Chapter 8
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Chapter 8

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June 30, 2015

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Chapter 7

A few days after the attack on City Hall, Korra and Xiaolin are allowing Tanaka and Kota to go into the city on their own. Kota and Naoki are on a date and are currently walking in the Spirit Wilds. Unknown to them, they are being followed by spirits.

Kota: (Amazed by the Spirit Wild) My parents told me about the Spirit Wilds, but to see them for real is truly amazing.

Naoki: Indeed.

They stopped when they reached a clearing and in this clearing, multiple Spirit Vines lead to the Republic City Spirit Portal.

Naoki: Ever seen a Spirit Portal?

Kota: I've seen the one in the South Pole. Heck, I've even been through it, but I wonder where in the Spirit World this one leads to?

Naoki: Let's find out.

Winged-Bear Spirit: I wouldn't do that.

The two are startled, and they notice the group of spirits behind them.

Kota: Were you following us?

Bush Spirit: Yeah. We sensed the Spirit Energy you were giving off and followed it.

Naoki: Why don't you guys want us to enter the portal?

Winged-Bear Spirit: (Points at the portal) That's why.

The Dark Spider Spirit that met Tenzin, Kya, and Bumi in the Spirit World emerges from the portal. She has an angry look in her eyes, as if she wants to kill something.

Kota: A Dark Spirit.

Giant Frog Spirit: She's been tracking you since you got to the city. Said something about how you and your sister shouldn't even exist, and how your dad brings shame to spirits everywhere.

The Dark Spider Spirit turns her attention toward Kota, Naoki, and the spirits and then charges at them. The spirits disappear, and Kota and Naoki jump out of the way.

Dark Spider Spirit: You and your friend will be the first humans in the Fog of Lost Souls ever since Heylin emptied it.

Kota: (Takes a battle stance) Over my dead body.

The spirit fires a web at Kota, but he rolls out of the way and hits the Dark Spider Spirit with a water whip to the eyes. This causes her to temporarily lose her vision. Naoki then gets around the Dark Spirit and blasts her with a bolt of lightning that causes her to roll down the hill. The Dark Spider Spirit gets back up and regains her vision. She then charges at Naoki, but she gets out of the way and fires a barrage of fire blasts at the Dark Spider Spirit. This keeps her in one place and allows Kota to spiritbend the Dark Spider Spirit. He brings water to the spirit, Naoki sees this and stops her firebending, the water rises up in two spots and goes around the spirit in two directions, the water then turns gold while Kota is moving his arms in performing the technique, and then the Dark Spider Spirit turns gold and then walks away and dissipates.

Kota: (Brings his hands in Namaste and closes his eyes) Go in peace.

The spirits return after sensing that the threat was over.

Naoki: Want to go get something eat? I know a nice restaurant that sells Southern Water Tribe food.

Kota: That sounds nice.

An hour after they ate, they had to join Korra and Xiaolin, who went to the police station because Tanaka had picked a fight with some Triple Threat Triads who were causing trouble in the shopping district.

Tanaka: I don't see what the big deal was. I saw some criminals picking on some shop keepers, and I stepped in to stop it.

Kota: You caused property damage in the fight. That isn't something that calls for praise.

Tanaka: Stop talking down on me like you're the older sibling. Jeez, I miss the times when you were a shy coward who hid behind mom's skirt.

Naoki: Do you two ever get along?

Kota and Tanaka: We have our moments.

Korra: What you did, Tanaka, is how I ended up in jail on my first day in Republic City. It wasn't a really good memory.

Xiaolin: As humans say, like mother like daughter.

Korra and Xiaolin both laugh at this.

Kota and Tanaka both groan at this.

Korra: Did anything happen on your date you two?

Kota: We went into the Spirit Wilds and faced a Dark Spirit that came out of the Spirit Portal.

Naoki: And we ate at Narook's Seaweed Noodlery.

Xiaolin: (Concerned) You faced a Dark Spirit?!

Kota: Took care of it, we created a chance for me to use my spiritbending.

Korra: Just like how I taught you.

Tanaka: I met San while I was in the city. He recruited me onto the Fire Ferrets. So I'll have to move here.

Korra: We'll help you pack. (Smiles) Looks like you'll fulfill your goal of being a Pro-bender.

Naoki: (To Kota) You got one interesting family.

Kota: You have no idea.

The End.

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