Book Five: Anarchy (态)
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July 3, 2015 - TBA


A Song of Ice and Fire


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Book Five: Anarchy (态) is the fifth and penultimate book of The Legend of Korra, spanning a total of thirteen episodes. Set one year after the events of Kuvira's Earth Empire, the first two episodes are set to debut on July 3, 2015.

Chapter Episode Episode name Airdate
1 53 "Four Seasons" July 3, 2015
2 54 "Four Elements" July 3, 2015
3 55 "Four Relics" TBA
4 56 "Four Nations" TBA
5 57 "A White Lotus" TBA
6 58 "The Raid" TBA
7 59 TBA TBA
8 60 TBA TBA
9 61 TBA TBA
10 62 TBA TBA
11 63 TBA TBA
12 64 TBA TBA
13 65 TBA TBA


  • Book Five will premiere with a two-part episode titled "Four Seasons" and "Four Elements".
  • One year has passed since the Book Four finale.
    • Korra resides in the Southern Water Tribe.
    • Mako has joined the White Lotus.
    • Bolin is a part of Suyin's guard in Zaofu.
    • Asami is working with Varrick and Zhu Li to rebuild Republic City.
    • Wu has disappeared somewhere in the Earth Kingdom.
    • Tenzin stays on Air Temple Island with Pema, Meelo, Rohan and a group of Air Nomads.
    • Jinora and Ikki have been sent to the Southern Air Temple to look after a group of Air Nomads and Air Acolytes.
    • Lin continues to hold the position of Chief of the Republic City Metalbending Police Force.
    • Suyin has returned to Zaofu and is the official governor of the state and the representative of the Earth Nation.
  • The villains of Book Five will be a Fire Nation group that will bring back sensitive memories.
  • Korra's hair has regrown to its length in Books One, Two and Three.

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