Wan learning the Dancing Dragon
Book One: The Beginnings, Fire
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Legend of the Avatar


Book One: The Beginnings, Fire


The Legend of Wan

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Prologue: Before the Era of Raava

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Book One The Beginning's, Fire Chapter One Wan

The Legend of Wan

This Fanon Book will cover Wan's banishment from the Fire Lion Turtle city and his time spent at the Oasis.

Book One: The Beginnings, Fire

Set in the Year 9,832 BG (A.K.A Year 9,997 AHC or 3 BAC)

Chapter 1: Wan

Chapter One

A young rebellious teenager named Wan lived in poverty on the outskirts of the Fire Lion Turtle city and in order to survive the harsh rule of the Chou family, Wan would steal food from them on a regular basis.

Sick of being mistreated by the Chou family, Wan decides to seek power to bring so that he can bring change allow himself and others to live a better life on Fire Lion Turtle city.

Chapter 2: The Power of Fire

Chapter Two

In order to obtain power so that Wan can change the way he lives, he decides to join the Hunters but finds that he would need to report his departure from the city and that he would be obtaining the power of Fire.

Wan also attempts to learn and master the ability.

Chapter 3: Banishment

Chapter Three

Wan displays the power of Fire to the citizen's of the city and gains support from them. The rebels decides to raid the Chous' palace at night so that they can steal food. However Wan ends up being caught and is banished from the City.

Chapter 4: Companion

Chapter Four

Having saved the Cat Deer from the hunters, Wan finds that it is being extremely attached to him. Aye-Aye suggests to Wan that he should change the way he lives and become a vegetarian and that he should bond and learn to control the Cat Deer and give it a name.

Chapter 5: Searching for a Master

Chapter Five

Aye-Aye tells Wan that if he wish to leave the Oasis and search for the Lion Turtle cities, then he must master how to use the Power of Fire. Aye-Aye, Mula and Wan set off on a journey to search for the master in the mountains of the Spirit Wilds.

Chapter 6: Following

Wan encounters a girl named Xintu, who is a year younger than him. She was also banished from the Fire Lion Turtle City because she mimicked Wan out of admiration.

Chapter 7: Protector

Wan and Xintu spent the days living at the Oasis, learning the art of the Dragon Dance from the Dragon.

However unlike Wan, Xintu did not trust the spirits nor did she like the relationship they had with him. Out of jealously towards the Spirits, she decides to eliminate them so that she could have Wan to herself.

Chapter 8: Master of Fire

A year has past since Wan became the protector of the Oasis and having mastered the Art of Fire, Wan drove fear into the Hunters and caused them to retreat. Xintu returns to seek revenge against the Master, how will Wan decide to deal with his former admirer?

Chapter 9: Departure

Wan decides to depart from the Oasis bids farewell to his spirit friends. Meanwhile having heard news of Wan's survival and the stories of his power, Jaya rallies up the citizens of the city and urge them to leave together with him.

Author's Notes

  • Dating system is as followed, BG = Before Air Nomad Genocide, AHC = After Harmonic Convergence and BAC = Before Avatar Cycle.
  • All Chapters now have synopsis, please note that this Book will cover the 2 years Wan spent at the Oasis from the start of Beginnings to the day he departs the Oasis.
  • Chapter 1 & 2 Completed, Chapter 3 in-progress
  • Episodes renamed as chapters.
  • This page will be used as the main hub for Book One and will have a Synopsis of each chapter and a link to the page once completed

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