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Book One The Beginnings, Fire Chapter One Wan
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Legend of the Avatar


Book One: The Beginnings, Fire


The Legend of Wan



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Book One: The Beginnings, Fire

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The Legend of Wan

This Fanon Book will cover Wan's banishment from the Fire Lion Turtle city and his time spent at the Oasis.

Book One: The Beginnings, Fire

Set in the Year 9,832 BG (A.K.A Year 9,997 AHC or 3 BAC)

Chapter 1: Wan

Wan was a young, scrawny, rebellious teenager, who lived in poverty in the outskirts of the city that existed upon the back of the great Fire Lion Turtle. The city was ruled by the Chou family, a cruel and selfish family that hoarded the food supplies and left its citizens impoverished.

As a result, Wan would often steal food from the Chou family and like always, the Chou brothers would chase Wan down the streets of the city to retrieve the food that was taken.

"Nobody steals from the Chou brothers!" shouted the shortest of the three identical looking men, each wielding a guan dao as they chased after Wan.

"Oh really, no one steals from the Chous? Because I just stole from you guys, ha!" replied Wan, mocking the brothers chasing him and enjoying the moment as he ran down the streets.

"You're dead, Wan," said the biggest of the biggest Chou Brothers, in a rather dark and serious tone.

"Actually, I feel quite alive," said Wan, jumping onto a ledge and falling off backwards as he waved at them.

As he plummets to the ground, Wan grabbed hold of a clothing line and swung back up onto the alcove. The Chou brothers, who had jumped after Wan, landed on the clothing line, rather than catching it, and broke the line, which caused the three brothers to plummet straight towards the ground.

Collapsed into a pile upon the streets, Wan used the brothers as a landing cushion and continued his escape. Jumping and sliding from one roof to another, having gotten a fair distance away from his pursuers, Wan pulled out a piece of stolen bread and was prepared to take a bite out of it, when suddenly the Chou brothers appeared.

"He-he-hey, fellas..." said Wan, rather hesitantly at his pursuers. He took a quick glance at the bread at his hands and at the brothers and a plan for his next escape came to mind.

"You're just in time for lunch!"

Wan threw the piece of bread at the brothers and it landed in the face of the big Chou. Taking advantage of the opening, Wan made a dash for it. However, the middle-sized Chou stuck out his guan dao and caused Wan to trip and soon the young man was caught. The little Chou approached Wan and spoke to him face to face.

"I told you no one steals from us."

The big Chou threw Wan over the wall and he fell straight into a pen filled with a variety of hybrid pigs. Wan sat himself up and wiped the mud from his face. Turning to his side, he saw a pig snorting at him, causing the young man to sigh at his failure.

Returning to his home on the outskirts of the city, Wan handed some of the dirtied rolls of bread to the teenaged boy waiting inside.

"Did you steal from the Chous again?" asked Jaya, taking the bread from Wan's hand.

"Yeah, and I got nothing to show except a few dirty rolls and a whole lot of bruises. Hey, Yao, I got some food for you."

Wan held the roll of bread out and from the dark corners of the room, Yao, who was a disfigured man that look somewhat like a tree, reached out his hand from the shadows and took the piece of bread.

"Mmm, delicious! Thank you, Wan."

Jaya and Yao began eating their piece of bread whilst Wan sat himself down on the floor. As he was about to take a bite of the bread in his hands, a bunch of small animals entered the tree house and approached Wan. At first, the young man was hesitant to share his food, having withdrawn it from them.

"You guys are hungry too, huh?" said Wan, feeling sorry for the animals and deciding to tear up his piece of bread and gave them the food.

"Wan, you should eat," said Jaya, looking at his best friend with a concerned look on his face.

"They need it more than I do. Besides I'm tired of eating scraps. If only there was a way to get into the Chou's food cellar. We'd be eating like Chous."

"If Chou the Elder catches you sneaking into his palace, you'll end up dead. Or worse, he'll banish you into the Spirit Wilds."

Upon the mere mention of the words being banish, Yao reacts and cowers into the corner. He began to shout warnings at Wan and Jaya about the dangers of the Spirit Wilds and to avoid getting banished.

"NO, don't get banished. You don't want anything to do with those spirits. They'll get inside ya, scramble up your mind and turn you into this, A MONSTER!"

"Don't do anything crazy, Wan. You just gotta accept the world for the way it is. Some people have power, some don't and you don't."

Wan looks down at his tea, thinking about Jaya's comment. As he sips his tea, an idea forms inside Wan's head. If he doesn't have power, then all he has to do is get it or more precisely... steal it.

"Not yet, but I will find a way to get power."


The next day, Wan left the treehouse in the early hours of the morning. He walked through the streets looking for a blacksmith, so that he could obtain a weapon of his own.

"Hey there, I'm interested in getting a weapon."

The blacksmith turned his head towards Wan and examined him closely by looking him up and down.

"Sorry, kid, but I doubt you're going be able to wield any of these."

"Hey, who are you to judge? Who knows, there might be a weapon among these that I can actually use."

The rather skeptical blacksmith sighed and handed over a double edge sword. However, the moment Wan caught the sword in his outstretched hands, he immediately fell to the ground. Wan then made every effort to lift the sword off the floor, but unfortunately, the sword would not budge.

"See, kid, you don't even have the strength to lift this sword off the floor. If you want to wield a weapon, you're going to have to build up your body."

Wan gave a light chuckle and straightened himself up from the floor.

"Well, maybe I can't lift a sword, but perhaps I can use other stuff."

The blacksmith sighed and handed Wan a selection of weapons, but unfortunately, the young man failed to make any use out of them. With a suit of armour, Wan couldn't move and could only topple over. With a shield, Wan couldn't stand his ground and was thrown off his feet as he blocked an attack. With a bow and arrow, Wan had failed to fire it. With a whip, he wound up entangling himself and with a hammer, he could only drag it along the floor.

"Face it, kid, you're not the warrior sort. Until you have the physical strength, you won't be able to lift any of these."

"Well... What do you suggest I do?"

"Hmmm, you could always pay this guy a visit. He should be able to whip you up into shape."

Wan took the leaflet from the blacksmith and looked at the peace of paper.

"The... ah... uh..."

"You can't read can you?"

Wan gave an embarrassed smirk, whilst the blacksmith sighed once again.

"Dali (大力) is a professional trainer. He was once a member of the Chous' army, but has retired. He spends his days training young scrawny kids like you."

"I see, well thanks. I guess I'll pay this guy a visit."

Wan departed from the store and went on the search for Dali's dojo. He navigated through the streets by following the map drawn onto the back of the leaflet. After climbing a fleet of stairs, Wan finally arrived at Dali's dojo, but was appalled at the sight in front of him.

On both sides of the yard, a variety of men were struggling to do exercise, some were overweight and out of breath, others were struggling to do basic exercises and the skinnier men were failing to lift weights (a wooden stick with rocks on either end).

Worst of all, Dali, who appeared to be a muscular and rather handsome man in the leaflet, was, in reality, an old frail hunchback old man.

"You've got to be kidding me..." said Wan, making a quick comparison between the image on the leaflet and the man standing in the centre of the yard. He decided to screw up the piece of paper and throw it aside as he left the vicinity.

Some of the other options that Wan tried were meditation at the temples of the lion turtle city. He tried to harness the natural energy and draw in the cosmic power, but was unable to withstand the incense and immediately gave up after 15 minutes.

"Yeah... this isn't my sort of thing..."

Wan dragged his feet through the streets of the city, moaning and complaining about the lack of options to gain power.

"There's got to be something around here... I've gotta think, but I can't afford weapons, there is no place to train and I can't believe I even tried doing meditation. What was I even thinking?"

As Wan approached the centre of the city, a rather big burly and hairy looking man was shouting for people's attention.

"Are you strong? Are you fearless? Do you have what it takes to battle the spirits? Then join the hunt!"

"Of course, the hunters. I've think I've got an idea."

Author's Notes

  • Dating system is as followed, BG = Before Air Nomad Genocide, AHC = After Harmonic Convergence and BAC = Before Avatar Cycle.
  • Note that this story essentially covers the first part of "Beginning" with Wan stealing food. I felt there was an opening and decided to add in a scene where he tried searching for alternative power, before gaining Firebending.
  • 9th May 2015 - Revision and update to Novel Style Format.

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