Chapter 5
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Chapter 5

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A week after the twins were born, Korra and Xiaolin were visited by Tonraq, Senna, Bolin, Opal, Tenzin, Pema, Jinora, Ikki, Meelo, Rohan (who now has his Air Nomad tattoos), Mako, Asami, and Naoki. Korra was sitting on the couch while holding both the twins in her arms. Tanaka was wrapped in a light blue blanket, and Kota was wrapped in a dark blue blanket.

Ikki: (Looking at the twins from over Korra's shoulder) Ah, they're so cute!

Pema: Careful Ikki, you don't want to wake them.

Korra: Don't worry, Tanaka and Kota are heavy sleepers.

Bolin: Which was born first?

Korra: Tanaka's the oldest.

Xiaolin: After they were born, I noticed something about them.

Tonraq: What do you mean?

Xiaolin: I thought that both the twins would receive a large amount of spiritual energy, but Kota took it all.

Tenzin: Perhaps the spiritual energy you passed down was only meant for one person not two.

Xiaolin: It seems so.

Jinora: Korra, can I hold one of them?

Korra: Sure.

Jinora took the sleeping Kota. Jinora could sense the spiritual energy coming from him, as if he was a spirit himself.

Asami: (Holding Naoki) I know Naoki will get along very well. (Holds up Naoki and mommy talks to her) Won't you now?

Naoki: Giggles.

Mako: (To Asami) Family and friends have to stick together.

Rohan: Hope they'll be strong waterbenders.

Pema: (Puts her hand on Rohan's shoulder) Rohan, we won't know if they're waterbenders until they're older.

Rohan: How old?

Pema: Four probably. That's when you discovered your airbending.

Four years later.

Xiaolin had become much older over the years. His hair now reached his shoulders, and he had the top of his hair tied in a wolf tail. He was watching over the twins. Tanaka was bending water at some toy blocks that Xiaolin set up for her so she wouldn't break anything important. She resembled a four-year-old, she wore a light blue snow jacket and dark blue pants, she had dark blue eyes, and her hair resembled Korra's when she was four.

Tanaka: (Knocks down her last target) When's Mommy coming!?

Xiaolin: She'll be home today, Tanaka.

Tanaka: (Stomps her foot and yells) I want her home now!

Xiaolin felt something tugging his leg. He turned to see Kota looking at him. Unlike his sister, who was hyperactive and easily talked to others, Kota was shy and timid. He had dark blue eyes, black straight hair, and wore a dark blue snow jacket and pants. He resembled what Xiaolin would've looked like as a four-year-old.

Kota: (Weakly and afraid) Daddy, Tanaka's scaring me.

Xiaolin: (Picks up Kota) Don't worry, Daddy's got you. (To Tanaka) Tanaka can you calm down, you're scaring Kota.

Tanaka: He's scared of everything. He's a waterbender like me, but he's just a big scaredy-cat.

Voice: You shouldn't call your brother a scaredy-cat.

Korra walked into the room, she was a lot older like Xiaolin, and her hair had become longer and was tied into a pony tail that now reached her back.

Tanaka: (Runs up to Korra and hugs her legs) Mommy!

Korra: (Bends down and hugs Tanaka) Mommy missed you too, Tanaka. Keeping the world safe can be tiresome. (Turns to Kota who is being set down by Xiaolin) Come give your mommy a hug, Kota.

Kota: (Runs up to Korra and hugs her when Tanaka broke away) I missed you, Mommy.

Korra: I missed you too, Kota. (To Tanaka) What do you say to your little brother, Tana.

Tanaka: I'm sorry for calling you a scaredy-cat.

Korra: (Picks up Kota) You have to remember, Tanaka, your brother may be a waterbender like you, put he doesn't have the same confidence as you.

Later that night. After the twins were put to bed Korra and Xiaolin were talking to each other in the living room.

Korra: Tanaka has the same personality as me when I was little.

Xiaolin: I'm worried that she might become more rebellious than you were. She reacted rather harshly when I said that you would be coming home later today.

Korra: It's just natural for kids to want all their parents around. I hope Kota will turn out well in the future.

Xiaolin: I'm sure he'll break out of his shell when he's ready.

Korra: I hope so.

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