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Avatar: The First Skybender
Volumen Primum: Paradiso (天堂)
Book One: Water (水)
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Master Ratava


Volumen Primum: Paradiso (天堂)


Brazil/Brazilian Portuguese/English

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January 16 2012


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Book One: Water ()

Chapter # Chapter Title Summary
Prologue The Blackbirds Guild Complaining about having to move one more time, an ill girl packs her stuff to leave the Patola Mountains Outskirts with her botanist father. She wonders about her dream to travel around the world, not from small town to another, but to visit the metropolis. She urges to get her life on the spotlight, in despise of everything she struggles. And by a twist little joke from the destiny, her dad orders her to set course to Caldera City, her mother's and her brith place. On the sound of that she drives her dragasus through the sky, remembering the reason why they'd been travelling in the first place. Her mind loses itself from the saddest of her memories... Riding on enormous black winter's night bird-alike creatures, men in white cloaks terrify a village little girl.
Chapter One The Southwestern Storm Northern Waterbender Koori Kumo and his cousin Ame Suiki spy on the Watchers' reunion with the aristocracy families leaders about the upcoming war against the unknown foreigners of the Sky Parliament. The Southwestern Storm that rises high above near the Fire Nation Islands terrifies all three territories. Besides all these political issues, there are no airbender known alive, and the circle of the Avatar is told as broken.
Chapter Two Flying Cloud Odin Up Next
Transparente You can’t always see what's above the Southwestern Storm.

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Book Two: Thunder ()

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