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Book One: The Beginnings, Fire


The Legend of Wan



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The Legend of Wan

This Fanon Book will cover Wan's banishment from the Fire Lion Turtle city and his time spent at the Oasis.

Book One: The Beginnings, Fire

Set in the Year 9,832 BG (A.K.A Year 9,997 AHC or 3 BAC)

Chapter 3: Banishment

It has been roughly half an hour since Wan had received the power of Fire. The Hunting party is travelling through the forest and Wan is hanging out at the back of the party thinking of a method to escape and return to the city with the power of Fire. The party were paving their way through the bushes and trees, using machetes to away at the branches and traveling deeper into the forest getting further away from the city.

Deciding that it's now or never, Wan decides call out in a stutter, in an attempt to throw some excuses at the Hunters in order to get away from the group and head back to the city.

Wan: "He-Hey... Guys?"

The party ignored Wan who was calling from the back of the group and was continue their task of paving through the forest.

Wan: "Uh... I really need to use the bathroom... do you mind if I go?"

The party in front of Wan halted in their tracks and turned towards the scrawny teen and the burly Huntsman who was leading the group approached Wan with an annoyed face.

Huntsman: "The bathroom? We all went half an hour ago, are you telling me you need to go again?"

Wan began to roll his eyes as the Huntsman look down on him and as he worked his brain to come up with further excuses Wan decided to quickly respond by bending his knees and clutching his bladder.

Wan: "Yes! Yes, I really need to go. Oh, you know a weak bladder. Must have been that water I drank earlier."

The Huntsman frowned at Wan's obvious lies and decides to snap back at him.

Huntsman: "I didn't see you drink any water, stop being a wimp and hold it in kid. Men lets continue on and everyone, stay close. Spirits love to pick off stragglers."

As Wan began to panic at the Hunting party proceeding to move forward yet again, Wan quicken his steps trying to keep up with the group decided to try and convince them to let him go.

Wan: "Well can't I just go in the bushes over there? I'll catch up with you guys in a bit, just go on ahead without me."

Huntsman: "Kid, unless you want to die. You're going have to hold it in and stick with us. Once we make camp you can go to your heart's content."

Another five minutes passed and Wan continued his whining to the group and from the back of the group he put on a pathetic appearance and called out in a terrified trembling voice.

Wan: "Uh, guys? I don't think I can do this."

The Huntsman at the front that was leading the party had gotten annoyed with Wan and called out to him in response.

Huntsman: "Now, quit your whining. We haven't seen any spirits yet.

Wan notices that his whining was beginning to have an effect, Wan decided to continue getting on the Huntsman's nerves.

Wan: "I think I wanna go home."

Losing his temper the Huntsman turned around and approaches Wan, grabbing hold of his shirt and pulling him towards him, slightly lifting the young man off his feet.

Huntsman: "I knew you were nothing but a sniveling coward. Go give your fire back to the Lion Turtle, and don't you dare show your face around me again."

The Huntsman pushed Wan away and turned their backs on him as they headed into the forest without him. Wan had a sad and dejected look on his face and turned away from the party and headed back to the city, but as soon as they were out of his sight, Wan made quick smirk and darted straight back to the city.

As Wan approached the city, he had to come up with a way to sneak back in without the guards or the Lion Turtle discovering him, otherwise he would be forced to return the ability to the Lion Turtle.

Wan stuck to the bushes and moved through the forest, circling around the city. He locates the general location of the Tree house and wonders how he should re-enter the city and get back home to Jaya and Yao. He notices that there is a cliff and wonders if there was some way to catapult through the air and into the city.

Wan considers the option of getting a thin tree, cut it down and turn it into a long pole that he could use as a pole vault and leap back into the City. However after searching for a short period of time, Wan could not find a tall enough tree to convert into a pole for pole vaulting.

Instead Wan took a tree vine, fashioned into a rope, tied it around a thin tree by the edge of the cliff and pulled it back and around a rock being securing it. He then climbed onto the bent back tree and generated a small ball of fire in his right hand and threw down on the Vine burning it. When the vine broke, the tree catapulted Wan through the air and back into the city with a crash landing through the shrubbery.

Wan made his way into the tree house where Jaya and Yao were playing a game of Pai Sho. Upon noticing Wan the pair called out to him.

Jaya: "Wan, you're back."

Yao: "What goodies did you snatch for us this time?"

Yao rubs his stomach in hunger and wondering what kind of food Wan had managed to steal from the Chous.

Wan puts on a smug look and holds out his right hand and emits a small flame from palm of his hand and demonstrates his new found ability, surprising Jaya and frightening Yao into the corner and shielding himself with his arms.

Jaya: "What did you do? You can't steal from the Lion Turtle."

Wan extinguishes the flame in his palm and smirks at Jaya proceeding to reply to his shocked friends.

Wan: "Really? Because I just did."

Jaya: "No Wan. This is different. You can't steal from the Lion Turtle. You need to go back and return the power before you get caught."

Wan: "Jaya, just calm down. It's like you've said. The Chous can only have their way because they have power. Well now that I have the power, things are going to change."

Wan walks towards a chest in the far side of the room and pulls out a fox like mask with a grey snout and white head and sly grin on it design.

Wan: "Come on Jaya, if I show everyone my power they'll all follow me. Change cannot happen until you make the first move."

Wan departs from the treehouse with a reluctant Jaya following behind him, trying to convince him to turn back and return the ability. As they pass through the slums, Wan called out to all the people living in poverty to follow him and to come together.

Wan: "Everyone please listen, we've all suffered long enough. It's time we took back what is ours, for too long the Chous have abused their power to control us. They've horde the food and live in luxury whilst we live down to starve and rot away.

Old Man: "Well kid, how do you propose we stop them? They have weapons, we've got nothing."

Wan: "You have me."

With firm determination Wan emitted flames in both of hands and demonstrated his power in front of the crowd stunning and shocking them all. The people began calling Wan a fool and a lunatic for stealing the Fire from the Lion Turtle.

Jaya: "See Wan, everyone thinks your plan is insane. Return the Fire and come home with me."

Old Man: "Exactly. Jaya is right, you're insane. To steal from the Chous is daring enough, but the Lion Turtle, of all the crazy things you could do."

The entire crowd then rally up behind Jaya and the Old Man and began pressuring Wan to return his ability to the Lion Turtle to avoid attracting trouble form the Chous. But Wan decided to stand his ground and climbed on top of the well so that the people could see and hear him.

Wan: "Don't you all see? With my power of Fire, I can help you all get the food from the Chous storage houses. We no longer have to starve. I'll us my power to hold them off. Think about it, the Chous only have spears, I have Fire. In the end I'll win, now who's with me?"

The people discuss amongst themselves before 6 men came up to Wan offering to be volunteers to raid food from the Chous to bring back to their family.

Old Man: "The six of us will go with your plan Wan. We'll only do this once to if it will work."

Wan: "Well as I've told Jaya. Change cannot happen unless you make the first move. Now we'll need to be able to disguise ourselves so that the Chous cannot recognise us. Speaking of disguises..."

Wan pulls out a monkey mask and hands it over to Jaya.

Jaya: "What's this? Oh no... Wan you're not planning on dragging me into this are you?"

Wan: "Nah, I know you'll tag along for the fun of it, plus you should see for yourself, just how we will change things around here."

Old Man: "Very well, we'll get the women to make up helmet of straw to cover our heads. It would be best to act in the darkness of night. That way if we need to escape we can slip into the shadows and get away, not to mention it will help protect our identity."

Wan: "Okay then, looks like we got our gang. Now let's go steal some food."

Night has descended onto the Lion Turtle city and Wan, Jaya and six men are seen approaching the pathway towards the Chous' palace. Jaya continues to try and persuade Wan out of his insane idea.

Jaya: "You know it's forbidden to bring the power of the element into the city. Please, go back to the Lion Turtle and return the fire."

Wan: "Jaya, it's time to stop being so afraid of the Chous and to show them that we have the power to change things."

Wan takes out his mask and covers his face and the reluctant Jaya does the same with the rest of the group following their example. Wan approaches the gates and calls out to the guards at the top of the gates.

Wan: "Hey, Chous! Open the gate and let us in."

Chou the Elder approaches the edge of the gates and question his sons as to what is going on.

Chou the Elder: "What are those filthy peasants doing here?"

Big Chou: "Don't worry father. We'll take care of them."

The Chou brothers leave their father and heads down towards the gate, emerging from it to face the group of rebels. Wan points his hands at them and swipes his hands aside to emphasis his threat.

Wan: "Hand over all the food you're hoarding and we won't give you any trouble."

The Chou brothers laugh at the masked teenager and the Big Chou proceeds to raise the spear in his hands before lowering it towards Wan, pointing it towards him.

Big Chou: "You're not getting past us. We have the weapons. You're powerless"

Wan: "Powerless, huh?"

Taking the smug comment as a challenge the Chou Brothers got into a fighting stance and prepared for battle whilst Jaya and the other men behind Wan began to shuffle their feet backwards in fear. Unlike the rest of the group, Wan took one step forwards and trusted his hand out towards the brothers and produce a large burst of flames, causing the Chou Brothers to jump to the side to avoid the blast.

The flames hit the gates and destroyed it, creating and opening. Wan approaches the opening and gestures to the group to following him.

Wan: "Follow me!"

The group enters the palace grounds and Wan proceed to blast the food cellar doors down with his Fire. He points to the storage and orders the group to act.

Wan: "Grab as much food as you can."

The Villagers proceed to run into the cellars to then emerge with big sacks of food swung over their shoulders.

Jaya approaches Wan and voicing that maybe Wan was right and that it was possible for them to change things.

Jaya: "Maybe you're right. Maybe we have the power to change things."

Palace Guard: "Stop right there!"

Wan and group turn to see roughly ten armed guards and the Chou brothers approaching them.

Jaya: "Looks like the Chous found backup."

Wan: "Get everyone out of here, I'll hold them off."

Jaya runs towards the other raiders, gesturing the villagers to follow him and escape.

Wan in the meantime makes a leap towards the guards and scatters them by producing a strong blast of fire. He continues to produce blast of flames to keep the guards at a distance, but one of them sees an opening and decides to lunge the spear towards his chest. Wan grabs hold of the spear and swings the guard into the Big Chou who was standing behind him, knocking them aside.

He proceeds to use the momentum of the spin to toss the spear away and as his back was exposed the Little Chou makes a brave leap onto Fire Benders back and clings onto him. Struggling to toss the Little Chou off his back and with his movements limited, Wan creates a circle of fire around his feet, keeping the rest of the guards from coming and helping the Little Chou.

After a brief struggle, Wan managed to shake the Little Chou off his back lost his mask as the Chou held onto it. The Little Chou got into a begging position on his knees and begged Wan for mercy as he lowered his head.

Little Chou: "No, please! Have mercy."

Wan halts his attack as he watches the Little Chou cowering in fear before him. The Little Chou looks up and is surprised to see Wan with a fireball held behind his head.

Little Chou: "Wan?"

As Wan began to waver on his decision to attack the Little Chou, the flame in his hand and the surrounding fire went out in response to his feeling. The surround guards then jumped on Wan, wrestling the young man onto the ground. The Little Chou regained his composure and got back into his feet as the defeated Wan and dragged off the ground and onto his feet before the Chous and the other guards.

Little Chou: "Even when you have the power, you're too afraid to use it."

Wan looks at the Little Chou with an angry expression but soon slants his eyes towards the left and lowers his head in defeat. Wan is then taken off to prison to await trial for his actions against the Chous and for his theft of Fire.

Morning came and Wan was dragged from his cells and lead to the outskirts of the city. The guards held Wan in place as the Chous summoned the Lion Turtle.

The Lion Turtle emerged before them and the Chou Elder began to interrogate Wan.

Chou the Elder: "Tell me who else was involved with the rebellion and I might take mercy on you."

Wan: "I'm not telling you anything."

Wan struggles were held down by the guards and Chou the Elder closed his eyes to evaluate his decisions. Having come to the conclusion that Wan would not give in and the defiance he has shown. The Elder proceed to pass judgement on Wan.

Chou the Elder: "Then you've left me no choice. Wan, you're hereby banished."  

Author's Notes

This is by far the longest chapter I have done so far. This chapter includes Wan breaking away from the Hunting party and heading back to the city on his own.

I've created an original scene into the story because I believe Wan couldn't have waltz back into the city with the power of Fire, there should have been guards or the Lion Turtle on the look out.

So after he re-enters the city, I also decided to include extra scenes where Wan gathers supports to come with him to raid the Chous.

Thinking about cliffhangers and suspense, I decided to end this chapter where Wan was declared to be banished from the City.

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