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Chapter 7

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Eleven Years Later, Republic City.

Korra, Xiaolin, and Tanaka have entered Republic City to join Kota on a diplomatic mission to discuss with world leaders the trading system between the nations. Chief Tonraq had become ill and had requested that Kota take his place to represent the Southern Water Tribe due to his diplomatic skills being beyond average for an eighteen-year-old. The family is currently walking toward City Hall during a snow fall. Korra has grown to resemble Senna a lot more, Xiaolin has become a middle-aged man, Tanaka greatly resembles her mother, and Kota now greatly resembles Xiaolin.

Kota: You didn't have to come with me to Republic City.

Korra: As the Avatar, I need to be at these kind of things. The Red Lotus might come and take out the world leaders.

Xiaolin: The Red Lotus was greatly decimated Korra, even if some of them survived, I doubt they would attack.

Tanaka: (Cracks her knuckles) And if they come, they'll receive a face full of water from me.

The Meeting Hall.

Korra, Xiaolin, and Tanaka are standing alongside a wall, watching Kota talk with the other world leaders.

Tanaka: (Bored) Why did I come?

Korra: You came because you thought if I came here, then bad guys would so up.

Xiaolin: Politics are an important part of the world, Tanaka.

Tanaka: Will something interesting please just happen?!

Then a smoke bomb drops from the sealing and goes off in the area where Kota and the world leaders are talking.

Korra: Kota!

Korra airbends the smoke away to see if Kota and the others are alright. Then eight Red Lotus members drop from the sealing and take fighting positions.

Xiaolin: (Runs up to Korra) The Red Lotus! But Heylin destroyed your leadership! How is it that you still stand?

Red Lotus member: (Ignites fire in his hands) We're the only ones that chose to still fight for the orders' ideals. Now you will all die.

Then the firebender got hit by a water blast that came from Tanaka.

Tanaka: (Excited) Finally! Something to fight!

Kota then hits one of the other Red Lotus members with a water whip, the Red Lotus member gets back up and earthbends a boulder at Kota. Kota leaps over it and hits the earthbender with a water blast and freezes him. A waterbender and another firebender charge at Korra and try to hit her with close range ice daggers and fire daggers. Korra dodges each one by using the training from the spinning gates she received from Tenzin years ago. She then uses her earthbending to go through the floor and appears behind the two and hits them with fire blasts that knock them out. Another Red Lotus member engages Xiaolin, he tries to use chi blocking on him to knock him out; even without his powers, Xiaolin proves to be stronger as he grabs the chi blockers arms, forces him onto his knees, and knocks him out by jabbing his neck. Tanaka takes on the last two Red Lotus members, who are both firebenders. They blast fire balls at Tanaka, but she dodges each one, and then she utilizes a duel water whip technique and incapacitates the firebenders. The Red Lotus member who talked to the group gets up and sees what has transpired. He then runs out to get away from the group.

Kota: (Runs after him) Get back!

Korra: (Runs after Kota) Kota wait!

Kota chases the Red Lotus member onto the streets of the city. The man sees a woman in red and black and grabs her and shows her to Kota. Kota stops and sees the woman, though he finds something familiar about her; her hair was long and raven black, her eyes are light green, she has a pale complexion, and she has a Future Industries logo on her right shoulder.

Red Lotus member: Don't move! Unless you want me to fry this woman, Ambassador Kota!

Kota: (Puts his hands up) Let's not do anything rash.

Woman: Don't worry, I got this.

The woman stomps on the man's foot, causing him to cringe in pain, allowing the woman to get away. The woman then fire blasts the Red Lotus member knocking him out.

Kota: Good work. You okay?

Unknown woman: I haven't seen you in seven years. It's good to see you again, Kota.

Kota: What do you mean? Wait a minute, Naoki, is that you?

The last time Kota saw Naoki was seven years ago at a New Year's Eve party in Ba Sing Se. Naoki had kissed him on the lips that day when the clock struck midnight, signifying the start of the new year.

Naoki: Here's a hint.

Naoki then kisses Kota on the lips out of the blue, like last time. What the two didn't know was that Korra was sitting on a spirit vine watching the two.

Korra: (Smiling) I didn't know Naoki was your girlfriend, Kota.

Kota and Naoki stop kissing and both look embarrassed as Korra was spying on them.

Kota: Mom, how long where you watching us?

Korra: (Gets off the vine and walks to the two) The whole time. I was originally on the roof tops watching you chase that Red Lotus member.

Korra slings the knocked out Red Lotus member over her shoulder and walks back to City Hall.

Korra: Let's head back. And Naoki, you're welcome to come too.

Naoki: Sure. (Turns toward Kota) It's good to see you again. We should hang out again while you're in the city.

Kota: Sounds perfect.

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