Book 5 War: Chapter 3
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Book 5 War


Chapter 3

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June 1, 2015

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After retaking the Spirit Temple, the White Lotus sent some of their members to safeguard it from the Dark Spirits and any other Red Lotus members. The next day, Korra, Mako, Bolin, Opal, Asami, and Xiaolin were preparing to leave for the next temple.

Air Temple Island

Ever since Korra reconnected with her past lives, she decided to meditate and communicate with Avatar Wan in the Spirit World. Korra found herself sitting in a field with Wan and his cat deer, Mula. Tea was situated on a table between them, and there was a brief silence between them until Korra decided to speak.

Korra: Are you mad at me that I opened the spirit portals?

Wan: (Taking a sip of tea before talking.) Nope.

Korra: Really? Why?

Wan: I closed the portals because animosity still existed between humanity and the spirits. They weren't ready to coexist together.

Korra: (Taking a sip of tea before talking) And we had to wait for 10,000 years until they cooled down.

Wan: (Chuckling) Good one. If you ever need my help or that of the other Avatars, Korra, you know will be ready.

After that, Korra returned to the physical world, where Asami, Opal, Jinora, Naga, and Ikki were waiting for her.

Jinora: So, how was Wan?

Korra: (Getting up) He was alright with me opening the portals.

Ikki: Hey, Korra, are your past lives capable of hurting you?

Korra: No.

Ikki: 'Cause if they could, then would they be able to throw stuff at you? (Jinora face palms herself after hearing this.)

Asami: Are you alright, 'cause you've been nervous since you, Opal, and the others got back?

Korra: (Scratches Naga's right ear) When I was traveling the world, a fortune teller told me that my true love would be a man who possesses wings capable of illuminating the darkest of shadows.

Opal: So, you think Xiaolin's your true love. Is that why you hugged him?

Korra: (Blushes) No, that's not the reason!

Ikki: Then why are you blushing?

Korra: I'm not!

Asami: Korra?

Korra: Fine. But I think I met him before all of this.

Jinora: What do you mean?

Bolin's apartment.

Xiaolin and Mako were helping Bolin pack his stuff for the mission to cleanse the other temples.

Bolin: Thanks for coming to help me, guys. Pabu and I couldn't do this alone.

Xiaolin: How is a fire ferret able to help you?

Mako: He doesn't mean it literally.

Xiaolin: Oh, an expression. I need to ask the two of you for advice.

Mako and Bolin: Like what?

Xiaolin: What do you do when you think you're...attracted to a woman?

Mako: (Confused) Have you ever felt love before?

Xiaolin: No. But in the temple, when Korra and I were blasted into a dark room, I used my powers to illuminate it. We were standing close to each other, her face was red and she looked worried, and my heart was pounding for some reason. Is that what love is?

Mako: Sounds like it.

Bolin: You have a crush on Korra. You should know that she and Mako used to date, until Mako broke her heart.

Mako: Bolin!

Bolin: Sorry. Sorry, just speaking my mind.

Xiaolin: I didn't feel this way when I met her nineteen years ago.

Mako: You met Korra when she was four.

Flashback to the South Pole.

A four-year-old Korra was walking outside of her parents' house. She showed her parents that she could bend the elements water, earth, and fire; they told her that she was something called the Avatar, and how they protected the world. She felt nervous about it. Then she saw a man in a snow suit; he looked old, but not as old as her parents.

Korra: You look pretty, mister.

Xiaolin: Thank you for your compliment. You look troubled.

Korra: (Nervous) My mommy and daddy said that I'm something called the Avatar. They said that I will master the elements and travel the world and protect it. But I don't want to leave my mommy and daddy.

Xiaolin: (Kneels down to Korra's height) Don't worry, when you do start traveling the world, I'm sure you'll still see them.

Korra: Really?

Xiaolin: Yes.

And then Xiao disappeared in front of Korra.

Present day, Air Temple Island.

Jinora: I think you had a crush on him since you were four.

Korra: Guess I did.

Asami: Wait, he's 20,000 years old. Won't that seem weird?

Jinora: I asked some spirits how age works for them and they said that a spirit who's chronologically 20,000 years old would be seen as a...

Bolin's apartment.

Xiaolin: ...24-year-old.

Bolin: You shouldn't have a problem. And I think Korra might have a crush on you.

Mako: Just take things slow and it'll all work out.

The next day. Air Temple Island.

The group was getting all their stuff onto a Future Industries airship that would serve as their form of transport. Korra was talking to Tenzin.

Tenzin: Are you sure you don't want anyone to come with you?

Korra: We've faced a lot of challenges in the past Tenzin, I'm sure we'll be fine.

Tenzin: Okay. Remember, the White Lotus sent some of their members to the areas that the Focal Point Temples are in thanks to the information that Xiaolin gave us. Good luck, Korra, I hope that you succeed.

Korra: Don't worry, we will.

After the group boarded the ship with Naga and Pabu, they were off and on their way. Asami was at the wheel, waiting for directions.

Asami: So where to, Xiao?

Xiaolin: Taku. The next Focal Point Temple is there.

Bolin: This temple isn't made out of Spirit Stone, is it?

Xiaolin: Don't worry, only the one outside of Republic City is made out of Spirit Stone. The lion turtles made the temples to represent the five elements.

Opal: Five?

Korra: The fifth element is energy. It's how the lion turtles and the Avatar can take away bending and grant it.

Xiaolin: It's likely Heylin sent the elemental Dark Spirits to guard the temples that correspond with their element. We may have to face Terra, so be prepared for a Pure Dark Spirit that can control the earth element.

Everyone else: Got it.

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