geography, and climate of the canyon and its surroundings.

Bo does not do well with intense conflict between people and fears involvement in battle, though it would appear he is able to handle natural, earth-based crises with little difficulty. In calmer moments, Bo is both wise and perceptive, and his keen observations are able to help others understand the nature of their problems and eventually how to solve them.

Author's Note

This is copied and edited from canyon guide - please bear that in mind.


When Sia Re was eleven years old, Bo found her wandering the border of the Great Divide; starving, scared, upset and alone. He took her in and gave her care, treating her like his own daughter though he never had a family of his own to speak of. He took her on his tours, passing to her his knowledge and understanding of the world and creatures. While under his care, he trained her in the art of Earthbending. However in doing so he discovered she had a natural talent for the art, seeming to show knowledge and understanding of the moves he attempted to train her.

Three years later Bo and Sia guided a group of Earth Kingdom men and women heading for General Fong's base to join as recruits against the Fire Nation. After escorting them safely through, Sia voiced her desire to leave to Bo. He attempted to guide her decision away, but she wouldn't be diverted and left shortly thereafter in pursuit of the recruits, intending to offer her service on the front lines.

Canyon guide earthbends

The Guide Earthbending

On one trip Bo had to lead two feuding tribes and the Avatar through the canyon. Due to quarreling disagreements each tribe snuck food with them, against Bo's warning not to. On the way in, he learned from Aang and Katara that Sia Re had gone on to become a General. After he had broken a rock shelf so that potential Fire Nation soldiers couldn't follow them, a canyon crawler attacked him, having been lured by the food. Aang and his friends fended it off, but Bo's arms were broken in the aftermath.

After just barely escaping the canyon and a second canyon crawler attack, Bo thanked Katara for her caregiving, having set his arms. He further adds that it couldn't have been by sheer luck the three shown up when they did, as he was able to quit his job as a canyon guide with the comforting knowledge his little Sia was faring well.


  • His name was originally "Bolin Do" until I made a typo, then decided "Borin" would be a good joke off of how boring many found the series' version.

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