Book 6: Showdown; Chapter 1
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The Legend of Korra-Chitose Gen Crossover





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April 2, 2014

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Book 6: Showdown; Chapter 2

Book 6: Showdown; Chapter 1:

At the Triple Treat Triad Headquarters:

All the security detail was defeated swiftly, Eon with the Lieutenant at his side, engaged in conversation with the Triad's Leader, Viper. "Well, I see we didn't take much effort to subdue your men. Are you boys still somewhat lacking because of the last time Equalists attacked this place?" Only marginally anxious, Viper stared Eon flat in the face and defiantly declared, "We are very much a formidable force, though you proved yet again that this movement is a powerful force in its own right. Regardless, can you do what Amon did to my predecessor?" Feigning deep thought for a moment, Eon responded theatrically, "Nope! What you see is what you get! took a bender to strip another benders' power, making Amon just as treacherous as your common thug." Eon got into Viper's face and added, "That being said...right now, I don't want to have to look over my shoulder while we go about our business. So here is the are gonna help us. You will decrease your little taxations for your protection racket for non-benders and when we need your support, you bet your ass you better be at our beck and call! We don't really want to rely on bender muscle but some things are a necessary evil. " The Lieutenant gritted his teeth, knowing full well what Eon planned while despising it at the same time. Unintimidated, the mobster stepped back and utilized the water inside his jacket to direct a waterbending assault against the Equalist Leader, only to find he missed his mark completely. A voice from behind Viper spoke with murderous intent, "You know, I admire men who haven't lost their will to fight back. Now, however it is working against you. You can either do what I tell you or I'll kill you and find a more accommodating leader to take your place. It is up to you." With a knife pressed against the back of his neck and a shiver sent down his spine, Viper, still with an arrogant tone despite his apparent fear, replied, "You have our muscle, now got lost! You wasted enough of my time!" Satisfied, Eon laughed and loosened his stance, leaving the Lieutenant dumbfounded by his leader's usual speed. At that moment, several Equalist soldiers guarding the door to Viper's establishment let loose screams of pain, with Mako and Bolin bursting in. As Mako observed his surroundings, noticing the bested Triad soldiers, Bolin saw Eon behind Viper, who relaxed his stance completely and messed with his hat asking in an deceptively innocent tone, "Why, hello kids! Might I ask who you are and what you're doing here? Surely you know how dangerous a place like this is?" The Lieutenant drew his kali sticks, answering the question for him, "They are friends of the Avatar. I will handle them sir." Viper yelled at them, "What are you ingrates doing here?! I could've used your help five minutes ago!" Mako came forward slowly saying, "We were coming here to ask for help, but we noticed a large number of Equalists around your headquarters." Bolin pointed at Eon with bold optimism, "But since you're here, we'll just have to kick your butt!" Mako muttered "Idiot" under his breathe, while Eon laughed hard and just couldn't stop. For a moment, the Lieutenant stared in disbelief. Once Eon stopped laughing, he curiously asked Bolin, "What, no punchline? I thought you were telling a joke!'re serious? Oh man, now that's a joke! You're just kids! I swatted flies tougher than you!" He walked up to his subordinate and said, "I see you're anxious to have a go at them, but I'll handle them. This way, I'll show you...that I am no bender, that bending can't do jack against me!" He lifted his left sleeve slightly and said, "Activate Negation Field!" For a moment, a green silhouette outlined his body, and then a plasma field surrounded him. Wasting no time, Mako delivered a barrage of firebending techniques, but all the flames were absorbed and negated. Eon merely shrugged and said, "Come on! Didn't I just say bending won't do jack against me! There is a reason I'm called The Negator!" Before Mako could rush in and attack hand-to-hand, Bolin launched a swift assault of earthbending, sending rock after rock in swift succession. However, rather than take it head on as with Mako's firebending, Eon had to evade each individual strike, as the rocks passed through the Negation Field with no difficult. Viper shouted from behind, "Watch where you aim those! I was almost hit by one!!" Eon merely said, "Whoa. Looks like the kid is an earthbender. I didn't expect that...oh well, looks like I'll be able to have some real fun."

Republic City; City Hall area:

Riding in a Satomobile, Asami and Chireru made haste for Downtown. Asami asked Chireru, "Are you sure that Mako and Bolin are in a fight?" Chireru, sitting in the passenger seat, replied, "Yeah! I tagged everyone with my Shingan, so that if I felt an emotional disturbance, like distress, or determination, I could determine the source of it instantly. I feel it coming from that direct!" Chireru pointed in the direction of Downtown. Knowing that Downtown was Triple Threat Triad territory, Asami suddenly began to assume the worst and said, "I have a really bad feeling about this..."

Republic City; Dragon Flats Borough:

Korra and Eva finished checking another building, with help of some of the Metalbending Police. While the police and went checked another building, Korra began to think to herself, "That's another building with previous Equalist ties. Eva, why don't we check..." When Korra looked to Eva, she was looking in another direction. After a moment, she activated her own Shingan and said, "Chireru...I can feel a sort of urgency coming from him. Unless I missed my guess, either he found the Equalists or he is going to where Mako and Bolin went, as they found the Equalists. Either way we should go." Korra looked in the direction Eva was looking, then said, "Let's hope we make it in time then." From the top of a building, a familiar yet unwelcome voice said, "Actually I kind of don't think you will make it in time. You two will be busy keeping me entertained. After all, I need some way to gauge my abilities." Korra and Eva looked above them on one of the buildings, a young man with a malicious glare in his eyes looked down at them smiling under the moon, to which Eva muttered, "Borero..."

Triple Threat Triad Headquarters:

It was proving difficult in gaining an advantage over Eon, as the man proved to be usually fast on his feet. Mako continued a succession of firebending attacks, trying to create as big a blind spot as possible so Bolin can flank him via his earthbending. As Bolin let loose a continuous barrage of earthbent rocks, a snakelike chain with one of Eon's Knives as its tip intercepted all the incoming rocks. As for Bolin, he managed to sidestep it, leaving the knife tip impaled into the behind him. Before Bolin could react at all, he noticed the snakelike chain reeling in Eon, though was too slow to react to Eon himself. The Equalist leader landed a kick to Bolin, sending him knocked back towards Mako. As Bolin got to his feet, Eon turned to face them, clapping and state, "I gotta admit, that's some teamwork you two have going there. The firebender notices that my Negation Field needs a little time to consistently absorb and negate a continuous stream of fire, so he uses that to try to take away my line of sight. It was an expert analysis on your part...Mako was it? However, there is only one flaw to that little plan you had, and that is that I know full well the weaknesses my Negation Field has. Absorption time, physical bending tactics like earthbending and waterbenders using ice based tactics; I know those weaknesses can create a window of opportunity for opponents. How do I deal with it? The first part of the stratagem is the focus of high-speed movement, something I'm bless with. What happens in moments where movement is somewhat restrained? The answer for me is these..." He holds his knives up high in the air. "...I use these and what little spiritual potential I have to create "Grappler Snake Knives". It's the perfect balance of offense and defense. Now, how about I show you kids some real speed." Eon began to run in circles, like a predator circling its prey, leaving the appearance of there being multiple Eons' at once around Mako and Bolin. As Viper attempted to sneak away, the Lieutenant intercepted him and had a kali stick pointed at him, stating, "I think it would be in your best interest to stay and watch."

Outside Triple Threat Headquarters:

Chireru, now in Cho Kekkai State, knocked out the reinforced Equalist troops. Before he entered, he saw Asami putting her electrified glove on. He then said to her, "Asami, I'm sorry to say this, but I'm going in alone." She then stood face to face with him and retorted, "You are afraid of me getting hurt? I am not a helpless woman. Please let me help you out." Chireru sighed and said, "I never said you were a helpless woman. I kind of done make those type of assumptions, considering the amount of female combatants I've met and faced, some looking just as feminine as you yourself look. Besides, you will be helping. While I help Mako and Bolin subdue or at least draw the attention of the Equalists here, I want you to get the Police force to converge on this location. If this is done right, we could severely cripple the resolve of the Equalists and prevent an escalation." Asami looked at him for a moment, then went to her Satomobile and drove off. With that, Chireru crashed this party...

Inside the Triple Threat Building:

The door leading into the office was smashed opened, revealing Chireru with his sword swung above his shoulder. Seeing the situation, Eon halted for a moment, as Mako and Bolin saw Chireru, Bolin said to Chireru, "Hey Chireru, I thought that Asami was with you?" Chireru walked towards them answering, "I'm having her do something. Besides, it looks like they are only a handful of Equalists troops to worry about." Mako, still calm and serious besides being at a disadvantage, replied, "Their numbers aren't what worry me, it's their leader. We haven't been able to attack him effectively, like he is a step ahead of us with his speed, skill and tech." Chireru looked at Eon, then said, "Is that right?" Then, with the same speed Eon himself had used, Chireru managed to get behind the Equalist Leader and attempted to launch a powerful kick at him. What he didn't expect however, was that the Negation Field caught his attack head-on and repelled Chireru. Knocked off his feet, the plasma energy began circulating through his body, and eroded his Kekkai State form away, wobbly for a moment, Chireru meekly asked, "What...the hell do you do to me?" Eon then turned to face him, noticing the differences of Chireru's ordinary form. "If I had to guess, you were using a Kekkai State form just now? If that is true, then this will surprise you...the Negation Field eats and negates all spirit based attacks used against me, including bending. What's more, if a Kekkai State user makes contact with my Negation Field, the plasma energy introduced to the body will nullify it and continue to nullify the activation of another Kekkai State until the plasma energy dissipates, which takes fifteen minutes. So, you're Chireru Amakuni. I wonder, have you grown too accustomed to using a Kekkai State to fight your opponents? We will have to see...Mr. Lieutenant, please have you and your men keep the other two kiddies occupied for me. I wish to deal with this individual personally." Although he had no idea who or where this new individual came from, he did as ordered and he along with his men approached Mako and Bolin...

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