Book 5 War: Chapter 10
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Book 5 War


Chapter 10

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June 13, 2015

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A day after cleansing the Water Focal Temple, the team gathered on a balcony at the Southern Water Tribe's Palace to figure out what to do next.

Xiaolin: We may have cleansed the temples, but Heylin is still out there.

Bolin: Couldn't he just give up? We did ruin his plans.

Mako: It's never that easy, little brother.

Opal: He could come after Korra and separate Raava from her.

Asami: That would be suicide.

Korra: Even if he can't get the power to challenge Raava, he would still be able to separate Raava from me.

Xiaolin: Our priority is to take him out.

Mako: So how do we find him?

Xiaolin: I can go to the Tree of Time and use its power to locate him, just as I have done in the past when my siblings and I searched for him and the other Pure Dark Spirits. Or...

Korra: Or what?

Xiaolin: We let him come to us. He knows where we are; if we let him come to us, we can take him out.

Suddenly, the shadows began to take a humanoid form. The group stood on alert.

Unknown voice: Are you discussing on how to kill me? I'm flattered.

Xiaolin: Heylin.

Bolin: That's Heylin.

Xiaolin: He's communicating with us through the shadows. He couldn't do that before.

Opal: Sounds like he picked up a few tricks.

Heylin: Indeed, I have. Meet me on the snow plains outside of the Southern Spirit Portal.

Korra: What's your angle?

Heylin: Nothing. Just your end, Avatar.

The shadows returned to normal. After hearing what was said, the group, minus Asami, left for the snow plains with Chief Tonraq.

The Snow Plains

Korra: You didn't have to come, Dad.

Tonraq: I need to make sure that you're safe. If he succeeds in defeating you, what's stopping him from attacking our Tribe?

A portal opened in front of the group. The group stood ready to face whatever came out. A cloaked figure walked out of it and the portal closed.

Heylin: I see that you've brought your father, Avatar. This should be even more fun.

Korra: I'm giving you one warning, Heylin. Crawl back into whatever dark spirit swamp you've been festering in for the past millennium and we won't destroy you.

Heylin: That is the same warning you gave to my backstabbing students. Just like them, I won't except it. (Voice turns demonic) For I will avenge my master's defeat.

Heylin took off his cloak to reveal his appearance to the group. Pale skin with red markings, red horns protruding from his head, black hair, red eyes, sharp nails, black bat wings, and brown horse legs.

Korra: (Shocked) That's not how he looked like when Phobos trapped me in a nightmare.

Bolin: That's not how he's supposed to look!?

Xiaolin: By Raava. Heylin, what have you done to yourself!?

Heylin: After Phobos and Parasite's deaths, I believed that you would succeed in purifying the remaining temples, which you succeeded in doing. So I resorted to looking for an alternative source of power.

Xiaolin: Your soul stealing ability.

Heylin: Correct. I stole the souls of dozens of Red Lotus members, maybe even a hundred. The group fell apart so quickly, and some went into hiding. I doubt the Red Lotus members you encountered at the Air Focal Temple knew what happened. It still wasn't enough souls, but I knew a place that had more than enough, the Fog of Lost Souls. So I devoured every soul there.

Korra: (Points accusingly) You monster!!

Heylin: Once I had the power I needed, I used a technique that allowed me to absorb all of the remaining Dark Spirits.

Xiaolin: Have you gone mad!? Having that kind of power is too dangerous to control! You'll lose control and become a reckless and impulsive animal!

Heylin: I am as strong as Vaatu now. Your words mean nothing. Now...let's fight.

Korra: I couldn't agree more.

The group hit Heylin with a barrage of water, earth, fire, air, and energy attacks, but he created an energy barrier that blocked them. When he dropped the barrier, Xiaolin manifested his wings and fired a barrage of purification feathers at Heylin, but they all bounced off him.

Heylin: Like I said, I am as strong as Vaatu; your feathers can't purify me.

Xiaolin: At least you lost your corruption feathers.

Heylin: It's more fun to destroy than corrupt.

Heylin fired a dark spirit beam at the group that sent them back. Xiaolin jumped into the air and Heylin did the same thing. Both spirits engaged in aerial combat. They both fired spirit blasts at each other; each spirit dodged the attack of the other. Heylin created four copies of himself and they surrounded Xiao and hit him with several energy beams. Xiao fired a spirit bolt into the air and it broke into five bolts. Each bolt hit Heylin and his copies. Heylin shook off the hit he took; he flew to Xiaolin, grabbed him by the arm, spun him around, and threw him to the ground. Xiaolin crashed to the ground, cracking the ground upon impact. Korra and Tonraq rushed to his side.

Korra: (Uses her healing) Xiaolin, please tell me you're alright!?

Opal: Korra, look out!!

Korra saw Heylin charging at her with his right arm out glowing purple. She closed her eyes, but she felt nothing. She opened her eyes to see her father in front of her. Heylin's arm had phased right into Tonraq; he pulled out his arm with a blue orb in his hand. Tonraq fell over.

Heylin: Your father prevented me from separating Raava from you. And it seems I took his soul.

Korra looked at the blue orb in shock alongside her friends. Xiaolin woke up and saw what had transpired when he was out cold. Korra kept looking and then Heylin swallowed Tonraq's soul right in front of everyone.

Heylin: Xiaolin is capable of releasing the last soul I consumed with his purification feathers. But since I am now immune, Tonraq's body will turn to dust in 24 hours regardless. (Laughs)

Xiaolin: (Sits up) Korra, if you can purify him with your spiritbending, you can release every soul he consumed. Like when you purified Parasite and released all the energy he stole.

Korra: Thank you for telling me this. (To Heylin) As for you! (Heylin looks at Korra) I will never forgive you for what you've done!

Heylin: I wasn't asking for it.

Korra: (Enters the Avatar State) This will be your end.

Korra hit Heylin with a huge blast of air that sent him back. Korra then propelled herself at Heylin with her firebending and then hit him with a fire blast at point blank range that caused him to stumble back. Heylin flew into the air and fired multiple dark energy bolts at Korra. She dodged them and then used her firebending to fly into the air. Korra then created an air sphere around herself to fly instead of using firebending; she then created three rings around the sphere made of earth, fire, and water, respectively. Korra then bent a massive air blast that caused Heylin to lose control of his flying. Korra then hit him with a barrage of fire blasts that caused Heylin to crash into the ground. When he got up, Korra then hit him with a barrage of earth needles that caused him to fall again. Korra then used the water to spiritbend him, but before she finished, Heylin used his Chaotic Attack to increase his own muscles into a muscular build that increased his height and the length of his wings. This also cancelled out Korra's spiritbending. He then jumped into the air, grabbed Korra by the leg and slammed her into the ground.

Xiaolin: We need to help Korra.

Opal: She'll definitely need it.

Heylin saw them coming to him, and then he trapped them in a dark spirit bubble.

Bolin: No fair!

Mako: (Firebends at the bubble) What!?

Xiaolin: The bubble's too strong; we can't break free.

Heylin grabbed Korra by the head; he saw that she was no longer in the Avatar State. He raised his right arm. It turned purple, and then he phased it into Korra. She screamed as this happened.

Xiaolin: NO!!!

Heylin: (To Korra) It's over.

Heylin's hand touched Raava, but then Korra reacted to this touch by letting Raava's tentacles go through her mouth and strike Heylin in the face. This caused him to let go of Korra and bring his hand out of her without even taking Raava.

Bolin: (Disgusted) I think I'm gonna puke.

Opal: You are not doing that in here!

Mako: Uh, what's happening to Korra?

Everyone looked at Korra as she twitched; when she stopped, her eyes lit up and Raava's symbol appeared on her. She turned blue, and her eyes turned white. Korra entered some sort of transformation similar to the one her uncle entered with Vaatu, except Korra's height didn't increase.

Xiaolin: (Shocked) I've never seen an Avatar do this!

Mako: Bolin and I saw the Dark Avatar do this when he destroyed Raava.

Xiaolin: Korra must have felt endangered! She must have used the Avatar State to create this kind of power.

Korra: (Combination of her voice and Raava's) No. It's not over.

To be concluded.

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