Book 5 War: Prologue
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Book 5 War



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May 26, 2015

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Chapter 1

A woman in a white hood was running from attackers in red in an unknown forest; they firebended at her and it seemed that she was helpless, but once she made it to a clearing, she stopped and looked at her attackers.

Attacker 1: "Have you decided to give up?"

Attacker 2: "You know there's no use running, Luminous!"

Luminous: "I'm not giving up, but I will fight back, humans."

She pulled her hood down to reveal her white hair and yellow eyes. Then, from the palms of her hands, she fired yellow beams of energy at her attackers, knocking them out.

Luminous: (shouting) "I know you're here, Heylin! Come out!"

A shadow then emerged from the forest and took the shape of a man in black clothing, he looked like he was 23 years old, his hair was black, and his eyes were purple.

Heylin: "The only thing these Red Lotus fools are good for is serving as my pawns, but they did succeed in flushing you out. Now you shall die, Luminous."

Heylin blasted a purple energy blast at Luminous, sending her back, but she fired a barrage of light bolts at Hey. He countered the bolts with a barrier and then jumped into the air, made his right arm long and threw a punch that crushed Luminous. She quickly shook it off, jumped into the air and pulled Hey back to the ground. When she moved away from the crater she made, she saw him get back up unscathed from the attack. Heylin then created four clones of himself who surrounded Luminous and bombard her with dark energy bolts until she faltered to the ground. The clones disappeared and Hey walked up to her and a pair of purple wings manifested from his back, emanating a dark aura. He pulled out one of the feathers and threw it at Luminous, which was then absorbed into her.

Heylin: "It's a shame that when you, Pure Light Spirits, are hit with my feathers, you don't turn into a Dark Spirit, you only cease to exist."

A purple energy began to spread through Luminous, devouring her light.

Luminous: "I may fade today...but Xiaolin knows that you are drawing energy from the temples. He will stop the flow and you will...fall."

With her final words, she became fully purple and started to dissipate.

Heylin: "I know that he can't face me and the remaining Pure Dark Spirits alone. I know that he will recruit her, the one who opened the spirit portals, causing me to regain my strength, the one who dissipated Master Vaatu, the one who destroyed the twins that stole my strength and unwittingly gave me back the power they stole. Avatar Korra. My sister Thalassa should be facing her real soon."

Mo Ce Sea transport boat.

It had been two years since Kuvira's defeat. Korra had taken a vacation to the Spirit World with Asami, and the two had dated, but a year after that, they had broken up and Asami got back with Mako and the two became engaged. Korra decided to travel the world alone and help anyone she came by. Whether they be a spirit, human, or even an animal, she helped them and maintained balance in the world. She was on her way back to Republic City to celebrate the anniversary of the Hundred Year War's end. World leaders were gathering in Republic City and Korra wanted to make sure they got extra protection, so she hired the first boat with a crew at the Fire Nation and they were on their way.

Captain: "It should only take us four more hours to reach Republic City."

Korra: "Thanks, Captain."

Korra looked out to see the open sea, but noticed something strange; they were not moving.

Korra: "Ahh, Captain? Why did we stop?"

Captain: "Simple, Avatar, the Red Lotus has come to end you."

Korra saw four other members come onto the main deck to join the Captain. All five of them had fire ignited in their hands, ready for a fight.

Korra (smirking): "And here I thought I was going to be bored for the rest of the trip."

The Captain fired at Korra, but she merely bended it back at him, sending him into a wall. Korra then swept her right leg on the floor to air sweep two of the Red Lotus members onto the floor. The other two charged at here, swinging fire daggers at Korra, but she dodged each one, and then water whipped one of them off the boat. The last one tried to breath fire at Korra, but she air blasted it into embers and then air kicked him at one of the Red Lotus members who got air swept and made an effort to get up only to get knocked down again.

Korra: "Either you guys stink, or I'm just that good."

Then something emerged from the water and landed in front of Korra. A woman in a black dress appeared before her; she looked to be the same age as Kya, but her hair reached her knees and looked like dark black seaweed and her skin was a purplish-blue and she possessed dark green eyes filled with malicious intent. Korra realized why she looked like this.

Korra: "You're a Dark Spirit?! But I purified them all when I destroyed Hundun and his brother."

Thalassa: "I am Thalassa, the Dark Spirit of Water. I am one of the few remaining Pure Dark Spirits in the world. I have come to remove Raava from you."

After this was said, Korra heard Raava's voice.

Raava: "Pure Dark Spirits were created by Vaatu to spread chaos in the world, Korra. They are to be like Vaatu, no light within them. I created Pure Light Spirits to destroy them. Be careful, Korra, Thalassa can control water and she can fill it with dark spirit energy. Try to spiritbend her; once purified, a Pure Dark Spirit will cease to exist."

Korra: "Thanks for the advice."

Korra threw a barrage of air blasts at Thalassa. The blasts seemed to knock purple water off her even though she wasn't wet. Korra stopped blasting her when she literally blasted Thalassa into a puddle. The purple water then merged and formed Thalassa again, who smirked and blasts Korra with water that she pulled out of the air, causing her to be knocked down.

Thalassa: "Can't handle my dark spirit water? Well then, it's time I remove the blasted Light Spirit from you then."

Thalassa approached Korra, her right arm glowing purple, ready to remove Raava, but once she got to Korra, Korra entered the Avatar State and blasted Thalassa back with a barrage of fire blasts. Then she pulled water from the sea and imbued it with light energy, turning it gold, and threw it and Thalassa, causing her to scream in pain. Thalassa then brought water over her arms and turned them into ice spears and charged at Korra, while Korra charged with fire in her hands. But the boat started to explode, causing them to stop.

Thalassa: "What are those Red Lotus idiots doing!?"

Korra took this distraction as a good opportunity to escape and jumped into the sea and summoned a wave to escape.

Korra: "Looks like I'm going to be busy for a while."

The Red Lotus members were a safe distance away from the boat and were on a life boat, thinking they accomplished their job, but Thalassa emerged behind them on a water spout.

Thalassa: "You interfered, now she escaped!"

Captain: "We were doing are job."

Then they all appeared in a dark room where Heylin was looking disappointed at the five.

Heylin: "No. You went against the plan, and for that, Captain, you will face a fate worse than being condemned in the Fog of Lost Souls."

Hey approached the Captain, his right arm glowing purple. He put it through the Captain's chest and pulled out a blue sphere, after which the Captain fell over, causing his men to rush to his side.

Red Lotus soldier: "You killed him in cold blood?!"

Heylin: "Yes, and no. You see, I took his soul, and unless it's returned to him within twenty-four hours, his body will turn to dust but... (Heylin swallows the Captains soul, shocking his men) I was never a returner. Now, let that be a lesson on why you should never disobey me."

The four all nodded to him in silence, scared of how he threatened them with such a calm expression. Heylin summoned some regular Dark Spirits into the room to give them their next command.

Heylin: "Send this message to the other Red Lotus members and Dark Spirits. We will declare war on the Avatar."

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