Chapter 4
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Chapter 4

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June 25, 2015

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Southern Water Tribe, Korra and Xaolin's Hut, two months and three weeks later.

Inside of their hut, Xiaolin brings some tea to Bolin, Opal, Senna, Tonraq, and Tenzin.

Xiaolin: (Hands a cup of tea to everyone) We managed to buy two cribs yesterday. While the news that we'll have twins was surprising, we managed to handle it nicely.

Korra: (Throwing up in the bathroom) I think it's over. Oh no, it's not over! (Throws up again)

Xiaolin face palms himself.

Bolin: How long has she been doing that?

Senna: She's been throwing up for the past two weeks.

Tonraq: There are periods in the day when she isn't throwing up.

Korra is still heard throwing up.

Tenzin: Something like this is to be expected when women are this far into pregnancy.

Opal: I hope she'll feel better.

Korra comes out holding an empty bucket.

Korra: When will dinner be ready?

Xiaolin: In twenty minutes.

Bolin: How are you hungry!? You just threw up the food you ate forty minutes ago!

Korra: (Crying) Are calling me fat!? Cause if there's one thing you don't do, it's calling a woman fat! (Cries into Xiaolin's shoulder)

Korra: (Pats Korra on the head) Just relax, Korra, it's just the mood swing talking.

Senna: (Hands Korra a cup of tea) Here, Korra, Xiaolin made some tea. It should help you feel better.

Korra: (Takes the cup and sips it) Thank you.

Twenty minutes later, everyone is sitting down for dinner.

Opal: So, what were the names you two picked for the twins again?

Korra: (Swallows the food in her mouth) Tanaka for the girl and Kota for the boy.

Senna: It's good that you'll use both names.

Tonraq: The two of you did spend a lot of time choosing them.

Tenzin: I hope that the two of you can handle raising a family.

Korra: (Puts her left hand on her stomach) I'm sure at least one of my kids won't be as hyperactive as your kids were.

Everyone laughs.

Bolin: The world's been so peaceful lately.

Opal: It's these times that make all the fighting worth it.

Xiaolin: You have to enjoy peaceful times like these while you still can.

Tenzin: Imbalance will eventually threaten the world again.

Korra: (Raises her cup) To a peaceful tomorrow.

Everyone else: (Raises their cups) To a peaceful tomorrow.

Four months later, Southern Water Tribe Hospital.

When they were a three days away from the twins due date, Korra was moved to the hospital in preparation of the arrival. Xiaolin sits in a chair next to Korra, who is lying in bed.

Korra: (Cringes in pain) AAGGGHHH!

Xiaolin: Korra!?

Korra: (In pain) Get the doctor! It's time.

Xiaolin runs out of the room to find the doctor. Today is the day.

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