Chapter 6
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Chapter 6

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Three years later.

Korra and Xiaolin went to Republic City with Kota and Tanaka to attend the anniversary of the end of the Hundred Year War. When they reached Republic City, they stayed at Air Temple Island until it was time to attend the celebration at City Hall. Korra is helping Tanaka try on her dress to attend the celebration thirty minutes later. The dress has light blue and resembled traditional Water Tribe ceremonial clothes.

Korra: (Adjusting the top of Tanaka's hair into a top knot) Now, Tanaka, I want you to be on your best behavior, okay?

Tanaka: Okay, Mommy.

Korra: I mean it. No pranks, no messing with others, and no calling your brother a scaredy-cat.

Tanaka: I know.

Meanwhile, in the temple, Xiaolin is helping Kota put on his suit. It looked like a dark blue tuxedo with Water Tribe design details on it.

Xiaolin: (Adjusting Kota's tie) I know you don't want to go, son, but this may help you conquer your shyness.

Kota: But other people that aren't you, Mommy, Grandma, and Grandpa are so scary.

Xiaolin: I know, but you'll have to deal with others in the future. Just bear with it.

Kota: (Nervously) I-I'll try, Daddy.

City Hall 7:00pm

The family arrived and entered the main hall. People were everywhere, but a group came up to Korra's group. These are people who are more familiar with the family.

Bolin: Korra! Xiaolin! It's so great to see you guys again.

The group that came up to the family consisted of Mako, Asami, Naoki, Bolin, Opal, and Bolin and Opal's kids, their eldest child, San (named after Bolin and Mako's father), and their youngest child, Toph (named after Opal's grandmother Toph). San is six years old and he's an earthbender, while his sister is a five-year-old airbender.

Korra: It's good to see you all too.

Asami: It's been three years. All we ever did was send letters to each other.

Mako: We had to find our own place in the world, and we did.

Xiaolin: (Looking at San and Toph) Those must be your kids.

Opal: (Picks up Toph) We told you about them in the letters, but this is the first time you and Korra actually meet them. Kids, what do you say?

San: Hi.

Toph: (Waves her right hand) Hello.

Asami: Naoki, do you what to say anything?

Naoki: Hello everyone.

Bolin: Speaking of kids, I believe those are your twins with you two.

Korra: (Puts her arms around the fraternal twins) Do two want to say anything to Mom and Dad's friends?

Tanaka: Hello!

Kota hides behind Korra.

Korra: (Walks out of Kota's line of sight and picks him up) It's easy, Kota. Just say hello.

Kota: (Weakly) H-Hello.

Xiaolin: You'll have to excuse Kota. He's shy around others.

San: He seems like a big scaredy-cat.

Opal: San!

San: Sorry, Mommy.

Asami: I'm sure he'll come out of his shell.

During the party the adults were talking to each other while the children of Team Avatar were together near a window, all except Kota, who had trouble with groups.

Naoki: I'm going to talk to your little brother.

Tanaka: He's a lost cause.

San: Yeah he's a big scaredy-cat.

Toph: Mommy told you not to call him that.

Naoki: I'm sure I can help him out.

Naoki runs up to Kota and he's startled by her.

Kota: (Nervous) Can I help you?

Naoki: (Grabs Kota's right hand) Come with me.

Naoki runs off with Kota passing the other kids.

Tanaka: He's gonna die.

Naoki brings Kota to an indoor balcony above the other kids with four flower vases.

Naoki: Okay, try to bend the water from the vases onto your sister.

Kota: But I don't want too. Why can't you do it?

Naoki: (Chuckles) Cause I'm a firebender. Besides it'll be funny.

Kota: I don't know? She picks on me, and I don't want to get in trouble with my mommy and daddy.

Naoki: This will show Tanaka that you can stand up to her.

Kota: (Takes a deep breath) Okay.

Kota uses the Waterbending training that his mom and grandparents taught him and bended the water out of the vases and brought the water down on Tanaka. She was soaking wet, she looked up and saw Kota and Naoki laughing at her.

Tanaka: MOM!!! DAD!!!

The entire room heard her and turned toward her direction. Korra, Xiaolin, Bolin, Opal, Mako, and Asami ran toward the kids' direction.

Korra: (Bends the water off of Tanaka) Sweety, what happened?

Tanaka: (Points up) Kota bended water on me!

Korra and Xiaolin: (Look up) Kota?

They look up and see Kota and Naoki laughing. Five minutes later, Kota and Naoki are sitting in chairs with the parents and other kids in front of them.

Xiaolin: Kota, what were you thinking?

Korra: You're usually so well behaved.

Naoki: I told him to do it. I figured it be a good way to help him out.

Kota: And it did.

Asami: Naoki, you do realize we'll have to ground you?

Naoki: I know.

Mako: It'll be for three days.

Korra: Kota, your punishment is that you'll have to spend the rest of the party with mom and dad.

Tanaka: But he waterbended at me!

Korra: And you always pick on your brother. I'd say you're both even.

When the party ended, Kota went to say bye to Naoki.

Kota: Bye Naoki. I hope we'll meet again.

Naoki: I hope so too. Goodbye, and here's a present from me. (Kisses Kota on the cheek and leaves)

Kota's cheeks turn red after she walked off.

Xiaolin: (From the doors) Let's go, Kota!

Kota: (Regains his composure) Coming, Dad!

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