Book 5 War: Chapter 8
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Book 5 War


Chapter 8

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June 10, 2015

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After traveling from the village in the Fire Nation, the group made it to a White Lotus base near the Southern Air Temple. They were greeted by members of the White Lotus, who then led them to the Air Focal Temple. When they got there, the team went in and stayed on high alert. When they went down one of the passages, they found themselves in a dark passage.

Mako: What happened to the lights?

Xiaolin: The light stones in this passage must have been removed.

Korra: So that's what caused the lighting in the previous temples.

Bolin: I think I heard something break? Are there sticks in here?

Xiaolin then created a ball of light to illuminate the room. The group found skeletons of Airbenders and Firebenders on the floor.

Bolin: (Screams)

Asami: (Gasps)

Opal: Oh my-

Korra: They did try to hide in temple. But in the end, the Fire Nation found it and slaughtered everyone.

Asami: Korra, you alright?

Xiaolin: We should leave her be.

Bolin: How come?

Xiaolin: Her previous life, Avatar Aang, lived in the time before the Hundred Year War. He was frozen in the iceberg when he ran away. Korra must still feel Aang's pain.

Opal: (Looks at Korra, then at Xiaolin) You should talk to her. Couples usually help each other out in a situation like this.

Xiaolin: I'll try my best. (Approaches Korra) Korra, are you okay?

Korra: (Looking at an Air Nomad skeleton) How can I be? Seeing the skeletons of these Air Nomads is just...(Sobs) is just too hard to deal. (Cries into Xiaolin's shoulder.)

Xiaolin: (Pats Korra on the head) It's okay, I'm here. We'll make sure they're given a proper burial after we cleanse this temple.

Korra: (Takes her head out of his shoulder, tears running down her face) Promise?

Xiaolin: Promise.

The group returned to heading to the focal point room, when six Red Lotus members ambushed them. One waterbended ice at Asami, but she dodged it, jumped over him, and knocked him out with her electric glove.

Korra: Leave the other five to me. I need something to get my spirits high.

The team moved behind; Korra then fired an air blast at the Red Lotus members, knocking two out while the other three got out of the way. Korra then air kicked in the air, creating a mini tornado that slammed two of the remaining three into a wall, knocking them out cold. The last Red Lotus member fired a fireball at Korra, but she air blasted it, and the blast knocked the member out.

Asami: Feel better?

Korra: (Faces the group and smiles) Definitely.

Xiaolin: (Smiles) Good to hear.

The group made it to the focal point room, but they saw that it was guarded by a bald man in black Air Nomad clothing.

Xiaolin: Storm.

Storm: Good to see you too, Cousin.

Korra: So, how do we beat him?

Xiaolin: I recommend that earthbending be used against him. You and Bolin should take him head on; me, Mako, and Opal will support with distance attacks. Asami, you should stay out of this one.

Asami: (Muttering) I should stop coming into these temples.

Storm fired a tornado air blast at the group, but Xiaolin created a shield to block it. When the tornado blast disappeared, Xiaolin dropped the barrier and then him, Mako, and Opal went back. Korra and Bolin started to bend rocks at Storm, and he blocked them with an air shield. Xiaolin, Mako, and Opal then fired at Storm; his air shield couldn't handle the combination of fire, air, and energy. He stumbled back and then Korra and Bolin earthbended rocks at him again, but this time, he wasn't able to block them in time; as each rock hit him, he moved back until he fell onto his back. Xiaolin then fired his feathers at Storm, purifying him.

Xiaolin started the spiritual cleansing as everyone else took up defensive positions at the passages to keep any more Dark Spirits or Red Lotus members from attacking. After Xiaolin collected enough spiritual energy, he released it, cleansing the temple and any other Dark Spirit.

The Red Lotus members were captured when the group left the temple.

The following day

True to Xiaolin's words, the Air Nomad skeletons were laid to rest along with the skeletons of the Firebenders. The group was standing in front of the graves of the deceased, dressed in funeral clothing.

Xiaolin: (Eulogizing) Gone from this world, the deceased go. Into the next world, they will find peace.

Mako: Poetic.

Asami: Where did you learn that prayer?

Xiaolin: The prayer was an ancient Air Nomad prayer from the era of Raava.

Opal: They must've been good at writing literature.

Xiaolin: Indeed.

Xiaolin placed a hand on Korra's shoulder.

Korra: (Looks at Xiaolin) Don't worry, I'm okay.

Xiaolin: Then let's prepare for the journey to the South Pole.

Korra: It's nearly over.

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