Origin of firebending mural Zuko, something happened to Book Four: Energy in the last hundred years.

This fanon has been discontinued, but is still available to read for your enjoyment.

Lion Turtle and Aang
Book Four: Energy
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Eyes of Katara or A:TLA


This series, Book Four: Energy was designed out of the desire to delve further into the Avatar world. There are many mysteries and unanswered questions that the series left behind, this work will attempt to address many of said questions - down to how Iroh is capable of seeing into the Spirit Realm from the physical world on his own.

A second reason for the creation of this series is for the added enjoyment of watching our favorite characters grow up together, and how their lives change with the years that follow the war. Certainly there is not always peace, as there is severe unrest that followed the war.

A third reason for this series to be produced is this; all elements have been taught and learned so far, each element according to the season. Air was already learned, hence it was not going to ever receive a season of its' own. However, Energy, that was never fully taught or learned. What is the extent of its' strength? What were other benders like when Energy was all that they could bend? What happened to those benders, that they were completely forgotten to time and element bending took its' place? Let's see...

For the moment, this page is serving as a placeholder for this fanon series. I am creating it, or rather, reserving it, if you will.


The time-frame for this is nearly ten years in the future, following the end of the war. However, certain elements of the story will take place in the time immediately following the end of the series, as a way of detailing what is to come later, or what they went through to get to where they had.

Primarily we will receive a glimpse of current life for all of the Gaang, what they have chosen to do with their time. There will be civil unrest, and uncovered attempts at destroying the peace that is being established. These difficulties will test Zuko's ability at restoring the honor of his homeland and maintaining order between the Fire Nation and the rest of the world.

However, the next turn of events will greatly alter their focus, as well as the main focus of the series. The Southern Water Tribe will be brutally attacked, for reasons no one will immediately understand. Survivors will flee for protection, only to find wherever Aang and his family move to becomes a new target. Their assailants are mysterious; seemingly joined from every nation as all types of (currently capable, i.e. no air) bending is present. However, no one can make sense of a new, dark bending style known to some of their adversaries. One thing becomes certain; wherever the Avatar and his family settles becomes a new target. Is there a traitor amongst them?


Ultimately, the goal for this series is to allow the in-depth growth for completely "Fanon" related material, seeing as we get no canon explanations. Several topics that will be covered, are..

  • Iroh and his supernatural expertise.
    • How he got Roku's Crown Headpiece.
    • Why he can see spirits from the mortal realm.
  • Just what IS the Avatar Spirit, and why it exists.
  • What is Energybending; what are some of its' capabilities.
    • New moves, limitations, capabilities
    • Why it became a forgotten art. (Big part of the plot)
  • Ursa; her name may be of some importance during this.
  • Azula - Yes, Azula. She will become a factor. Positive, or negative? Grin..I hope people find her exciting.
  • How Republic City starts.

This series will attempt at displaying themes, similar to how A:TLA had. I am not certain that each chapter will have such themes, but some will be displayed. Yes, some themes are similar to A:TLA, and I cannot say it is "More mature" because A:TLA had some serious themes...all the way to genocide and murder. An example of such themes that will be present, include:

  • Love, and the trials involved with building a family.
  • Hate and prejudice, and how it can affect lives.
  • Separation. Love does not always last, but can it be regained?
  • Loss. Loved ones pass on, it's a fact of life. How do the characters' deal with the feeling of being left behind?
  • Sacrifice. What will some do to protect others, even if it means death?

My goal in this writing is not to hand everything you, as a reader, would want for the characters. Life happens, characters make mistakes, and some things are beyond their control. Rather, the goal is to keep your attention, and provide you with a detailed story that I hope will have you pleading for the next chapter, wondering what is in store for the characters involved.

With the heavy words out of the way; do take heart that there will be happiness involved too hah..


This section will be updated as more are encountered.

  • There will be new spirits introduced, as well as new characters. For example, Sia Re will have a role.
  • The story arc will mostly revolve around Aang, especially due to his tie to the plot.
    • However, it is possible/likely there may be some chapters where this is not the case, and he might not show up at all.


Time. This is not scheduled to begin until Eyes of Katara finishes.

Outline. There is no outline, as I'd put my free time into Eyes of Katara moreso. I have the basis of some ideas, and know what happens with some characters, but I do not have a solid outline for the order of events or what all occurs.

Characters. I'm not sure who all I will bring in. I have some fanon characters in mind, but I am uncertain if I should bring them all in - or to what extent they will be introduced. This ties into the Eyes of Katara issue, as they were introduced there. A certain few of these character elements would build off of further writing for them found in that series, which may leave a bit out when it comes to inserting them here if I did not finish Eyes of Katara before starting this.

Readers' desire. I want to write this, I really do. In order for me to do so I'd have to really devote time to considering the plot further. However; I'm not doing that as I have my time put more toward Eyes of Katara, and readers have expressed their adoration for that series. (Much to my pleasure) If there is enough push for this series to develop, I might switch to it, but I still wouldn't cease Eyes of Katara.

There are currently no chapters released for this fanon.


What is a minisode? It's a past event or untold tale that is not fully covered in the series, but occurs regardless (in the background or history or otherwise). The minisode may or may not be included in part due to flashbacks, character switches, or other possibilities. When they do occur or are mentioned in the main series' chapter outline, they will likely not be introduced in whole or have the entirety of their events revealed, but have relevant pieces of memory of the event come to light.

Below you will find a list of Minisodes, in their entirety, not broken up into relevant pieces. These are simply for reading pleasure, considering if you liked the flashback/etc event, then here is the base material that it drew from.

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