By Duke of Skibbington Part of the Polybender Saga continuity.

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This page contains the books and chapters of the Polybender Saga.

Book One: Conflict

The United Republic of Nations must face its biggest threat. Kuvira's defeat did not end the Earth Empire, it only enraged it.

Chapter Title Summary
One Discovery Korra and Jinora investigate the mysterious figure seen in Korra's vision.
Two Politics Philip Hellene wins the Presidential Election.
Three Dictators The Earth Empire's new leader invades Zaofu.
Four Strategy The United Republic goes to war against the Earth Empire.
Five The Great War The Earth Empire attacks Republic City.
Six Stalemate The war grinds to a halt, with neither side able to take the advantage.
Seven Victory The war is won, but by whom?
Eight Remembrance One must commemorate the dead.

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