Book 8: The Balance, The Chaos and The Destroyer
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The Legend of Korra-Chitose Gen Crossover



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Aang Memorial Island, Noon:

Korra, Chireru, Tenzin and Josefubu arrived at the entrance of the museum, only to find Eon, Borero and Okotta already on the scene.

Borero waved to his two brothers saying, "Well look what the cat dragged! You sure took your sweet ass time getting, eh Chireru and Josefubu...and lets not forget your companions, the Avatar and the Airbending Master? Did you bring them as a gift for me, me dear brothers?"

Chireru stood face-to-face with his tyrant brother, retorting, "Nope! We came to put you in your place!"

Borero drew his sword at his fellow brother, only for Chireru to parry it with his own, "Swift as usual big brother! How about we do a little dance of death?"

Chireru suddenly backed off, stating, "Meh! I'm not your opponent today, Josefubu is! Right now, Korra and I are gonna take on him!" Chireru pointed to Okotta, and Korra stood side by side with Chireru.

Okotta stepped forth toward the two and announced, "It is an honor to meet you...Shikon Chireru, Avatar Korra. It seems my God has blessed me with two unfathomable prey; the Avatar, who wields with her the source of Balance in this world, and the Strongest, who is the greatest source chaos ever conceived! I shall enjoy bringing forth destruction unto you." Okotta entered a fighting stance, readying his fists. Chireru activated his Akuma Shingan, as Korra entered her Avatar State, both preparing for the massive man's assault.

Eon circled Tenzin, responding, "You are Tenzin? You know, I've taken on firebenders, waterbenders and earthbenders, but I've yet to encounter an airbender. Its probably because there are too few of you. Okay, enough chit chat! I wanna see the potential of an airbending master!" Eon readily activated his Negation Field.

Josefubu and Borero stood face-to-face, "If I need to guess, you set it up this way..." Josefubu nodded in response, '...thought so! Well, then I ought to congratulate Eon. He knew this would be the stratagem you would set up. Enough about that, lets get this show on the road! I'll be your opponent today brother!"

Republic City, noon:

The great robotic superweapon, the Omega Mecha Tank Prototype, was proving its worth, as its monstrous size inspired fear in the hearts of the innocent civilians of Republic City. From the Cockpit of the mammoth mecha tank, Hiroshi Sato marveled at the mechanisms of this superweapon in action while the Lieutenant launched a broadcast from the tank announcing, "This is the Equalist Leadership of the prototype superweapon dubbed "War Dragon". All non-benders have nothing to fear should you align yourselves with us. To the Benders of Republic City, we will accept nothing but your unconditional surrender. Failure to comply with our demands with be met with lethal force!"

On the rooftops along side the monster robot were Equalist soldiers looking down upon resisting benders and the Metalbending Police Force, led by Chief Lin Beifong. Also, the remaining members of Team Avatar; Bolin, Mako, Asami and Eva have just arrived, taking note of the incredible size of the robotic tank. Bolin in particular announced, "Geez, that thing is monstrous! How are we gonna take that big thing out?"

Eva came forth and said, "Its big alright...but I've fought bigger. Don't be intimated by its size! I have a plan to take that giant robo toy, but it won't be easy..."

Aang Memorial Island:

Chireru launched a flurry of fists, only to for Okotta to withstand them all. Korra then utilized her Avatar State and encased Okotta in an elemental sphere.

Chireru quickly rushed next to Korra, breathing heavily and saying, "Crap! I knew he would be tough, but even the last Destroyer I fought didn't have his much endurance!"

Korra looked at Chireru and asked, "Do you think that can hold that guy?"

Chireru shook his head saying, "Only for a moment. I don't think we should hold back any further or we'll get ripped apart!" Chireru quickly and effortlessly entered his Kyukyoku Kekkai State: Shikon Chireru.

Korra sighed and replied, "Seems like there is no choice here..." Korra revealed her Raava's Cloak form.

With a mighty destructive blow, Okotta broke free of the powerful Elemental Sphere, shrugging it off with minimal effort. He looked at Chireru and Korra, both now at their most powerful, as he cracked his knuckles. He contently responded, "At last, you reveal true selves. Finally I can wield my powers to their fullest."

Korra used a reversed variation of energybending by channeling forth her own energy from within, which was more potent than the raw spirit energy wielded by Chireru, shaped it into the likeness of a shield. She told Chireru, "I'll be your shield!"

Chireru summoned forth his Spiritual Blade, comprised of the energies of the four souls within his body, telling Korra, "Then I'll be your sword!" Chireru charged in, a clash between spiritual sword and fists that destroy.

After both sides equally canceled each other attacks out, Okotta and entered a new fighting stance, proclaiming, "Know your place whelp! I've yet to show you my identity as a Destroyer!"

His commanding presence suddenly sent a chill down Chireru's and Korra's spine. He launched his first fist at Chireru, though Korra intercepted it with her shield of pure energy, effectively cracking it. Okotta launched a barrage of fists at the now off-guard Korra.

Chireru then intercepted as Korra before did for him, parrying Okotta's barrage with a flurry of sword strikes, then he grabbed Korra's hand and put a bit of distance between them and Okotta.

Okotta chuckled at the duo's united front, remarking, "Is that really your best efforts, Shikon? Do you fear the gap in our capabilities that much?"

Chireru disengaged his sword and focused his full spiritual abilities into his fists, and in an instant faster than the eye can see, hit Okotta point-blank, sending him flying into the museum.

Breathing heavily, Chireru shouted, "Its not the fear of disparity in ability...its your power to destroy that I fear. You don't seem to understand peace like me or Korra or any of our friends!"


Josefubu's battle with Borero was proven futile, Josefubu created a magic circle, and chanted "Chitose Fuyu!" A barrage of ice daggers assaulted Borero. This proved folly as Borero went in the Dark Avatar State, turning the ice daggers into water with waterbending. This time Josefubu chanted "IwaMori!" Launching a barrage of rock needles pointing out of the ground. However, Borero merely countered with Earthbending, canceling out yet another elemental attack from his brother.

Laughing, Borero stated, "It doesn't matter which element of summon forth with your magic! As long as I can bend it, I can negate it!"

Josefubu thought for a moment, then replied, "Well, it seems there is one thing you didn't take into account; you haven't learned airbending yet!" He pointed a magic circle into the ground under Borero's feet and chanted, "Kaze no Kaiju!"

A wind spout was summoned, trapping Borero within massive wind force as Borero screamed, "DAMN YOU!!!!"

Josefubu sighed and fixed his glasses saying, "Well, that'll hold you until I can figure out how to deal with you..."

Eon and Tenzin's fight was at a stalemate, as Tenzin's airbendering was keeping the limber man on his toes.

Taking a moment to catch his breathe, Eon said, "That's a helluva technique you got there, sir! Your countering my Negation Field and my speed with nimble moments and rather accurate airbending prowess. You should count your blessing considering of the three of us, I'm the weakest! I'm surprised that Chireru and the Avatar girl aren't dead yet! However, there is one thing you haven't taken into consideration."

"Oh? Just what is it you mean by that?" Tenzin curiously asked.

Eon began laughing manically, "I'm using my other Gauntlet; the Synchronization Gauntlet, to record data of your entire fighting style! With this data, Borero WILL become all that he can be!! You see, I expected that YOU would be the one I fought. Heh-heh...hahahahahaHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!"

Tenzin was horrified by the revelation of Eon's. After Eon calmed down he continued, "Granted, the data produced needs to bring translated and for the life of me I didn't bring the translator with me. That being said, We have another idea in mind...We'll tap the Leylines power and make data a reality...well, BYE-BYE! You have 5 days until the world ends!" Using a ninja smoke bomb, he covered his retreat, with Borero in tow.

Josefubu run next to Tenzin saying, "Damn, he must have used his Negation Field to free Borero at the last second...Tenzin, I heard what he said...I'm not sure if Korra or Chireru is ready for what's to come...If they can survive this fight. Looks like we just gotta have faith."


Okotta ended up behind Chireru without warning, saying, "Peace is a lie! Its an ideal for the weak! You disappoint me Shikon, agent of Chaos! You can now die for your weak ideals!" He grabbed Chireru by the throat and slammed him into the museum and with a second mighty fist, crushed him into the wall, destroying the museum and causing Aang's Statue to fall into the ocean once more.

Korra stood, shaken by the display of power brought about by Okotta. He turned and walked towards Korra and told her, "Do not fret is not time for you to die. I have strict orders to let you live."

As Okotta marched towards Korra, Chireru emerged from the rubble, wobbling. He then declared, "Sorry, but I'm not gonna get done in by this. My title of 'Strongest' won't allow it!" Using high speed movement, he quickly moved next to Korra then asked, "Korra, put your hand and use that energybending trick again and make it form a ball! I have an idea!"

Doing as instructed, she used her energybending variation and created a ball of pure energy. "Now what?" Korra asked.

Chireru used his own energy and added it to the ball, reverting to his original form.

"When Balance and Chaos merge, it creates a force of nature! Even the power of destruction submits to it...Unfortunately...its up to" Chireru coughed off blood as he finished speaking, as he succumbed to his injuries and fell unconscious.

Once again, Korra reformed the energy ball with energybending, adding Chireru's power to the mix.

"Ready or not, Destroyer! Here I come!!" Korra declared as she charged forth.

Charging forward with fists blazing, Okotta retorted, "Its futile! The power to destroy is absolute! All succumb to it!"

The two powers clashed, and Korra's ball proved stronger than Okotta's destructive fist, she declared, "In homage to Chireru, I think I'll call this orb of energy...Ten'nen-Hoshi!"

Okotta roared in anger, "Do not get conceited child!!!" He threw his other fist into the attack, now overwhelming Korra.

Unwilling to give in, she focused inward, asking Raava, Please, lend me your aid...I can't do this alone. With additional power from Raava's cloak, which dissipated after Raava lent Korra a larger portion of her powers, the Ten'nen-Hoshi became beyond Okotta's ability to overcome, which mangled his arms in the process and sending him flying towards to rubble due to the rainbow colored energy orb created by the teamwork of Korra and Chireru.

Okotta rose again, but was in anguish, it wasn't his arms that caused it, though they certainly brought about immense pain, in his anger he demanded, "What have you done!? Something doesn't feel right? The power..."

Korra stood her ground, explaining, "I'm guessing your 'power' is a lot like bending. The damage done to your Chireru's power at work, but if I'm right, then even if you heal, you'll never use the power to destroy again because energybending takes away powers rooting through the use of chi! Heh, good luck being 'The Destroyer' without it."

Okotta fell unconscious, mumbling in disgust at Chireru and Korra for taking his power away...


The following translations for certain abilities are:

  • Josefubu's spell 'IwaMori' is Japanese for "Earth Forest".
  • Josefubu's spell 'Chitose Fuyu' is Japanese for "Thousand Year Winter".
  • Josefubu's spell 'Kaze no Kaiju' is Japanese for "Monster Wind".
  • Korra's 'Ten'nen-Hoshi' is Japanese for "Natural Star".

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