Book 6 Family: Chapter 2
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Chapter 2

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June 22, 2015

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Two years later. Southern Water Tribe Hospital

Korra was talking to her doctor, and he had given her some news that she needed to know.

Korra: Are you sure?

Doctor: I'm sure, Korra, I have seen this sort of thing before with my other patients.

Korra: (Nervous) How should I break the news to my husband?

Doctor: (Mutters) I wish my patients would stop asking me that question. I'm sure he'll take the news well.

After Korra left, she rode Naga back home.

Korra: We'll be visiting the others at Republic City in a couple of days. I can give them all the news then. What do you think, girl?

Naga barked.

Korra: I'm not sure if I want to tell Xiao before we leave? I'm just so...nervous.

Korra and Naga returned to the village where their hut was. Korra went inside and found Xiao stirring a pot of food.

Korra: What are you cooking?

Xiaolin: Sea prune stew. I don't understand how Aang disliked it when you enjoy it.

Korra: (She and Xiaolin embrace) I guess my taste buds didn't like it in my last life.

Xiaolin: (Breaks the embrace) So how was your doctor's appointment?

Korra: (Nervous) I received some interesting news.

Xiaolin: What is it?

Korra whispered in Xiaolin's ear. He was surprised at what she said to him.

Xiaolin: Are you sure?!

Korra: The doctor said that it is.

Xiaolin: Korra, this news is big. We need to be ready for when it comes!

Korra: And we'll make it through.

Xiaolin: Should we tell your parents before we go to Republic City?

Korra: They're coming with us. So we can tell them when we're with the gang.

Republic City docks, two days later

Korra, Xiaolin, Tonraq, and Senna (Tonraq and Senna have grey hair now) arrived in the city and were greeted by Tenzin (who has grey-white hair now), and Mako.

Tenzin: It's good to see you all again.

Tonraq: Same here, Tenzin.

Senna: It's been a year since we last saw each other.

Korra: (To Mako) So how's raising your daughter going?

Mako: Fine. Even though she's only eight months old, it feels like she was only born yesterday.

Tenzin: Your rooms are ready for you at Air Temple Island.

Tonraq: Good to know.

Korra: Too bad Republic City Four Elements couldn't give us any rooms.

Xiaolin: Especially since they don't allow polar bear dogs.

Naga came pounding out of the ship and licked Mako's face.

Senna: She must be happy to see you, Mako.

Mako: (Getting the saliva off his face) Wish she didn't need to lick me.

7:00 pm Air Temple Island, dining hall.

Korra, her parents, Mako, Asami, who was holding her and Mako's daughter Naoki (Named after Mako and Bolin's deceased mother), Tenzin, Pema, Rohan, Bolin, and Opal.

Pema: Sorry Jinora, Ikki, and Meelo couldn't make.

Tenzin: They're focused on dealing with any problems in the world. I'm just surprised that Meelo is taking it seriously.

Korra: Well, he is 19 now.

Bolin: Opal and I were lucky to make it. Lots of work going on back in Zaofu. We added an arena for power disc. We had to get enough materials to build the arena, and then we had to buy some platinum to make the dome, and then-

Opal: (Cuts off Bolin) Bolin, we don't want to bore them. Luckily Aunt Lin decided to come and help out, so we could come to Republic City.

Asami: Which is why Mako is acting Chief of Police.

Mako: Not sure if I actually like this position. It seems better suited for a metalbender than a firebender.

Xiaolin: (To Tenzin) I'm surprised that Rohan didn't join his siblings to help the people of the world?

Rohan: I want to complete my airbender training before joining my brother and sisters. I want to beat Jinora's record of being the youngest airbender master.

Korra: (Whispers to Xiaolin) Should we tell them now?

Xiaolin: (Whispers back) Now would be a good time. (To the group) Korra and I have some interesting news for you all.

Senna: What is it?

Korra: I'm pregnant.

Asami: You are?

Opal: That's wonderful Korra!

Tonraq: (To Senna) It seems that we're going to be grandparents.

Senna: So it would seem. (To Korra) If you need advice on raising a child, Korra, I can help. After all, I did raise you.

Korra: Thanks, Mom.

Asami: I can give you some tips on dealing with pregnancy.

Bolin: Can Opal and I be the godparents?

Opal: Don't you think that would be too sudden?

Xiaolin: (Looks at Korra and she nods yes) Actually, it's okay with us.

Pema: Tenzin and I still have some of our kids old reading books. We can give you them when you raise your kid.

Korra: Whoa, everyone just calm down, the doctor estimated that I've been pregnant for two weeks, not eight months. Let's just take this slow.

Xiaolin: She's right. It'll be awhile before the baby's born. So let's prepare one step at a time.

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