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"You don't understand. By denying part of who you are, you have weakened yourself. You must remain true to yourself, all of yourself, if you are to attain full peace. You say that you have two options of what to do. Each side of you is favoring one option. As a whole, you must make a choice that will benefit both sides. As one person, you can do both."
— Boreas helping Zuko in "The New Direction".
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Boreas, an Air Nomad, is a character in Avatar: Guardian.


Boreas was born in 43 AG, in a village in the eastern Earth Kingdom. His grandparents told him stories of the Airbenders that used to live in the Eastern Air Temple, located closer than a week's journey away. His grandfather, who was considered at least partially crazy, told his grandson that his grandfather's mother was an Air Nomad. No one believed him, though the idea fascinated Boreas. Boreas frequently practiced Airbending forms, though it was useless for him simply out of curiosity. He was not an Earthbender, and spent the majority of his time alone at his grandparent's house since he was an only child. His parents frequently worked for long hours at their jobs; the father at the quarry and his mother as an innkeeper. Eventually, his parents had another child, a younger brother named Noros.

During his early life, his village remained free from Fire Nation influence. This period of peace wouldn't last, for when he was 14, the Fire Nation invaded his village in order to secure the area for the future siege of Ba Sing Se. Boreas' parents complied with Fire Nation rule, giving Boreas a relatively peaceful childhood. Eventually, a friend of Boreas' father began a rebellion. Though his father wasn't involved, the Fire Nation attacked and killed Noros and Boreas' father. Afraid and alone, Boreas left his village behind.


Boreas traveled much, since he left home when he was 17. While crossing the Si Wong Desert, he met a younger Fung, who taught him much about the lost culture of the Air Nomads, as well as several survival tactics. He also traveled into Gaoling, witnessing the very first Earth Rumble tournament.

He traveled numerous places and learned many things. Eventually, he was overjoyed upon hearing the news that the War was over, and he was anxious to start a new life.

Becoming a Nomad

Upon hearing about the end of the war by Avatar Aang, Boreas was thrilled. Not only was there peace in the world, there was an Air Nomad he could meet. While on some of his usual travels, he heard a rumor that the Avatar was giving some people the ability to Airbend. Overwhelmed at the possibility of bending air, he ventured to the Northern Air Temple. After the long journey, he arrived at the temple, weary and exhausted. When he meet Aang, Boreas collapsed at his feet. When Aang asked him why he was at the Northern Air Temple, Boreas explained his life story. He concluded by expressing his desire to be a keeper of peace, and Aang decided that he needed to be an Air Nomad. When Aang was giving Boreas the ability to Airbend, Aang sensed the energy within Boreas. He explained that he already had some Air Nomad ancestry, though it was clearly diluted. Boreas realized that his grandfather was right, and was elated about his new abilities.

Boreas proved to be a prodigy at Airbending, mastering the basics in under a month. The tiers fell by the wayside as Boreas used Airbending moves that no one in the temple save Aang had seen before. The moves Boreas memorized as a child were actually mid level Airbending forms, and Boreas was able to move on to the upper level. As he had surpassed the highest leveled bender in the temple, Aang granted Boreas domain over the temple, trusting him to teach the children of the temple Airbending as well as to ensure peace in his absence.

Defending the Peace

As the Phoenix Warriors approached the Northern Air Temple, Boreas knew he had to defend it. Along with Teo, he manages to convince Aang to allow him to fight alongside the Fire Nation military.

During the battle for the Northern Air Temple, Boreas' nature allowed him to excel. He soars overhead, landing and taking out Phoenix Warriors. He eventually encounters Shan, a Fire Nation soldier who he is similar to. The two duel several Phoenix Warrior together before Boreas leaves to fight elsewhere. Boreas eventually is called upon to help end the invasion, as he helps Aang bend a massive quantity of natural gas towards the Phoenix Warriors. When Zuko wonders as to the fate of Shan, Boreas informs him of the soldier's unfortunate demise.

An Interrogation

After the end of the battle, Boreas helped retrieve wounded combatants from the Air Nomads and Fire Nation. He eventually notifies Team Avatar that the Fire Nation Military had identified the highest ranking Phoenix Warrior present, a man named Cho. He is sent to retrieve Zuko, the last remaining member. Upon his arrival, he sees Zuko's inner turmoil and pauses to help the struggling Fire Lord. After managing to coach him out of some of his depression, he reminds Zuko of the captured Phoenix Warrior. The two enter the room, where Cho berates the group for their attempts to restore peace. The group manages to get some information out of him before leaving.

The avatar's departure

Eventually, Team Avatar must leave to go defend other parts of the world. Boreas watches the group leave, and goes to help the Fire Nation military bring captured Phoenix Warriors to their ships. Cho manages to escape Fire Nation custody, though Boreas defeats the Warrior with an air jet that knocked him into a wall. After re-securing the prisoner, he sets off to bring an injured soldier to the temple infirmary.


Even from a young age, Boreas fit the personality of an Air Nomad. He enjoyed practical jokes, he loved the view from the top of mountains, and was a peaceful child.

Boreas is currently one who appreciates the need for entertainment in life. His personality is one that favors relaxation and rewarding himself for his accomplishments after obtaining them.

As a victim of the War, he understands the pain people have experienced. His experiences have made him empathetic to the needs of others, and he remains open to help them. His experiences have humbled him as well, molding him into the perfect persona for a monk.



Though he is the second most powerful Airbender in the world, Boreas is still not a master. He is progressing rapidly through the tiers of Airbending, but still remains able to use it effectively in combat. In his first appearance, Boreas is seen meditating while remaining suspended in mid air. At the beginning of the battle for the Northern Air Temple, Boreas is seen leaping high into the air with quicker reflexes than Aang before deflecting a powerful fire blast away from the inhabitants of the temple.

Other Abilities

Boreas is a self-taught historian, picking up various bits of information along his travels, and remains knowledgeable about history before the War. He is also well versed in several ancient Air Nomad legends.


  • The name "Boreas" is Greek for "North Wind", an homage to the fact that he is an Airbender from the Northern temple.
  • His brother, Noros, is named from a combination of the East and West winds, Notos and Euros.

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