The Beginnings Fire Chapter Five
Searching for a Master
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Book One: The Beginnings, Fire


The Legend of Wan



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Book One The Beginnings, Fire Chapter Four Companion

The Legend of Wan

This Fanon Book will cover Wan's banishment from the Fire Lion Turtle city and his time spent at the Oasis.

Book One: The Beginnings, Fire

Set in the Year 9,832 BG (A.K.A Year 9,997 AHC or 3 BAC)

Chapter 5: Searching for a Master

Three days has passed since Wan was banished.

Jaya and Yao are taking a walk around the city. Now that Wan has been banished, no one dares to challenge the Chous. This resulted in everyone accepting their fates, to live under the oppressive rules of the Chou family.

As they approached the centre of the city, a large group of people have gathered. Curious about the commotion, Jaya and Yao approached the crowd to see what was going on.

The leader of the Hunting party had returned. Strolling through the streets with his head lowered. As he walked on, a man caught hold of his attention by asking him why he was alone.

Man: "What happened in the Wilds? Where are the others?"

The Hunter replied in a slow and rather despairing tone.

Huntsman: "Gone. The Spirits took them. They were protecting that kid, Wan, like he was one of their own."

Upon hearing that Wan was safe, Jaya immediately turned to Yao with excitement.

Jaya: "Did you hear that? Wan's still alive!"

A teenage girl in a ragged orange dress, with a brown cloth tied around her hips with black messy long hair and bright orange eyes. Jumped at Jaya and asked him for more details regarding Wan with a big smile on her face.

Girl: "Hey! I heard you mentioned Wan's name, could you tell me more about him?"

Four days have passed since Wan was banished.

Wan is sat beneath a tree, with his eyes closed and his legs crossed. Mula is sat beside him and Aye-Aye is standing before them, instructing Wan in the ways of meditation.

Aye-Aye: "In order to live among the Spirits, you must learn to respect nature and understand the world around you. Long ago, humans were once respectable creatures. Your ancestors could tap into the vast cosmic energy that surrounds the world and achieve incredible feats. They could project their own spirits and immortalize themselves by crossing over to our world and become one with nature."

Wan opened his eyes and questions the Spirit who is giving him a lecture.

Wan: "So... our ancestors could use this... natural energy, rather than the power of Fire?"

Aye-Aye: "Indeed, humans could draw energy from around them and use it to their advantage, allowing them to manipulate the energy within themselves and others. However, this ability is lost and the knowledge is known only to a few and even fewer dare to utilize this ability, except for the Lion Turtles."

Raising an eyebrow, the curious teen questions the Spirit.

Wan: "So the Lion Turtle grants us the ability of Fire by using this Energy power?"

Aye-Aye: "As I've mentioned already, by manipulating the energy within you. They can grant you the power of the element or remove it completely."

Wan: "And you're going to teach me how to use this Energy ability right?"

Aye-Aye: "Not exactly. I will teach you how to harness your energy in order to increase your own natural abilities. To do this we must open as many of your chakra points, from what I can tell. You have already conquered your fear and opened the Earth Chakra that deals with Survival"

Upon hearing that he has already opened one of the points, Wan smiles and proceeds to ask how many more points he needs to open.

Wan: "Oh, that's good. So that's one down, how many more to go?"

Aye-Aye: "Opening the chakra points is not an easy task. You opened the first point through sheer coincidence. If you are not careful, Fear will block your chakra point. To reopen it again will be difficult, it is natural to fear things so please do be careful."

Wan: "I see... well then what are the other chakra points then?"

Aye-Aye: "There are seven Chakra points. You still have six more points to open. The Second point is known as the Water Chakra which is located in the Sacrum. It deals with Pleasure and is sealed by guilt."

Wan makes a slight chuckle and claims that the second point should have been opened.

Wan: "Well... I think we can all agree that I'm living in luxury."

Aye-Aye: "That's where you're wrong. Indeed you are living a luxurious and pleasurable life. But you have not conquered your guilt. There will come a day where you will regret your actions and you'll have to overcome them. That is when your chakra point will open."

Wan: "Okay... then what about the other chakras?"

Aye-Aye: "We'll leave that for another time, what's more important is to make you slightly stronger than you are now so that you can travel into the wilds and find other Lion Turtle Cities."

Wan looks slightly skeptic that having access to a few chakra points will actually make any difference to his base abilities. Noticing his doubts, Aye-Aye proceeds to reassure his human friend.

Aye-Aye: "There is no need to worry. Just having access to one Chakra point will improve your general abilities. Not to mention the fact that you will become enlightened."

Wan: "When you put it that way... that doesn't seem so bad. So chakras can only be activated once I've conquered each of the blocks. Well then, what about my bending abilities? How do I improve that?"

Aye-Aye: "Unfortunately, I'm no expert in ways of the elements, but I can advise you with the use of philosophy, so that you can understand how to use your power."

Wan: "Philosophy? What's that?"

Aye-Aye: "A theory or an ideal. Stinky, you were given the element of Fire and like every other human, you just mindlessly throw them."

Wan gave a rather stern look and proceeded to ask how he was supposed to use the Fire.

Wan: "What's wrong with that? Isn't that how you're supposed to use it?"

Aye-Aye: "No. Stinky... just throwing Fire is pointless. A Master, can breathe flames, manipulate it and wield it in a beautiful, elegant and powerful manner. As oppose to your sloppy and pitiful usage of it."

Upon hearing the term Master, Wan took an interest in knowing more details.

Wan: "Wait... what do you mean Master? You mean there is someone who could use Fire better me and those Hunters?"

Aye-Aye: "Ha, of course. Your abilities are nothing but child's play before the Master.

Wan: "Well, tell me more about the Master? Where can I find them?"

Aye-Aye: "Right... I suppose its time for a story."

Wan: "A story? What has this got to do with the Master of Fire?"

Aye-Aye: "Well Stinky. You will find this rather interesting and believe me. This tale will give you some inspiration as to what you should do."

Wan: "Okay... go on, tell me."

Aye-Aye sat down in front of Wan and told him the story of how the Zodiac dating came to be.

Aye-Aye: "Long ago, during a time where Humans and Spirits lived together in peace. There existed Twelve Pure Animals, the Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Sheep, Monkey, Chicken, Dog and Pig."

Wan: "So they really do exist. I was told that pure breeds were a myth and that they never existed."

Aye-Aye: "They're extremely rare to find so to speak... but if I may continue with the story."

Wan: "Please, go on."

Aye-Aye: "Ahem. The Twelve Pure Animals had disciples of their own. The twelve humans observed their respective animal masters and learnt from them. The human disciples developed various abilities and forms of martial arts as well as methods of manipulating the elements."

Wan: "Can animals really teach humans how to fight?"

Aye-Aye: "Again with the interrupting! and of course you can learn from animals, through observing them. The humans learnt how to utilize the elements, fight with their bare hands and develop unique abilities. These humans created numerous styles as well as discipline and philosophy. They stood above all others as the strongest in the world."

Wan: "So... There are other elements? And what do you mean by special abilities?"

Aye-Aye appeared rather visibly annoyed now, but still he proceeded to explain things to Wan.

Aye-Aye: "Well Stinky... There are four elements in total that can be granted by the Lion Turtles. Aside from the element of Fire, the other three elements would be Air, Water and Earth. As for the special abilities... they were developed by the disciples themselves. For example the disciple of the Snake could use the element of water to manipulate poison. The disciple of the Rabbit could use the element of air to jump higher than anyone, as if they were weightless. Whilst the disciple of the Monkey learnt how to become a nimble and agile fighter in the arts of hand to hand combat."

Wan: "They all sound really strong... wouldn't there be any fights over who is the strongest?"

Aye-Aye: "Indeed there were many disputes between the Twelve of them, but in the end a wise sage came and offered them a challenge. They were to race across the land and seas towards the summit of the mountain, where the wise sage lived. The Rat came first but he was not the victor, the sage named them all winners and named each year after them. Going from Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Sheep, Monkey, Chicken, Dog and finally Pig. As twelve years pass the cycle will renew and continue. Incidentally this would be the year of the Dog and next year will be the Year of the Pig the last of the current cycle."

Wan: "That sounds interesting, I wonder if I will become as famous as them."

Aye-Aye tried to imagine Wan's future and rather sarcastically told him.

Aye-Aye: "Yes... I can see it now... The Tales of Stinky"

Wan: "Well that's enough daydreaming... So where do I go find a master to teach me?"

Aye-Aye: "Well... there is a rumour that a Master of Fire lives upon the mountains, all the way..."

Aye then turns and points towards the tallest mountain in view.

Aye-Aye: "...There."

Wan: "That doesn't look to bad to climb. I mean how hard can it be?"

Wan: "This... was... not... what... I... had... in... mind!"

Wan was staggering up the mountain, exhausted and complaining in between breaths. Aye-Aye and Mula were following behind him, watching their young human friend struggle.

Aye-Aye: "Told you this wasn't going to be easy."

Wan: "Shut...Up..."

Mula skips towards Wan and nudges him in the back. This caused him to trip and fall face forwards into the ground. He then spoke with his face buried into the ground, thanking Mula for the nudge.

Wan: "Geez thanks Mula."

Mula growled and licked the side of Wan's face. Wan brought himself back up onto his feet before turning to Aye-Aye and questions him how much further they have to go.

Wan: "So how much further is it?"

Aye-Aye: "Quite a distance, not much of a problem for me since I can just pop in and out of places like all Spirits can."

To prove his point Aye-Aye disappeared in a wisp of smoke before appearing several meters away from Wan.

Aye-Aye: "Unfortunately for you, you can't do that."

Wan: "Well, I can... you know... walk?"

Aye-Aye: "And fabulous progress you are making indeed!"

Wan made a rather annoyed face at Aye-Aye's sarcastic comment.

Wan: "Just you wait, I'll get to the top! I won't give up!"

Mula once again approaches Wan from behind and pushes his back trying to get his attention.

Wan: "H-hey... Mula! Stop pushing."

Mula comes up besides Wan and makes indications to him to get onto her back.

Aye-Aye folds his arm and watches them.

Aye-Aye: "Seem like she wants you to ride her."

Wan: "Ride her?"

Aye-Aye: "Yes... as in, for transport. You know so you don't have to walk."

Wan: "I dunno, seems kinda mean for me to have her carry me all the way up to the top."

Aye-Aye: "Nonsense. Just get on and give it a go. If you don't like it, then you can get off and carry on by foot."

With that, Wan climbed onto Mula's back and settled upon her. Having confirmed that her master was thoroughly seated, she began to galloping up the mountain at a steady fast pace. Causing Wan to place his arms around her neck and scream in a pitiful manner. Aye-Aye smiles and disappears in a wisp of smoke.

Wan gradually overcomes his initial shock of Mula suddenly galloping at full speed. He soon cheers and cries out in joy at the sensation of air rushing past him and the rush of adrenaline.

Wan: "Ha... HA! Woo, Yeah! Go Mula, go faster! Come on girl, that's it! Go! Go! go!"

Having arrived at the summit, Wan unmounts from Mula's back. Aye-Aye materializes in front of them, having traveled to the summit through warping.

Aye-Aye: "See, that was a much faster method. Right, Stinky?"

Wan: "Yeah, I'll admit that was pretty fun."

wan cherished and stroke Mula's head, rewarding her for carrying him to the summit.

Wan: "So... what now?"

Aye-Aye: "You have to prove your worth to the Master. Call him out and he will judge you for what you are worth. If he is satisfied he will take you on as his disciple."

Wan: "I see..."

Wan approaches the entrance of the cave where the supposed master lives.

Aye-Aye: "Create a small flame and present it. Now Stinky, remember to bow and whatever you do... DO NOT FREAK OUT."

Wan showed a slightly worried face due to the way Aye-Aye put emphasis on the last part of his sentence. He generates a small flame in the palms of his hand and bowed before the entrance of the cave.

Wan: "Oh Great master, my name is Wan. I have come before you in order to learn the ways of Fire."

The flames in his hands were sucked into the darkness of the cave. Wan felt a bit tense and nervous, turning his eyes towards Aye-Aye who has a ridiculous look on his face and both thumbs up, in an attempt to reassure Wan that everything will be okay.

The ground shook and a mighty roar bellowed out of the cave and within seconds a pure white Dragon, rushed out from within the cavern as a blinding white blur. It soared high into the sky and began to do what appears to be a dance.

Wan stood stunned in the presence of the dancing Dragon. Unsure of what to do, he turns to Aye-Aye and begs for advice.

Wan: "Okay... I was NOT expecting this. What on earth am I supposed to do!?"

Aye-Aye: "Prove you are worthy, remember that story I told you about. The Humans in the past learnt from the Pure Animals by observing their movements."

Having been told that he should observe and learn from the Dragon, Wan took in a deep breath and relaxes his body. He watches the Dragon dancing around him, leaving a trail of flames in its path. Having emptied his mind, his body begun to move instinctively, syncing with the movements of the dragon.

He begun by emitting flames upwards and swiping it back down causing scorch marks across the ground. He continued creating flames and moving in a similar fashion to the White Dragon thrusting his arms forth. After executing ten stances, he approached the end of the dance. Wan and the Master came face to face, the Dragon inhaled and shot forth a stream of flames.

Wan instinctively clapped his hands together and drove them forwards, splitting the flames to the left and right. The flames coiled around him and formed a vortex of Fire. Wan looked on from within and soon understood the meaning of Fire. When the flames disperse, Wan place his hands together and bowed before the Dragon.

Wan: "Fire is the essence of life, I see that now. Please teach me."

The Dragon stared at the young man, before letting out a mighty roar mix with a burst of Flames and darted towards the sky coiling around before descending down the mountain towards the Oasis.

Aye-Aye: "Well... I was half expecting you to get eaten or roasted. But well done Stinky! Now quick, time to head back to the Oasis. You don't want to keep your Master waiting."

Wan: "I'll race you back to bottom on Mula!"

Wan darted to Mula and jumped upon her back. Aye-Aye disappeared in a wisp of smoke whilst Mula galloped after the Dragon, heading straight down to the foot of the mountain.

Author's Notes

Hello dear readers!

So this was one of the most difficult chapters to write as it is an original story for Wan. So there were a lot of content included into the story that was ultimately removed in the end. Also whilst I was writing this chapter, Chapter Two had been bugging me, urging me to want to go back and polish it up.

So this story is all about Wan going to find the Dragon to be his master... but how does he find one? Of course the idea came to me that Aye-Aye would have guided him. There can only be so much that Aye-Aye can teach him and of course since the Zodiac is present in the Avatar Universe... I thought maybe I could incorporate it into the story. One thing lead to the other and I ended up deviating from the original intention of the story.

But in the end I manage to more or less steer it back on track (I think...).

As per usual, I hope you enjoy the story and that you may provide some feedback and thoughts about the chapter.

Next chapter shall introduce a new character, a girl named Xintu --AkiraNasuki (wallcontribs) 22:01, October 20, 2014 (UTC)

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