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180px-Book of Eibon

Book of Eibon

The Book of Eibon is an ancient tome that contains forbidden bending.


It was written by a master bender known as Eibon. He traveled far and wide and mastered every type of bending. He wrote all he had learned into a book. Later that book came into the hands of the knowledge spirit, and then into the library. It then passed into the hands of Keirain.


The Book of Eibon contains knowledge of many bending.


Fear Bending

This is the ability to manipulate fear in humans. It can be used to make them see their worst fears or to create new fears in people.

Time Bending

A common type of bending in fanons, time bending is the ability to manipulate time.

Shadow Bending

Allows the user to move along shadows.

Bone Bending

The ability to manipulate bones. Works like blood bending, but can also work on dead people who no longer have blood.

Fire Nation Rule

During the time of the Fire Nation (Last Airbender series), Fire Nation scholars ordered that every known copy of this book to be burned, for if anyone got a hold of it, they could overthrow the Fire Nation. They also were afraid that if Firelord Ozai found it, he would become too powerful.


  • The picture for the Book of Eibon is from Soul Eater.
  • The Book of Eibon is based on a book of the same name from soul eater and H.P Lovecraft.

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