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Xiaolin told the group how Vaatu created the Pure Dark Spirits to spread chaos in case he was ever incapacitated, and when Raava learned of this, she created the Pure Light Spirits to combat them. He explained that he used the Tree of Time to find the Pure Dark Spirits and destroy them, but when Avatar Wan sealed Vaatu in it, they had to find them the old fashioned way. The Pure Light Spirits lost the element of surprise when this happened, and as such, they became the hunted, since the Pure Dark Spirits were more used to the physical world than their cousins. He explained that with Razor gone, only seven of the Pure Dark Spirits remained. The Dark Spirits Korra faced were Thalassa, the female Dark Spirit of Water; Pyros, Dark Spirit of Fire; Terra, female Dark Spirit of Earth; Storm, Dark Spirit of Air; Phobos, Dark Spirit of Fear, capable of trapping humans in their worst nightmare; Parasite, Dark Spirit of Famine, capable of stealing the life force of any plant, animal, or human he touches; and Heylin, their leader and creator of the Chaotic Attack, and how he taught it to Hundun and his brother and how they stole Hey's strength for themselves, how he regained his strength at Harmonic Convergence, and became even more powerful when the power stolen from him returned when Korra destroyed the conjoined twins. They all sought to avenge Vaatu's defeat at Korra's hands by removing Raava from her, which would end the Avatar Cycle until the next Harmonic Convergence. But Xiaolin had recently learned that they sought to control the world, and were using 5 Ancient Spirit Temples that rested on top of the planet's Spiritual Focal Points to give Heylin the power he would need to challenge Raava once she was removed from Korra. Xiao explained that he needed Korra's help to rid the temples of the dark energy that had infested them since the Hundred Year War and draw out the remaining Pure Dark Spirits, and how the first one was just outside of Republic City.

After the conversation, Korra, Mako, Bolin, Opal, Tenzin, Lin, and Kya went to the temple with him, accompanied by several Metalbending Officers.

Xiaolin: You do realize I said we shouldn't bring Earthbenders, right?

Korra, riding on Naga, ran next to the car he was in, which had Lin, Mako, and Opal with him.

Lin: My men can help help against the Dark Spirits.

Xiaolin: The temple doesn't have any earth in it. You and any earthbender will be put at a disadvantage.

Bolin: What's it made of?

Xiaolin: Spirit stone.

Mako: What's spirit stone?

Xiaolin: A substance created by the Ancients; they used it to make this temple and channel the spirit energies. Some of it can be found on their backs, or rather, the back of the last one.

Korra: Wait, you mean the stuff that Aang found on the last lion turtle?

Xiaolin: Yes. It was created to be unbendable and indestructible. And the metal you and your men have won't be enough to face them with, Chief Beifong.

Lin: They don't pay me enough to do this job.

After 10 more minutes, they arrived at the temple; it looked like one of the temples of the Bhanti Tribe.

Xiaolin: Lin, you, your men and Bolin should stay out here. Once we're in, some of the Dark Spirits may attack you.

Korra: (Petting Naga) I'm sorry girl, but you're gonna have to stay out here.

Bolin: (Hugging Opal) Be careful in there, Opal.

Opal: Don't worry, I'll make it out all right.

Mako: Take care of yourself, little bro.

Bolin: Don't worry, big bro, I got Pabu to keep me company. (Pabu runs onto Bolin's shoulder)

Korra, Xiao, Tenzin, Opal, Mako, and Kya all entered the temple and remained on high alert.

Korra: I heard you've been learning how to spiritbend, Kya.

Kya: I already mastered it. Having three people who can purify Dark Spirits should be a good idea. You got your water skin, right?

Korra: Yep. I'm good at pulling water out of the air, but I won't be able to pull enough out to spiritbend.

Tenzin: (notices how the temple's inside doesn't have anything that makes it feel spiritual) Xiaolin, how come there aren't any murals or cravings?

Xiaolin: The temples weren't meant for worship. Just a place to safeguard the focal points of spirit energy the physical world is capable of producing. The Spirit World is covered in spirit energy, but the physical world's spiritual energy isn't being tapped, it's only being released to five areas, and due to this, the energy is richer than energy of the Spirit World and more dangerous if corrupted.

After ten minutes of walking, they came to a three way path.

Mako: Ah, which way do we go?

Xiao: I haven't been here for 9,000 years. I think they all lead to the temple's center, where the focal point is?

Korra: (Confused) You think?

Kya: We should split up in groups of two.

Tenzin: Agreed. Opal and I will go left. Kya, you and Mako will go right. Korra, you and Xiaolin should go down the middle.

The groups split up and continued down each path. Korra and Xiaolin began to notice something wrong with the temple.

Korra: Where are all the Dark Spirits?

Xiao: The temple's infested with dark energy, and yet they're not here? This feels like a trap.

Then, as if on cue, five Dark Spirits appeared out of nowhere and charged at Xiao and Korra. The two blasted them back with fire strikes from Korra and energy blasts from Xiao. Xiaolin then fired his feathers at the Dark Spirits; four of them were purified, but the fifth fired an energy blast at Korra and Xiaolin before it was hit by a feather; the blast brought the two to a dark room.

Korra: I can't see anything.

Xiaolin: I got it.

Xiaolin created a ball of light which illuminated the room they were in. Korra noticed that she was an inch away from kissing Xiaolin. She jumped back like a frightened cat with her face all red.

Korra: (Nervous) We...should...get going.

She ran off back into the hallway.

Xiaolin: My heart keeps pounding. Is this what love is?

Outside the temple, Dark Spirits started to attack the earthbenders, but they were ready and fought back.

Lin: (Earthbends a couple of boulders at a group of Dark Spirits) Looks like we'll be busy for a while.

Bolin: (Lavabends at another group of Dark Spirits) They better make it fast, 'cause I can't hold out forever! (Sees a Dark Spirit right next to him) AAHHH!!!

Lin earthbended a boulder at it.

Lin: Pull yourself together, kid!

Bolin: (Salutes her) Yes, ma'am!

Korra and Xiaolin reached the focal point, a round room with water flowing from fountains on the walls. They saw that the others already beat them to it.

Korra: So how does your spirit cleansing work?

Xiaolin: I'll channel my energy into a ball of spirit energy. Once I have it all, I'll release it into an energy wave that will cleanse the temple and purify corruption by Vaatu's power. But be warned, all the Dark Spirits in the temple will come to us. If my concentration is broken, I will have to start over again.

Xiaolin went to the center of the room, manifested his wings, and had both his arms out, bringing energy from the palm of his hands into a small ball of golden light. His wings began to glow from the power channel, as he channeled more power and the ball of light began to grow.

Outside the temple, more Dark Spirits came and surrounded the earthbenders, but they felt something going on in the temple and entered it.

Bolin: What just happened?

Lin: Whatever they're doing, they just called those Dark Spirits in.

At temple's center, while Xiaolin was channeling energy, everyone else in his group was blocking the corridors, keeping the Dark Spirits from entering. Kya and Mako were at one, Opal and Tenzin were at another, and Korra was guarding the third corridor on her own. They blasted the Dark Spirits back with each of their elements. When Kya and Korra had groups of Dark Spirits stunned, they used their spiritbending to purify them. But the Dark Spirits came closer and closer to the entrances; soon, the group would be overrun by them.

Korra: Xiao, how much longer?!

Xiaolin: Just about...NOW!

Xiaolin released his spiritual cleansing. It moved across the temple in a huge wave, purifying the Dark Spirits and all other sources of dark energy in the area, and Korra felt something strange when she was hit by the wave. The earthbenders outside saw it and immediately went inside along with Naga and Pabu.

Unknown Red Lotus location

Heylin was in a meditative state until he felt a disturbance that caused him to fall to the floor.

Red Lotus member: Master Heylin, are you okay?!

Heylin: I'll be fine. It seems Xiaolin has teamed up with the Avatar and purified the focal point temple outside of Republic City. This explains why Razor failed. Have the elementals guard their respective temples. It seems we'll have to go on the defensive.

Center of the focal point temple.

The group reached the center of the temple to find everyone okay. Bolin went up and hugged Mako and Opal at the same time, and Pabu got onto Opal's shoulder and licked her face affectionately.

Bolin: I'm so glad you guys are okay.

Mako and Opal: Same here.

Tenzin: (Walks to Korra after seeing her with her hand on her head) Are you okay, Korra?

Korra: Tenzin, my past lives... I'm reconnected to them. (To Xiaolin) You knew this would happen?

Xiaolin: It was the least I could do.

Korra: (Hugs Xiaolin out of gratitude) Thank you.

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