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Chapter 7

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June 8, 2015

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After cleansing the Fire Focal Temple, the group began the journey to the Air Focal Temple, which was located near the Southern Air Temple. On the bridge of the airship, Xiaolin explained that due to the Air Nomads not being there to tend to it, the temple would've been corrupted from the neglect that it would've felt.

Korra: Could the Air Nomads have tried to hide in the temple?

Xiaolin: It's possible, but if they did, the Fire Nation probably found it and killed the survivors, or they became the victims when the Fire Nation drew out survivors of the genocide.

Opal: War is one of the grimmest things in the world.

Xiaolin: Not everyone makes it back.

Asami: I'm going to set us down for refueling.

Mako: There should be a village nearby.

They landed near a village on the edge of the Fire Nation; (Yon Rha's village) when they landed, they saw that the land was dying. The grass was brown, bushes lacked leaves, and the trees seemed to be petrified. They went to the village to ask someone what was going on.

Bolin: Any idea what happened?

Xiaolin: I think I might know who caused this, and he will pay for this.

The group walked passed a couple villagers in the town, and one of them recognized Korra.

Villager 1: You. Water Tribe woman, you're the Avatar!

Korra: (Turns toward the villagers) Yes. What happened here?

Villager 1: Two spirits came here. One looked like a pale man with a scarred face, and the other was a skeleton in a cloak. The scarred one touched the plants, and they all began to die.

Xiaolin: (Angered) Parasite. That monster!

Mako: Did they say anything?

Villager 2: Only that the Avatar and a spirit named Xiaolin should come outside the village and fight them.

Xiaolin: Asami, Bolin, Opal, Mako, stay in the village. Korra and I can handle the Dark Spirits.

Opal: But won't you two need help?

Korra: We can handle two scarred Dark Spirits. Just protect the villagers in case anything bad happens.

Asami: Understood.

Bolin: You bet.

Korra and Xiaolin started to go down the path to where the villagers told them to go, and on the path, they came across Parasite, Phobos, and two Red Lotus members.

Parasite: (Cracks knuckles) I've waited for this day for a long time.

Phobos: (Brings out his scythe) Falling in love with a human is disgusting, Xiaolin. You bring shame upon your own kind.

Xiaolin: There have been instances when spirits and humans fell in love with each other. Lady Tienhai was one of them.

Korra: (Smirking) I like how half your skull's been blackened, Phobos, it makes you look even uglier. (Phobos growls and Korra turns to Parasite) I know how you got scarred, one of my past lives shot a bolt of lightning charged with spiritual energy. Her intent was to destroy you.

Parasite: Be glad my powers can't affect you due to your fusion with Raava. My powers can't affect anything from the Spirit World. But anything from the physical world...

Parasite grabbed the two Red Lotus members. He absorbed their energy, causing them to scream in pain. When he stopped, the two fell to the ground and turned to dust.

Korra: (Shocked) You killed your own allies in cold blood.

Xiaolin: Heylin is clearly just using the Red Lotus. Once he accomplishes his goal, he'll turn on them.

Parasite: (Takes off his shirt to reveal more scars) I've learned Heylin's Chaotic Attack. I'll put it to better use than those blasted twins.

Parasite appeared in front of Korra and threw her back, and then charged her. Xiao tried to go help her, but Phobos appeared in front of him.

Phobos: You were the catalyst in my scarring, Cousin. Most of the blame lies on you.

Xiaolin manifested his wings and flew into the air and started firing upon Phobos with his feathers. But Phobos dodged the feathers and got out of the shower of feathers, and jumped into the air, grabbed Xiaolin, and pulled him down. Xiaolin got back up and ran at a fast speed around Phobos and fired multiple energy bolts at Phobos, but he blocked them with his scythe.

Meanwhile, Korra blocked Parasite's charge, broke his stance, and blasted him back with a blast of air. Korra took this opportunity to earthbend a barrage of rocks at the Dark Spirit, but he created a red elemental barrier to block the attack. Korra recognized it as one of the elemental barriers that Hundun used; she saw that this one could be broken with the fire element, so she blasted the barrier to pieces with a barrage of fire balls and then shot a bolt of lightning at Parasite. The blast hit him, causing him to twitch from the pain. When he stopped, he looked at Korra with an angry look. He used the Chaotic Attack to increase his own height and muscles to Hundun's level, and then fired a dark spirit bolt into the air that broke apart and rained down onto the ground. Korra tried to dodge each one, but one blast hit her. Parasite then charged at Korra and hit her into the air. When she fell back down, Parasite turned his right arm purple, ready to remove Raava from Korra, but as Korra was falling, she entered the Avatar State, and created a small tornado to keep herself from falling. She readied herself in a battle ready stance to take down Parasite. Parasite used the Chaotic Attack to give himself an energy boost and charged at Korra. Korra then off balanced Parasite by hitting him with two boulders, then she waterbent at him and turned the water into ice that hit him in the face, and then she propelled herself at him with her airbending and then launched him into the air with it. Korra then used her firebending to propel herself into the air, and when she got close enough, she hit Parasite with a barrage of fire kicks into his stomach. She got above him and formed a ball made from fire, water, earth, and air, and then launched it at him. This caused an explosion and a flash of light that was heard and seen by everyone in the village. Parasite fell to the ground in pain. When Korra landed, she used her spiritbending technique on him. When she was done, Parasite exploded, releasing all the energy he absorbed in the physical world from the past 20,000 years, healing the valley.

In Xiaolin's battle with Phobos, Xiaolin managed to get the upper hand with Phobos. He hit Phobos with punches, channeling his energy, and then he blasted Phobos at point blank range, causing him to hit a rock. Xiaolin saw a wave of purifying spirit energy coming their way from the direction Phobos' back was facing.

Phobos: (Weakly) What are you waiting for? Finish me.

Xiaolin: I don't have to. Look behind you.

When Phobos looked back, he was hit with a wave of energy that purified him, causing him to dissipate. Xiaolin went over to where Korra was, and the two ran to each other and hugged.

After staying in the village for the day, the group began to leave. They were given some extra supplies from the village for helping them.

Bolin: (Holding Pabu) Those guys were so nice. They even brushed Pabu's fur.

Pabu: (Squeaks.)

Xiaolin: We now only have three Pure Dark Spirits to deal with, Storm, Thalassa, and Heylin. This private war is nearly over.

Korra: (Sitting on a table) I really need to take a vacation after this is over. How about we go to Ember Island or the Spirit World when this is over, Xiao?

Xiaolin: I've never taken a vacation before. It should be interesting.

The group laughed together as they approached their next destination.

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