Book 5 War: Chapter 9
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Book 5 War


Chapter 9

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June 11, 2015

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After leaving the Southern Air Temple, the group made it to the Southern Water Tribe. They arrived at an airstrip outside of Harbor City. The night sky was lit up by the Southern Lights. The group was greeted by Korra's parents, Chief Tonraq and Senna.

Korra: (Hugs her parents) It's good to see you two again.

Senna: It's good to see you too, Korra.

Tonraq: (Bows to Xiaolin) It is an honor to see you again, great Xiaolin.

Xiaolin: (Bows back) The honor is mine. I assume that you located the temple?

Tonraq: Yes, but the information you gave didn't predict that it would be buried underneath a mountain of ice.

Bolin: That doesn't sound good.

Mako: Sounds like we can't enter it.

Tonraq: We made a tunnel in the mountain. We should be able to enter the temple from it.

Xiaolin: We will enter the temple as soon as possible.

Opal: We'll have to wait 'til morning.

Asami: Unlike you, we humans have to sleep.

In the morning, the group then left for the temple, except Asami, who believed that her skills weren't needed. They arrived at the ice mountain and made their way through the tunnel.

Bolin: Hey Xiaolin, is that Heylin guy gonna show up?

Xiaolin: I don't know. Thalassa is his most powerful lieutenant. He may have full confidence that she will kill us.

Bolin: (Nervous) I'm scared.

Opal: (Puts her arm around Bolin) I got you.

Korra: (Cracks her knuckles) Just leave Thalassa to me. I've been waiting to finish our fight.

Xiaolin: Just be careful. I don't want to see you get hurt.

Korra: I'll be fine.

The group made it out of the tunnel and found the temple. They saw that the inside of the mountain was hollow, keeping the temple from being crushed by the ice. The group went inside and Tonraq and his men remained outside of the temple.

As the group walked through the temple, they noticed that snow and ice covered the floors and walls. They found no Dark Spirits or Red Lotus members within the Water Focal Temple. When they neared the focal room, they found Thalassa in front of them.

Thalassa: I'll enjoy destroying you all.

Thalassa bent shards of ice at the group, but Korra took control of the ice and stopped them in the air.

Korra: You and me, one on one.

Thalassa: Very well.

Korra sent the ice shards back at Thalassa, but she dodged them all and sent a stream of water at Korra that knocked her back. Korra got up and charged at Thalassa; she began to bend fire balls at Thalassa. Thalassa then formed water tentacles on her arms and used them to block the fire balls. When Korra got close enough, she entered the Avatar State and air blasted Thalassa back into the focal point room and onto her back. With Thalassa down, Korra began to spiritbend her, causing Thalassa to dissipate when the process was done.

Korra: (Closes her eyes and brings her hands into namaste) Go in peace.

Mako: Guess she didn't need help.

Xiaolin: Let's heal this temple.

Xiaolin began the spiritual cleansing; he gathered enough spirit energy and then released it, healing the temple and any Dark Spirits still lingering. The group walked out of the temple and when they came out, they saw that the ice mountain was gone, bringing the temple back into the light of day.

Opal: Is it over now?

Xiaolin: Heylin will no doubt try to attack us now. He'll try to make a suicide attempt to separate Raava from Korra.

Bolin: That doesn't sound good.

Korra: When he comes, I'll be ready.

Xiaolin: And we'll be here to help.

Fog of Lost Souls

Heylin walked out of the fog; he had devoured all of the souls that were in there, and had gained more strength by doing so.

Heylin: All my attempts have failed, and the last of my siblings is gone. Now the temples are cleansed, keeping me from gaining the untapped spiritual power of the physical world. Good thing I have my plan B. With the souls I devoured from the Red Lotus and from the Fog of Lost Souls, I now have the power I need to absorb my Dark Spirit minions and become powerful enough to destroy Raava after I separate her from the Avatar. Come, my minions!

Hundreds of Dark Spirits approached Heylin; they circled him, turned into energy, and entered him. This caused a change that gave Heylin a demonic appearance. His bird like wings turned into bat like wings and became the color black. He gained two red horns protruding from his head, his fingernails became longer and sharper, his legs were now the same as the legs of a horse, his eyes turned red, and he gained a devil tail.

Heylin: (Demonic voice) Now...I am...the DEVIL!!!!

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