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This fanon has been discontinued, but is still available to read for your enjoyment.

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Book Five: Past
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Book Five: Past is a fanon fifth book for The Legend of Korra created and written by Kainora.


A year has passed since the end of the Earth Empire, and almost everything had returned to normal. Korra is aiding in restoring the Earth Kingdom to top status, while world leaders take care of order. Team Avatar members return each to their business, but surprising events await them when they reunite in an interesting bar in Republic City. A group of strange people have appeared out of nowhere, and Korra is constantly receiving flashbacks of a previous Avatar. Furthermore, strange things are occurring.

After three breakouts of young prisoners of the White Lotus, Korra finds herself desperate to take a break to the Spirit World. But she knows for now that that would be impossible.



Kiay- A 19-year-old broadsword-wielding man who is an accomplished fighter. He seems to know nothing of the modern world and was surprised to find out that Korra was the Avatar. He is part of a team that were once known as the Nightbirds.

Zeake- Kiay's friend and a talented knives thrower, as well as a very friendly person who tends to get drunk. He is 23 years old and talks of odd things from old times such as Avatar Roku. He is also part of the Nightbirds.

Midori- Kiay and Zeake's friend. She is another member of the team and is 26 years old. She is a skilled acrobatic fighter, and cares a lot for her friends and for the health of others.

June- A trainer and a part-time bounty hunter, who is seemingly part of the old world of Avatar Aang. She has a pet Shirshu named Nyla and is well trained at combat. She is 36, but acts younger and more flexible.

Arianne- A 16-year-old Waterbender imprisoned for a severe crime, but someone plans to shorten her sentence. By a lot.

Helai- A 16-year-old Earthbender and Metalbender and a best friend of Arianne. She was imprisoned like her friend for trying to free her during her trial, but was overwhelmed and caught. Even in prison, Helai shows her friendly and peaceful nature by making friends with her guards and playing Pai Sho with them daily.

Katti- A 16-year-old Firebender and a good friend of Arianne and Helai. She was caught in the same incident as Helai, but did not cooperate with her guards much. She can be kind when she wants, but fierce to the people she hates, and she will never hesitate to zap them with lightning.

Nyha- This character's actions are unknown, but it is revealed that she is a crazy Lightningbender.

Kifei- A fierce and mysterious Firebender. She appears late at night in the dungeons of an old fire temple, seemingly looking for someone there.

Flame Spirits- A group of five powerful Firebenders who are trained for severe combat. Information about them is classified, but they have existed in this world for a long, long time. They bend white and black flames.


Korra- The young Avatar, master of all four elements. Though she is only 22, she has accomplished much in her life. But her challenges aren't even nearly done. She must face an enemy... of the past.

Bolin- An Earthbender and a member of Team Avatar. He is currently Opal's boyfriend, and is filming the new mover Bolin: Hero of the World with Varrick's production. While Korra faces a threat, Bolin must help and understand what is to happen.

Asami- A non-bender at the age of 23. She is the head of Future Industries, and partnered with Varrick Industries. When battle awaits ahead, it seems that even her non-bending would help much.

Mako- A Firebender and a member of Team Avatar. He is a successful detective for the United Republic police, which gives him more time to do the things he likes: Attending pro-bending matches and meeting up with the others.

Jinora- The youngest Airbending master of the age and an intelligent 15-year-old. When she hears of Korra's troubles, she immediately looks for a solution, and finds one. But on the way to it, she may need to do some extreme acts.

Opal- An Airbender who has taken residence in the Eastern Air Temple and is Bolin's girlfriend. For being so, she gets to appear in his new mover, and at the same time, she learns her way up to be an Airbending master.

Kai- A young Airbender and Jinora's boyfriend. He is a talented Airbender and favored by many.

Varrick- Head of Varrick Global Industries and Zhu Li's husband. He is currently working with Asami on some new machines.

Tenzin- The son of Aang and Katara and one of the two only Airbending masters.

Ikki- Tenzin's daughter and Jinora's sister. Even though she is very young, she is a talented Airbender and is close to reaching the Airbending stance of her sister.

And more.


Chapter 1: Flashbacks

Chapter 2: The Nightbirds

Chapter 3: The Spirit Circle

Chapter 4: Trapped Out


  • Jinora is to play a major role in this book.
  • This is Kainora's first fanon work on Avatar Wiki.
  • A new color to Firebending is discovered.

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