Book 5 War: Chapter 6
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Book 5 War


Chapter 6

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June 5, 2015

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After the ordeal with Phobos, the group remained on high alert in case of another attack. After a few days of flying, the group made it to the Fire Nation and landed on an airstrip outside of the Capital City. When they came out, they were greeted by Lord Zuko.

Zuko: (Bows) It's good to see you all again.

Korra: (Bows with the others) It's good to see you too, Lord Zuko.

Xiaolin: I believe you and the White Lotus have discovered the Fire Focal Temple's location based on the information I gave?

Zuko: It's a few miles from here. We can get there in a short amount of time.

The group began their drive (Riding Naga in Korra's case) to the temple.

Xiaolin: The Pure Dark Spirit we will find at the temple will most likely be Pyros, a Dark Spirit made of fire.

Bolin: That doesn't sound good.

Asami: It never does.

Opal: Any advice on beating him?

Xiaolin: Don't bend fire at him, he can absorb the flames and increase his own height. Water and air would be the most effective against him.

Mako: Sounds like I have to sit this one out.

Asami: I'll stay with you.

When they got to the temple, they were greeted by several members of the White Lotus.

Korra: So me, Bolin, Xiaolin, and Opal, will go in. Everyone else will hang back.

The four of them entered the temple and remained on high alert for any danger that might attack them. After 20 minutes of walking through the temple, they saw a group of Dark Spirits in front of the Focal Point room.

Korra: I got this.

She formed fire in her hands, but Xiaolin thought something was wrong, and then he realized it.

Xiaolin: Korra, wait!

Korra fired multiple fire blasts at the Dark Spirits, but the fire remained in one place. The Spirits disappeared and a figure made of a purple fire appeared; he had red eyes and he was shaped like a human being. The fire blasts he stopped then went into him, increasing his height to 10 feet.

Korra: Pyros, I presume?

Pyros: You presume correct.

Pyros then fired purple fire balls at the group, but Xiaolin fired an energy beam at it, making it disappear. Bolin earthbended some tile stones at Pyros, but he destroyed them with a few shots. Pyros then fired a barrage of fire blasts at the group, but Xiaolin created an energy shield to protect them.

Xiaolin: We need a strategy.

Opal: I got one we can use.

Korra: Let's hear it.

After explaining the plan, Bolin went right and earthbended some rocks at Pyros, which got him to blast them, but this allowed Opal to hit him with air blasts and Korra then hit Pyros with a barrage of water. When she stopped, Pyros shrunk back to his original height.

Xiaolin: (Fires an energy blast) Extinguish his flame.

The blast hit Pyros and caused him to stagger. This allowed Korra, Opal, and Bolin to hit Pyros with a barrage of elements, excluding fire. When they stopped, they saw that his fire had been extinguished, leaving him as a burnt out man made of charcoal. Xiaolin then fired some of his feathers, purifying Pyros.

Bolin: (Excited) We did it! Alright!

Xiaolin: We're not done yet.

Xiaolin began the spiritual cleansing; Korra, Opal, and Bolin took defensive positions at the entrances to hold off the Dark Spirits that were approaching. After a few minutes, Xiaolin released the spiritual energy, cleansing the temple and the Dark Spirits in it.

Korra: Any idea why the Red Lotus wasn't here?

Xiaolin: Pyros hates humanity. He probably didn't want any humans helping him.

Red Lotus base.

Phobos: He should have brought those humans with him!

Parasite: It still wouldn't have made a difference, and I agree with Pyros, those humans are worthless. The only thing they're good for is being cannon fodder and a source of energy for me to drain from.

Phobos: Is everything about food with you?

Parasite: Don't talk down on me, skull face!

Heylin: (Irritated) QUIET!

Both turned to Heylin; they were surprised that he was made mad so easily.

Heylin: I grow tired of your constant bickering! I'll send the both of you to take out the Avatar and her friends. Separate Raava from her! And I don't care if Raava destroys you on the spot if you succeed in the separation! Because I won't have to deal with another headache from you two!

Parasite and Phobos: (Bowing to Heylin) Yes, brother.

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