Book 6: Showdown; Chapter 2
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The Legend of Korra-Chitose Gen Crossover



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April 23, 2014

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Air Temple Island:

Thanks to Josefubu, Air Temple Island was now protected by a triple layer barrier that is maintained by Josefubu himself. In the meditation pavilion, Josefubu and Tenzin discussed their predicament, both a meditate stance. Tenzin asked, "Are you sure this is enough to protect my family?" Josefubu answered the question just as calm a demeanor, "This barrier will hold, with my Infinity Shingan linked to the first layer, I can reject anything I deem a threat. Even Borero will have to give up any sort of attack. I know you wish to help Korra, but I cannot let you leave. Even if your family is safe within this, you can still be liable to blackmail into teaching him the last element. The safety of everything depends on keeping Borero from learning airbending." Tenzin still had doubts, "I thank you for aiding me in protecting my family, it means a great deal to me. However, both Korra and your brother, inexperience they may be as airbenders, are equally liable to blackmail from Borero." Josefubu sighed, stating, "I find that statement untrue. Korra, from my perspective, seems far too independent to be bullied into being blackmailed. As far Chireru goes, Borero has nothing on him, save Eva. However, Borero will find it far too taxing to try to subdue someone as skilled as Eva, for without mastery of the Avatar State or the powers he previously had; it won't be possible for him to defeat her." Tenzin, seeing how it would make sense, but didn't want to leave it to chance, ask one more thing, "What if you are wrong and Borero can subdue her?" Josefubu shook his head, "I've observed a scenario play out, where if Borero fights Eva as he is now, he would mostly likely lose."

Republic City; Dragon Flats Borough:

Eva and Borero were engaged in a clash of swords, neither attacking as though they meant it. Korra, doing as Eva instructed and observed how the Dark Avatar fought. After an exchange of blows, Borero casually asked, "Can you step aside? I want to test my powers against the Avatar, not you." Eva chuckled, "How about this, beat me, and you can fight her!" Borero's eyes gained an orange-red glow to them, signaling that he had entered his Dark Avatar State. Without even a gesture, the ground beneath Eva collapsed as a result of Borero's Earthbending, forcing her to jump into the air. Taking advantage of his opponent being airborne, Borero launched a destructive of his firebending augmented by his Dark Avatar State. Eva, unintimidated by the flames, used a technique taught to her by Chireru, using her spirit powers to force the incoming flames at bay, then distinguished them, allowing Eva to land on the ground unharmed. Eva then announced, "It seems you forgot, Chireru taught me that trick your clan is known for, the one that is known for dealing with fire-based attacks! Besides, I think I've grown bored of this fight, so I think it's time to see that you're behind on the times. Korra will show you that she is stronger than you are now!" Both Korra and Borero were surprised by what she had just said...

Triple Threat Triad Building:

Chireru launching a flurry of sword swipes at Eon, who easily parried each strike, while menacingly taunted, "C'mon! Work those muscles! Once you see you have no chance, then I'm gonna take you out!!!!" After parried another assault of sword strikes, he acrobatically leaped behind Chireru, then kicked him before he could turn and react, sending him crashing against the wall, his sword dropped from his hands and clattered to the floor, causing Bolin to drop his guard momentarily allowing the Lieutenant to get a strike in on Bolin with his Kali sticks, rendering him unconscious. Mako forced himself into change his stance and began to bend fire into the way the Equalist troops and created an effective shield of flame to prevent Bolin from further attacks. Now solely focused on Mako, The Equalists had Mako driven into a defensive position. Seeing the two brothers in danger, Chireru decided now wasn't the time for inaction. He said to Eon, "Looks like I can't draw this out any longer...I just hope I can match your speed, you upstart!" Eon looked at Chireru for a moment then chuckled, "Upstart? Me? Oh no, I'm a big game hunter. You're the opening act. Maybe I'll go for the Avatar next? How about your fiancé?" Chireru activated his Akuma Shingan in that instant, and then moved at a speed Eon didn't perceive, catching him off guard and sending him flying across the room. Now it was the Lieutenant's took to take his eyes off his opponent, staring at Chireru in disbelief, saying, "That kid...who is he?" Eon regained his footing, only slightly off balance. Stretching his arms, he stated, "Akuma Shingan? Strange, I didn't know you can use it outside of a Kekkai any case, our speeds are the same now!" He brandished both knives as he thought to himself, Damn, his strength far outstrips mine...I have to be careful with him! Chireru charged in without warning, creating afterimages with each movement. Chireru then launched numerous punches faster than the eye could see, with Eon parrying them all. However, as Eon launched his own attacks, Chireru did likewise and parried his attacks. It was continuous repetitions of parrying blows now, with the Equalists save for the Lieutenant diverting their attention to the brawl between Eon and Chireru. Chireru began to steadily increase in speed due to his applying his spiritual power further into his legs, until he managed to land hits on Eon at an accelerated rate. Before the fight could continue, the Equalists' who watched stepped between the two. Eon, breathing heavily, exclaimed, "What now? In your current state, even with the Akuma Shingan, you would be hard pressed to take on me and my men at once!" Chireru looked at them with a sense of triumph, stating, "True, you have me outnumbered, and it'll be five more minutes before my Kekkai state can be utilized. However, I wasn't expecting to fight a war with only two allies in tow! Did you think I'm that dumb; to try to fight someone called "The Negator" singlehandedly without any sort Intel?" Realization dawned on Eon, just as the Metalbending Police Force charge in on all fronts, with Asami waltzing in the entrance alongside Chief Lin Beifong. Lin quickly announced her intentions, "Equalists troops, you are all hereby under arrest. If you do not surrender immediately, then you will be subdued by the full weight of the law!" Eon, displaying both mild irritation and curiosity, stood his ground saying, "Well, it seems the government dogs have decided to crash the party. Geez and I was enjoying myself. Oh well, good thing I keep these Ninjutsu toys! One last thing Chireru...don't expect our next meeting to be so one-sided!" Instantly, he pulled a flash grenade and a smoke bomb, simultaneously throwing them towards the ground. The flash grenade blinded the group momentarily, while the smoke bomb allowed the Equalists to retreat behind the smokescreen. When the smoke dissipated, the Equalist forces were nowhere to be seen. Lin then stated, "Search the surrounding area! Look for any suspicious individual and apprehend them." She turned to Viper and said, "We need to have a chat, and don't worry, you haven't yet done anything outside of the law, so consider this "merely" a chat." Mako, Bolin and Chireru walked towards Lin and Asami, with Mako asking, "Is there anything that we can help out with?" Lin looked at them and replied, "No, thank you though. However, you need to go to Korra. Some of my troops reported that she and another woman engaged another individual while assisting us look for possible Equalist hideouts. We do not know who he was at this time." Mako looked at Bolin, Asami and Chireru, the later stating, "I think that I know who he is...and I don't think I like that answer."

Dragon Flats Borough:

Korra and Borero continued their display of Avatar-Class bending, both on equal footing. After a brief clash, Borero commented, "Is this it? All you have on me is Airbending. Allow me to show you my spiritual prowess when combined with Vaatu!" Without warning, Borero's spiritual power manifested in the form of a raw torrent of power dripping from Borero's body. Both Eva and Korra, due to her training among Eva and Chireru, proved easily capable of withstanding that force. Borero complimented the duo, "Well, you handled that fairly well, let's see if you can handle this!" Borero gathered spiritual power at his mouth, as Eva recognized the stance, "That...move! It's Chireru's KuroTsu-Hoshi!!" Korra didn't back away. Instead, she activated her newly acquired power, her Kekkai State. Her upper torso was wrapped within a cloak of spiritual energy; a perfect fusion of her and Raava's synchronized powers. Borero finished gathering the power he needed; a ball of blackened energy capable of decimating the landscape and launched it at Korra. However, Korra, with the power of "Raava's Cloak" caught the KuroTsu-Hoshi barehanded and purified its insidious energies instantly, rendering it a harmless jewel of light energy as it dissipated into nothingness. Borero, absolutely stunned briefly, clapped his hands after grasping the capabilities of Korra's incredible potential. "So this is the power I can look forward to when I master Avatar state, then Kekkai State. And then the full power of Resonance will be mine!" The used his blade Raijin to cover his abrupt escape. Eva looked around, even in an active Shingan, and then muttered to herself, "Dammit."

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