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Four weeks after returning from Republic City, Korra and Xiaolin were clearing out Korra's childhood room for their future addition. They got rid of the old bed that was there to make room for a crib that was to be put in.

Xiaolin: (Boxing some of Korra's old stuff.) Are you sure you should be helping clear out your old room?

Korra: (Puts a box of her old stuff down.) I haven't been pregnant that long.

Xiaolin: You've been pregnant for six weeks, and you're already wearing maternity clothes.

It was true, Korra's stomach was a little bigger, and she wore dark blue maternity clothing. The skirt of it reached her ankles.

Korra: (Puts her right hand on her stomach and smiles.) Then I guess I can let you do all the work of cleaning out my room.

Xiaolin: I can handle it. (Closes a full box.) Is there anything I should know about helping you go through pregnancy?

Korra: (Sits on a chair.) Well, I'll have an increased appetite, I'll get mood swings, and I'll also be throwing up.

Xiaolin: (Picks up a stack of three boxes.) So I should make more food, tolerate your mood swings, and make sure that you have a vomit bucket.

Korra: (Gets up and follows Xiaolin out of the room.) You faced worse challenges.

Xiaolin: (Puts the boxes next to another stack of boxes and embraces Korra.) Sometimes, unknown challenges can prove to be the most difficult.

Korra: (Giggles.) Oh you. (She kisses Xiaolin on the lips.)

Two weeks later, Southern Water Tribe Royal Palace.

Korra and Xiaolin visited Tonraq and Senna for dinner. Currently they were eating, and Korra was eating a lot more than usual.

Xiaolin: Well, you definitely already have an increased appetite.

Korra: (Mouth full.) I don't care.

Senna: Korra, don't talk with your mouth full.

Korra: (Shallows her food.) Sorry, Mom.

Tonraq: Have you already decided on a name?

Senna: We're interested in knowing.

Xiaolin: As a matter of fact, we picked two names.

Korra: Kota if it's a boy. Tanaka if it's a girl.

Senna: Those are both wonderful names.

Xiaolin: When the baby's born, it will be strong in spiritual energy.

Tonraq: How do you know?

Korra: (Shallows some food in her mouth.) He knows that since he was a spirit. Any human children he will have inherit a lot of spirit energy from him.

Xiaolin: Think of it as passing on the genes of being a bender to your progeny.

Tonraq: Interesting.

Senna: Maybe your child might become a shaman.

Korra: It depends if they want to.

One week later, Republic City Spirit Wilds.

Korra and Xiaolin decided to visit their friends in Republic City. Now they decided to go on a stroll through the Spirit Wilds with Mako, Asami, and their baby girl Naoki, who was in a stroller being pushed by Asami.

Asami: It's nice to hang out when the world isn't in danger.

Mako: Good thing I took the day off to be with you guys.

Naoki: Dada.

Xiaolin: So how long has she been talking?

Mako: Only three days.

Asami: (Looks at Naoki and mommy-talks to her.) And I'm so proud of my little girl being able to talk.

Korra: (Worried.) What if Koh tries to steal our baby as punishment for me not following my Avatar duties!?

Xiaolin: Nothing's going to happen to the baby just because you haven't followed your responsibilities as the Avatar for nine months.

Korra: (Angry.) How can you say that? I hate you! (Slaps Xiaolin across the face.)

Xiaolin: (Calmingly.) Relax, Korra. It's just the mood swing talking. Breath in, breath out, breath in, breath out.

Korra: (Takes a couple of deep breathes.) Sorry. I'm calm now.

The Aye-aye spirit that Wan met in the past appeared in front of the group.

Aye-aye: Can you keep it down? I'm trying to sleep and...(Looks at Korra.) Stinky? (Excited.) It's you! (Appears in front of Korra causing her to jump back a little.)

Asami: Korra, do you know him?

Korra: This is Aye-aye. He's an old friend of Avatar Wan. He used to call Wan 'Stinky'.

Mako: Why did he call Wan that?

Aye-aye: Stinky felt more accurate.

Korra: I figured that you would move back to your old home in the physical world. Why are you in Republic City?

Aye-aye: I feel more at home in a Spirit Wild. Though I probably should have moved to the Foggy Swamp. Lot more quieter there. I heard that you're pregnant, you're going to have twins in six months.

Korra, Xiaolin, Mako, and Asami stared at him with blank faces.

Xiaolin: Did you just say twins?

Aye-aye: Yeah, I can sense three spirit energy's coming from Stinky. Her own and two others. The twins each have a different soul, one has a male soul, and the other one has a female soul. Hope to see you again, Stinky. (Aye-aye disappears)

Korra and Xiaolin stared at the spot that Aye-aye was. They were having twins! This was unbelievable.

Korra: Xiao.

Xiaolin: Yes?

Korra: We're gonna need more stuff for our babies.

Xiaolin: Right.

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