Book Six: Disorder
Time Is An Illusion And So Is Death
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Book Five: Connections


The Legend of Korra Season Three

Book Six: Disorder (紊) is the second book of the third season of The Legend of Korra and the final book of the series. It is currently in the drafting process. Book Six follows Team Avatar as they travel to the Fire Nation for a celebration of the Avatar, but Asami has other intentions; a letter written in the handwriting of her mother has changed her perception of what happened on the night her mother 'died'. Meanwhile, a conflict brews in the Fire Nation as the Order of the Red Lotus reveals the next phase of their plan as they unleash the young Warlord Kasai. Trained from a young age, she has been groomed to take over the Fire Nation for the Red Lotus and usher in a new era of true freedom. Has Korra finally met her match, and will Asami truly discover what happened to her mother?

Chapter Episode Episode name Release Date
1 66 "My Dear Asami..." TBA
2 67 "TBA" TBA
3 68 "TBA" TBA
4 69 "TBA" TBA
5 70 "TBA" TBA
6 71 "TBA" TBA
7 72 "TBA" TBA
8 73 "TBA" TBA
9 74 "TBA" TBA
10 75 "The Ember Island Players, Act II" TBA
11 76 "TBA" TBA
12 77 "TBA" TBA
13 78 "TBA" TBA
14 79 "TBA" TBA

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New Characters

So far, one new character has been created specifically for Book Six: Disorder.


A Combustionbending Warlord trained by the Red Lotus to take over the Fire Nation and incite true order. Though Kasai may look like a calm Water Tribe girl, in truth, she is a deadly Fire Nation Warlord trained by the secret Order of the Red Lotus for one purpose order: To usher in a new age of true peace and freedom; disorder, if you will. At a young age, Kasai was adopted by the current leader of the Red Lotus and raised in their ways. She rose up the ranks of the order and, after she expressed the ability to combustionbend, she was gifted the third eye tattoo on her sixteenth birthday. Kasai is willing to do whatever it takes to impress her father, the current leader of the Red Lotus, including massacring a whole village of innocents.


  • Almost the whole book takes place in the Fire Nation.
  • More information about the Fire Nation Royal Family will be revealed.
  • The villain will be a young Warlord named Kasai.
  • The Red Lotus play a major role in this book.
  • One chapter will detail the night Avatar Korra was almost kidnapped as a child by the Red Lotus.
  • The final four chapters will form a four-part finale.
  • More information about Combustion bending will be revealed, especially how it is discovered and the third eye.


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