Book 7: Declaration of War
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The Legend of Korra-Chitose Gen Crossover



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May 24, 2014

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Book 7: Declaration of War

The Leylines:

A man, Okotta Seifuku, was taking a nap, in the Leyline of all places. In truth, he has been hibernating for half a month's time, ever since his "partner" jumped through the door to the other side of existence. Of course, his hibernation is about to come to an abrupt end, as his two way communication activated and began to ring rather noisily. Grumbling a profane remark, he answered the device, "Yes? Did you find him?...You don't say...Chireru Amakuni is there as well? You don't say...What?! The observer brat Josefubu is there too. I am on my way! No way am I gonna skip out on so many individuals that need destroying haha!!" With that the monster of a man jumped into the portal made by Borero Amakuni.

Air Temple Island:

At the dining hall, everyone watched with disgust as Chireru had made a glutton of himself, eating bowl after bowl of anything that came in his path. Bolin, now up and about as if nothing happened the day before, had asked Chireru, "Hey, um Chireru? How is it that you can eat THAT much food in a single helping? It's just...ridiculously mind-blowing!"

With that, Chireru looked around and noticed all eyes were on him. He swallowed what he had in his mouth, chugged down the water beside him and replied, "Well, believe it or not, I expend considerably more energy than an average person, Sooo..."

He looked at the next helping of food greedily, and then received a blow to the head via Eva, who began to lecture him, "Show a little restraint! Seriously you are embarrassing the hell out of me! Have you no shame!?"

Chireru got up, kissed her, and then hastily replied, "Nope whatsoever!" At which Eva replied with another blow to the head, with Chireru commenting "" before falling unconscious. Everyone, especially Ikki and Meelo, heartily laughed at the provided comic relief.

Korra sighed then stated, "Seriously, that guy is supposed to help me save the world? He seems more like some joker to me."

Josefubu heaved Chireru unto his shoulders while Eva stated, "That guy has more layers on him than you could count. I wouldn't be marrying him if he was just some inconsiderate bum. He is dependable when it counts, that's what matters. Josefubu, take the idiot to his room, he's probably gonna be out for a while." Josefubu did as instructed and carried the unconscious Chireru off to his room.

President Raiko's Office; Republic City: 12 hours later:

President Raiko was busy attending to the responsibilities that accompany the position of his profession. He was interrupted from his daily routine due to someone knocking at the door to his office, which was unusual because he wasn't expecting any meeting, political or otherwise. He announced that they may come in. The men did as instructed, revealing only three individuals. The middle gentleman looked casual and held the demeanor of a businessman. His two compatriots however made Raiko suspect that this was to a troublesome encounter indeed. Nevertheless, he retained a calm disposition and asked, "May I help you gentlemen? I wasn't expecting any sort of business meetings today."

After giving Raiko a gesture of greeting by bowing his head, the middle gentleman spoke in a voice unbefitting of his demeanor. "Mr. President, it is an honor to meet you. I'm sorry to ask this in the middle of a business day, but we need to "borrow" your authority..."

Air Temple Island, several hours later:

"Say what? President Raiko put a curfew out for Benders!?" Korra was outraged, as Lin Beifong brought news of Raiko's most recent press conference.

Lin wasn't finished speaking however, "As far as the public is concerned, the curfew is of Raiko's design. However, he was pressured into the curfew by three individuals. They didn't give their names, but they gave the President their titles; The Negator, and Dark Avatar and The Destroyer. They also stated their affiliation is with that of the Equalists." Listening from a distance, Josefubu caught wind of a spoken statement, but held in his suspicions for the moment.

Tenzin thoughtfully asked Lin, "We are thankful you shared this with us, but why tell us? Wouldn't we want to keep this something for the police to deal with?"

Lin looked away and answered curtly, "It actually concerns you, Korra and two boys with the last name 'Amakuni'. Apparently you've been called out for a challenged, mirroring a challenge Korra issued out to Amon. They've even chose Aang Memorial Island as the place of showdown; the four of you against the three of them, at noon three days from now."

Chireru clenched his fists, stating, "Well, it looks like Borero IS in league with that Negator guy after all. Maybe it'll be for the best to accept the challenge! I'll show 'em what it means to be the strongest." This time Josefubu whacked Chireru in the head. He then said, "Be smart about this! They must have a strategy that'll render our abilities useless. Miss Lin, was their anything else that these individuals announced?"

Lin smirked, "Well, you seem to be pretty keen there kid. Yes, they did state that they would unleash their newest toy upon Republic City, to keep the Metalbending Police and the 'unrequested individuals' like the Avatars friends from interfering from their duel. They called it a 'superweapon' that this world has yet to see. Well, I came bearing the message the President entrusted me to deliver, so now I'll be on my way. I have to prepare for the incoming attack on the city. We've tried to hunt down their current base of operations, but so far the search has been in vain." The group thanked Lin for her intel as she left the them to their own devices.

Chireru looked to Josefubu and remarked, "Come on! Spill it, you suspect something. What's going on in that head of yours?"

Josefubu, after taking a quick deep breath, stated, "The title part only applies to The Negator. Borero is by default 'the Dark Avatar'. As for the Destroyer, it's less a title than it is..."

Grasping what his brother was about to say, Chireru rudely interrupted, "He's one of those destroyer-class individuals, the anti-observer individuals like the guy who trained our parents, Mizuho 'The King'. Well...crap, that type of fight would be to the death, cuz most of them are blood-thirsty monsters."

Bolin and Mako both looked at each, with Bolin saying, "If this destroyer guy is THAT tough, shouldn't all of us go? Wouldn't it be better to outnumber a guy like that?"

Josefubu merely shook his head and replied, "There's no need, you, Mako, Asami and Eva are gonna help protect Republic City. Let's just say that I've developed a way to keep everyone safe and alive. Korra and Chireru; you two ought to be sufficient in repelling the Destroyer. I'll hold Borero at bay, since he can't defeat me without perfecting his power. Tenzin ought to handle The Negator. Also, Eva will use her Mastery of her Spirit Recreation Ability to summon one of her Legendary Spirits called the Summoner. We'll have the Summoner held in reserve so we have a quick get-away in a worst-case scenario. Everyone else will aid Lin and Metalbinding Police Force."

Everyone nodded in approval with Josefubu's stratagem. Tenzin then told everyone, "Well, at this stage, we ought to get some rest. Tomorrow we will further assess the situation."

Equalist Hideout; on the outskirts of Republic City: One day later:

"I must say...this is absolutely the greatest invention conceived! Technology at its utmost finest!" Eon, the Lieutenant and Hiroshi Sato marveled at the masterpiece that was engineered. This monstrosity of a mecha tank combining Hiroshi's and Eon's technological prowess, powered by a massive plasma engine and plated in Keikinzoku, a heavily refined metal from Eon's world.

Once finished admiring the superweapon, the Lieutenant looked upon Borero and Okotta sparring, asking Eon, "So they are your trump cards? Are you certain they are trustworthy?"

Eon sighed then replied, "Let me let you a story. Once upon a time there was a bending free world! Now, without that bending establishment, do you honestly think that this world would be considered 'fair' and 'equal'? The answer was without a doubt no. You see, the establishment which exists in my world has magic, spiritual power and the Kekkai State. Technological genius and great intellect merely come off as ordinary occurrences. Fortunately, those two have the power anything and everything! With those two by our side, we can shatter the establishments of our worlds!"

Air Temple Island; Night of the 2nd day:

Chireru sat in the meditation pavilion, too restless to sleep and was focused in deep meditation. However, he was distracted by a familiar voice, "Well, I see I'm not the only one who can't get some sleep. Mind if I join you in meditation?"

Chireru turned his head around him to see Korra, and simply replied, "Be my guest, you don't have to ask." And so Korra sat opposite of Chireru, and for a while the two sat in meditation for a while.

Without warning, Chireru asked Korra, "Hey, Korra? Um, you fought my brother the other day right? I was wondering...what did you think of him?"

Korra thought of the question for a moment and then answered, "Well...he seemed hellbent of being more like me, a full master of his Avatar capacity. He also seemed, well...detached and a little unstable." Chireru laughed and replied, "Yeah, sounds just like him. Single-minded in his goals, and crazed. Still, he may have done things that I will never forgive him for, but he is family. I will always love my little brother regardless of his deeds. Do you understand my sentiment, Korra, or do I sound like an ignorant fool?"

Taking a moment to consider his words, Korra thought of her uncle Unalaq, and his actions and ambitions. She remembered what he had done; to her and her father. However, she thought of Chireru's words and realized how he loved his brother despite his crimes and endeavors. She suddenly replied, "No, I certainly understand your sentiment, Chireru. I know what it means to love a family member despite their's just taken until now to realize it. Thanks, I guess."

Chireru yawned and gotten up, saying, "No, thank you! You're a good person Korra; a good friend. Well, I'm gonna try to get some ought to rest too. We don't know what's gonna happen tomorrow so good rest will go a long way. Good night Korra."

Korra returned the sentiment as Chireru left for his dorm, to rest in preparation for the unknown...

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