Book 5 War: Chapter 4
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Chapter 4

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After flying from Republic City for a few hours, the group made it to the abandoned city of Taku. The group came upon the ruined stone town, seeing no one in the area.

Mako: The city's been abandoned even before the Hundred Year War ended. So why are we here?

Korra: It's not as abandoned as you might think.

True to her words, members of the White Lotus started to come out of the stone buildings and approached the group.

Korra: The White Lotus uses the town as a training camp. Thanks to it being abandoned, they won't have to worry about anyone disturbing them.

White Lotus captain: (Bows to Korra) It is an honor to meet you, Avatar Korra. (Bows to Xiaolin) And you as well, Light Spirit Xiaolin.

Xiaolin: (Bows back with Korra) The honor is ours.

White Lotus captain: We've followed the instructions that you gave to Tenzin and located the temple.

Bolin: That's good. The sooner we fix that temple, the sooner we can defeat those Pure Dark Spirits.

Opal: Is there anything we should be aware of?

White Lotus captain: Our scouts reported Red Lotus members and Dark Spirits entering the temple, as well as woman who could turn herself into earth.

Xiaolin: Terra. Her powers not only allow her to bend earth, but turn into it as well. (Turns to Korra, Mako, Bolin, Asami, and Opal) Try to use this to your advantage.

Mako: How?

Xiaolin: Remember, the elements all have weaknesses, especially in their sub elements.

After an hour of driving, or in Korra's case riding on Naga, they made it to the temple in the forest. It resembled the one outside of Republic City, but it looked damaged since it wasn't made of Spirit Stone.

Xiaolin: Captain, you and your men should stay out here. The others and I can go on ahead.

White Lotus captain: Understood.

Korra: (Petting Naga) I'm sorry, girl, but you'll have to wait out here.

The group entered the temple and remained on alert for any Dark Spirits and Red Lotus members.

Unknown female voice: Hahahahaha.

The group saw a slender woman in a brown dress; her skin was tan, her eyes were dark green, and her hair was black.

Xiaolin: Terra, you witch.

Terra: It's good to see you too, cousin. Now I will bury you all.

Terra bent the ground to send a wave of rocks at the group, but they managed to avoid it in time. Korra and Mako blasted her with fire balls, but she went into the floor and appeared behind them and hit them with more rocks. Opal sent air blasts at Terra, but she created an earth wall to protect herself. Bolin tried to hit her with a couple rocks, but she just bent them back at him. Korra and Xiao hit her with a combination of energy and air that sent her back. Xiao fired his feathers at her, but she turned herself into earth, keeping the feathers from purifying her.

Korra: How are we supposed to beat her?

Xiaolin: Remember what I said before.

Korra: That's right.

When the group left Republic City, Korra brought metal cable holders with her in case she decided to metalbend. She had the cable holders at her side; she then bent the cables at Terra's earth shoulders, causing both her arms to fall off.

Terra: (Shocked) WHAT IS THIS?!?!?!?!

Korra: It's called metalbending.

Korra kept bending the cables at Terra until she was nothing but pebbles; the remains then reformed into regular Terra and then she turned herself into sand. She then attacked the group like a living sandstorm; most of their attacks just went right through her.

Xiaolin: We need to keep her in one place.

Korra: How?!

Xiaolin: Asami, Mako, and Bolin, keep Terra distracted. Korra and Opal, when she's distracted, use your airbending to keep her in place.

The group separated and surrounded Terra.

Asami: Hey Terra, over here!

Terra turned toward Asami and fired sand blasts at her. Bolin shielded her with an earth shield and Mako fired at Terra. Taking the opportunity, Korra and Opal used their airbending to get Terra in a ball of air.

Xiaolin: When I tell you to release her, I'll need Korra and Mako to hit her with as much fire as the two of you have.

Korra and Mako: Got it!

Xiaolin: Now.

The air ball was released, then Korra and Mako blasted Terra with a steady stream of fire, causing Terra to scream in pain. Korra entered the Avatar State to give them a boost; when Terra's screams stopped, she and Mako held off the firebending and saw that Terra had turned to glass.

Korra: Let's purify her.

Xiaolin: I'm afraid not. When her appearance has changed to that of her element, spiritbending won't work.

Bolin: (Getting sand out of his shirt) Jeez, I got sand in places that shouldn't even have it. (Pabu pops out of his shirt.)

Mako: You brought Pabu with you?!

Bolin: I didn't want to leave him.

Xiaolin: Enough chatter. Terra won't remain in that glass state forever. Let's get to the focal point.

The group went off; they encountered groups of Dark Spirits and Red Lotus members, but Korra and Xiao purified every Dark Spirit they came across and the group knocked out any Red Lotus member they came across. When they got to the focal point room, which resembled the first temple's focal point room, they found Terra and five Red Lotus members.

Terra: You made me mad.

Terra turned her body into a crystal and charged at the group with the Red Lotus members. Korra and Xiao took on Terra, while the rest of the group took on the Red Lotus. Asami took on a waterbender and a firebender; the waterbender tried to hit Asami with several ice shards, but she leaped into the air, got behind him, and incapacitated him with her electro glove. The firebender then charged at Asami and tried to slash her with fire daggers; Asami parried each attack and electrocuted him. Bolin took on a pair of earthbenders; they tried to hit Bolin with several rocks, but he used his lavabending to turn the battle to his favor and surrounded them in a ring of lava. They used their earthbending to propel themselves out of the circle, but Opal blasted one of them into a wall and the other one pulled out a dagger to hit Bolin with, but Pabu jumped out and started scratching the man's face and then jumped when Bolin threw a rock at him, which knocked him out. Mako took on a firebender who tried to bend lighting at him, but Mako redirected it at the woman's feet, causing her to hit a wall and knocking her out. The battle with Korra and Xiao vs. Terra was going in Terra's favor due to her body being able to deflect their attacks.

Xiaolin: Korra, can you generate lightning?

Korra: (Panting) No.

Xiaolin: One of your past lives was able to. Enter the Avatar State and blast her with it.

Korra entered the Avatar State and started to generate lightning.

Terra: (Smirking) No matter what you do, your attacks won't harm me.

Korra then fired a bolt of lightning, shattering Terra into a million pieces, and she then left the Avatar State.

Xiaolin: I'll start the spiritual cleansing. If she reforms, she'll return to her natural state. Spiritbend her if she reforms before I finish gathering the energy I need.

Xiao went to the center of the room and started gathering spiritual energy. After a few minutes, Terra reformed, but Korra caught her in the spiritbending technique. The golden water caused Terra to turn golden, signaling her purification.

Terra: No! It can't end like this! I can't die like this!

With her final word, she turned completely golden and began to dissipate.

Korra: (Brings her hands into a salute and closes her eyes) Go in peace.

After some time, Xiaolin got all the energy he needed and initiated the spiritual cleansing, purifying the temple's spirit energy and any remaining Dark Spirit. The White Lotus members went in, apprehended the Red Lotus members that were knocked out, and got to the temple's focal room.

Xiaolin: Two temples purified.

Korra: Three more to go.

Red Lotus base.

Heylin was sitting on a chair in an empty room, sensing the Earth Focal Temple being purified.

Heylin: We need to go on the offensive. Phobos!

A Pure Dark Spirit who resembled the grim reaper, a skeleton in a black cloak wielding a scythe, appeared in the room. He had a red glow in his eye sockets that made him look more frightening.

Phobos: Yes, brother.

Heylin: Trap the Avatar and her friends in their worst nightmares. Kill them through their dreams.

Phobos: It shall be done.

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