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Book 1 Earth

Book 1 Earth

Book One: Earth (土) is the first book of Omashu Tales. This book focuses on the romance of Oma and Shu and when they do with their earthbending that was taught by the badgermoles.

The chapter of this book is first written on May 24, 2013, with the release of Oma and Shu and end on May 30, 2013, with the release of You Will Be My Hero. The next book will be released soon.

Chapter Episode Episode name Release Date
1 01 "Oma and Shu" May 24, 2013
2 02 "The Young Tales" May 25, 2013
3 03 "The Historical Escape" May 25, 2013
4 04 "First Kiss" May 25, 2013
5 05 "Oma's Strength" May 26, 2013
6 06 "Oma and Shu's Big Mistake" May 27, 2013
7 07 "Oma and Shu's Training" May 27, 2013
8 08 "The Two Villages History" May 28, 2013
9 09 "The Necklace" May 29, 2013
10 10 "You Will Be My Hero" May 30, 2013

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