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Book One The Beginnings, Fire Chapter Two The Power of Fire
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Book One: The Beginnings, Fire


The Legend of Wan



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The Legend of Wan

This Fanon Book will cover Wan's banishment from the Fire Lion Turtle city and his time spent at the Oasis.

Book One: The Beginnings, Fire

Set in the Year 9,832 BG (A.K.A Year 9,997 AHC or 3 BAC)

Chapter 2: The Power of Fire

In the center of the city, a big burly bearded man clothed in light armour and donning an animal skin cape was shouting to the crowd.

Huntsman: "Are you Strong? Are you fearless? Do you have what it takes to battle the Spirits? Then Join the Hunt!"

Unfortunately no one was willing to volunteer to join the hunt. This was because most humans of this era were generally afraid of the Spirits, so instead of volunteering to join. The Majority of the spectators just stood at the side murmuring to one another.

Eventually a scrawny young teenager approached the hunter with one of his hands raised and offered to join the hunt.

Wan: "Count me in."

The Huntsman turned his head and gave Wan a quick inspection by scanning him from head to toe with his eyes. After giving him a scrutinizing look, the Huntsman burst into laughter and gave Wan a swift reply.

Huntsman: "We're going to be out in the wilds for a week. You wouldn't last two seconds.'

Wan puffed out his chest and crossed his arms in an attempt to look both confident and smug.

Wan: "I can handle myself."

But Wan quickly drop the smug look and pointed at the Huntsman and asked a question.

Wan: "We all get fire, right?"

The Huntsman then crosses his arm and faces Wan and begins talking in a serious tone.

Huntsman: "Yeah, but do you know how to use it?"

Wan: "Well, not exactly, But I-"

Another hunter with a top knot and of a similar height to Wan approached the two men and rested his hand on Wan's shoulder, before convincing the Huntsman to allow Wan to join since no one else was.

Hunter: "Ah let him come. Not like we've got any other volunteers lining up."

The Huntsman takes a minute to think it through before smiling at Wan and telling him that he is free to join.

Huntsman: "All right. Welcome to the hunt."

The Huntsman extended his right arm to Wan and Wan took it with a beaming face.

Wan: "Aw this is awesome! So when do I get the fire?"

Hunter: "Ha ha, we've got a rather enthusiastic one today."

Huntsman: "Before we go to receive the power of fire, we need to take your information and record it into the records. Follow us to the hall of records at the hunter's society."

Wan: "Records? Is there a need to give my information?"

Hunter: "Since we are gathering food for the city, we are essentially working for the Chou's and the Elder want to keep a record of every person who joins on a Hunt."

Troubled about the fact that Wan would have to give his details to the Chou's, Wan continue to question the Hunters.

Wan: "Well... how often does he check the logs and is there really a point?"

Huntsman: "The Elder checks the records at best... once a week, other than that. The records will come in handy if you die."

Wan raises an eyebrow at the hunters and continues to ask.

Wan: "Why...?"

Hunter: "Well if you were to die, we can find your relatives and deliver the bad news."

Wan: "I see..."

Wan follows the hunters to the association and into the hall of records where his basic information were noted down. He was then made to sign a document, but since Wan did not know how to write. He decided to slap his hand into the pad of ink before slapping it down onto the piece of paper.

As he turns away to walk off with a smug look, the receptionist with a shocked look on his face, decides to face palm at the departing teen and wonders just how long Wan will survive out in the wilds.

The hunting party gathers on a nearby cliff and the Huntsman pulls out his horn and blows on it to summon forth the Lion Turtle.

The Lion Turtle raises his head and emerges before them causing Wan to look at the beast in awe and whispers to himself.

Wan: "The Lion Turtle..."

Huntsman: "Great guardian of our city, we are venturing into the Spirit Wilds to bring back food for our people. Please grant us the Power of Fire."

The Lion Turtle upon hearing the request lets out a loud bellow and acknowledges the request of the hunting party.

Lion Turtle: "Very well, stand before me and I shall grant you the power of Fire."

The Huntsman turns towards Wan and gestures him forwards.

Huntsman: "You're first, kid."

Wan stands at the edge of the cliff and the Lion Turtle extend its claw towards Wan and touches his forehead and chest. The tips of the Lion Turtles claw glowed and Wan felt a shift of energy course through his body.

After the Lion Turtle had retracted its claw, Wan decides to test out his newly acquired powers and created a large burst of flame by thrusting one of his hands out. The sudden burst caused Wan to lose balance and he topples backwards towards the party of hunters.

Huntsman: "Just make sure you aim at the Spirits, not us, okay?"

Wan smiles and promises the Huntsman.

Wan: "Sure thing."

After the entire party had received the power of fire, Wan requests for some tips and lessons in using the new ability before they venture into the woods.

Wan: "Well since I'm new and everything, why don't you teach me how to control the fire? It's better than panicking and accidentally burning one of you guys."

The group of Huntsman turns their eyes at one another and soon came to an agreement.

Huntsman: "Well since you've asked... Hmm, I suppose it would benefit us greatly if you knew how to use it. Very well, extend out your arm and focus on generating the fire in your palm."

Wan extends his right hand out and focused his concentration to his right palm.

Wan: "Like this?"

A huge burst of flames emitted from his palm, frightening the young teen and causing the hunters to step back away from him. Wan could only stare at the flame in surprise and panic with his eyes wide and his teeth gritted.

Hunter: "Wan, just calm and breath slowly. The flames will get smaller and easier to control. Don't be afraid just stay cool."

Heeding the advice of the top knotted hunter, Wan takes a deep breath and calms down and the flame focused in his palm shrinks down into a flickering flame.

Huntsman: "Perfect, now you're ready to join us. Okay men lets set out, we've got a lot of ground to cover and we do not want to be travelling in the midst of night."

The party turn their backs on Wan and followed the burly Huntsman into the wood, Wan smirks to himself over the successfully attaining the power of Fire.

Author's Notes

  • The Majority of this part of the Beginning's has remained unchanged aside for added scenes like registering to join the Hunters. The reason I decided to add in such a scene is to create a risk for Wan, essentially he wishes to use the Power of Fire against the Chou's, so for him to give his details to the hunters means there is a chance the Chou's will know that he plans to attain power. As for the practice scene, I felt it was entirely in Wan's nature to con out information and to use it to his advantage, therefore he uses the hunters to learn how to control Fire.

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