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Aang after battling Ozai You should have seen yourself! It was amazing!

This fanon series is completed, meaning all expected chapters have been released.
If you are interested by the information in this article, feel free to read the chapters.
Book Five: Memory
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January 3, 2015 - April 18, 2015








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Book Four: Balance


Book Six: Shadow

Book Five: Memory (记忆) is the continuation to the The Legend of Korra Book 4 finale, another adventure following after the events of Kuvira and her super weapon. This story follows Korra, as she faces her newest threat and deals with a new discovery.
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Chapter Episode Episode name Release Date
1 53 "Renovation" January 3, 2015
2 54 "Past Meets Present" January 17, 2015
3 55 "Ikki Alone" (Released) January 23, 2015

(Completed) January 26, 2015

4 56 "Northern Invaders" January 29, 2015
5 57 "Jang Hui" February 6, 2015
6 58 "Tides and Floods" February 12, 2015
7 59 "Old Wounds" February 20, 2015
8 60 "Sekitan" March 2, 2015
9 61 "Naga's Lost Days" March 13, 2015
10 62 "Dragon Turtle" March 27, 2015
11 63 "Crashing Waves PT.1" April 13, 2015
12 64 "Crashing Waves PT.2" April 18, 2015


It had been about 8 months since Kuvira's defeat and the destruction of her deadly super weapon. Since that defeat, a lot had changed over the course of time: The new spirit portal, expansion of Republic City, and the change in democratic in the Earth Kingdom, just to name a few. The city, now home to a new spirit portal, had become a much higher interaction to the Spirit World, thanks to Korra's involvement. Speaking of which, the job for the Avatar's not done yet, as Korra was now faced with a new, spiritual threat that's targeting the Fire Nation. Before that, Korra's interaction with a petty thief revealed something far deeper in her life: Her long lost sister! How much will this effect her in her endeavours?


Main protagonists

Supporting Protagonists

Main antagonists


(Author's note: At first, I didn't include this, but in the end I thought, "why not?" These won't spoil anything, but will give some insight on what to expect in the upcoming chapters.)

  • Ikki, the middle child of her siblings, is more solely involved in the story (without Jinora and Meelo).
  • There's more insight in how Naga and Korra met.
  • The Fire Nation is more explored, along with some areas in ATLA (Jang Hui for example).
  • The time before Raava is given more insight.
  • Izumi, the current Fire Lord, has a larger role than her previous appearances.

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