Book Five: Connections
The Natural Order Is Disorder
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January 16, 2015-TBA (ongoing)


Korra Sato


Korra Sato


Korra Sato


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Book Four: Balance


Book Six: Disorder


The Legend of Korra Season Three

Book Five: Connections (连) is the first book of the third season of The Legend of Korra and the penultimate book of the series. Book Five follows the adventures of Team Avatar one month after Kuvira's defeat in Book Four: Balance. Following the events of Book Four: Balance, Korra begins to feel a strong disturbance in the Spirit World and suspects Vaatu's return. Needing the strength, knowledge and wisdom of all the past Avatars, Korra begins a journey to reconnection. But before Korra can even think of defeating Vaatu, an army of Earth Empire remnants leave a trail of destruction behind them everywhere they go, forcing Korra to take action against them. Will Korra be able to stop the Earth Empire, and what secrets do they hold that could change the life of one member of Team Avatar?

Chapter Episode Episode name Release Date
1 53 "An Air of Hope" January 16, 2015
2 54 "Exodus" January 23, 2015
3 55 "Korra's Odyssey" January 30, 2015

February 13, 2015 (Update 1)

February 23, 2015 (Update 2)

4 56 "The Confrontation" February 27, 2015 (Expected)
5 57 "Roots of Growth" TBA
6 58 "TBA" TBA
7 59 "TBA" TBA
8 60 "TBA" TBA
9 61 "TBA" TBA
10 62 "TBA" TBA
11 63 "TBA" TBA
12 64 "TBA" TBA
13 65 "TBA" TBA

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New Characters

So far, six new characters have been created specifically for Book Five: Connections.


The co-leader of the Earth Empire and wife of Kanan. Anju is willing to give up everything for the success of the Earth Empire, except for love, much unlike Kuvira, their previous leader.


The co-leader of the Earth Empire remnants and husband of Anju. Kanan is ruthless towards his enemies, but compassionate towards his friends. He and his wife share an equally infinite love and admiration for each other.


The leader of the Kyoshi Warriors and mother of Anana. Nukka is calm, collected, yet always ready for a fight. She is willing to help anyone who asks for it, which is expressed when she does everything she can to help Avatar Korra reconnect to Avatar Kyoshi's spirit.


A Kyoshi Warrior and daughter of Nukka. Anana is quite the opposite of her mother; headstrong and always hoping for a fight rather than a peaceful resolution, though what she does have in common with her mother is her willingness to help.


A rich Fire Nation citizen who funds the Fire Nation military alongside his wife Akane. Kohaku is one of Fire Lord Izumi's closest friends in the Fire Nation. Though he does not bend, he has other strengths that can help him win in battle, including his immense household guard of not just firebenders, but waterbenders and earthbenders.


A rich Fire Nation citizen who funds the Fire Nation military alongside her husband Kohaku. Akane is a close friend to Fire Lord Izumi and was Yasuko's closest friend, the mother of Asami. Akane detests violence and war, but believes that it is better to fund an army that will never see war rather than be completely defenceless.


  • One month has passed since the Book Four finale.
  • The identity of Suyin's father will be revealed.
  • A new president for the United Republic will be elected.
  • More information about Kuvira's childhood will be revealed.


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