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Chapter 2

Outside of Republic City, a man, who looked 23 and had black hair and green eyes, wearing Southern Water Tribe clothes, stared at the city with reason and purpose.

Stranger: "I sense Raava's energy within you, Avatar. I know you have entered Republic City, but a shadow has entered it and wishes to take out the world leaders. You will need my help, and I hope that you will help me in return, for the fate of the world is endangered."

Air Temple Island, Airbender training area.

Korra had told her story to everyone present: Tenzin, Meelo, Jinora, Ikki, Opal, Mako, Bolin, Asami, and Lin. Everyone was worried of what kind of damage those Pure Dark Spirits could do.

Jinora: "How many of these Pure Dark Spirits are there?"

Korra: "Raava doesn't know. When she fused with Wan, she lost contact with her Pure Light Spirits, keeping her from knowing what was going on between the two sides."

Tenzin: "After today, we will have to locate them and stop them from causing any damage."

Asami: "Wait? You said that Thalassa wanted to remove Raava from you. I think that they might come after you."

Bolin: "You mean that they'll come here?! I don't think that's safe guys, not that I'm scared or anything."

Meelo: "Bolin, there's a Dark Spirit behind you!"

Bolin screamed and jumped into Opal's arms, causing her to struggle with Bolin's weight; he got out of her arms when he saw Meelo and Jinora laughing at him.

Bolin: "Not funny! I could have had a heart attack."

Lin: "I need to get back to City Hall. Make sure security is tighter; with all the world leaders in one place, those Red Lotus dirtbags might make a move."

Mako: "I'll come too, Chief."

Lin: "Today's your day off, kid. You'll be there as a guest with Asami."

When Korra and Asami broke up, Mako and Asami got back together. The last time Korra visited Republic City, Mako proposed to Asami and she accepted, making the two of them engaged.

Korra: "What time does it start?"

Asami: "Seven pm."

Opal: "Are you bringing anyone with you?"

Korra: "No. But I'm sure I'll find that special someone."

Unknown location in the Republic City Spirit Wilds.

A man with pale skin, black hair, and glowing yellow eyes was with a group of men and women in red.

Unknown man: "I sense the last of my cousins within the city. He will no doubt interfere with the plan. Are the chi blockers ready?"

Red Lotus male: "Yes, Razor."

Razor: "Excellent."

Red Lotus female: "What of your cousin?"

Razor: "Don't worry. Me and my kind will handle him."

As if on cue, six Dark Spirits entered the room, revealing that Razor was not a human, but a Dark Spirit.

Republic City Hall 7:10 pm.

Korra looked at how happy everyone was. It was true that the Hundred Year War was the worst war that the world had ever faced, but so many years after its end, the scars it left behind seemed to have faded into the wind. She saw her father, Tonraq, talking to Fire Lord Izumi, Lord Zuko, President Raiko, her cousins Desna and Eska, and the United Earth Republic's ambassador, Prince Wu. Then she noticed a strange man in front of her; he looked like he was of Water Tribe descent, judging from his appearance, and probably from the Southern Water Tribe, judging from his choice in clothing.

Xiaolin: "Avatar Korra, I am Xiaolin. I am the last of the Pure Light Spirits created by Raava, and I have dire news."

Korra was shocked to hear this. One of Raava's Light Spirits was standing before her, and...wait a minute, dire news?

Korra: "What is it?"

Xiaolin: "A Pure Dark Spirit named Razor is in this building with six other dark spirits and eight humans who are from the Red Lotus organization. They have come to kill the world leaders. They hope this will cause disorder across the entire planet and turn numerous spirits into dark spirits from the resulting chaos."

Then six dark spirits busted through the ceiling, causing everyone to panic. Eight Red Lotus members then descended on ropes to get to the ground, while a pale man in black levitated onto the ground.

Xiaolin: "The pale one's Razor. I'll handle him, deal with the others."

Korra: "Got it."

The security came in and started bending fire and water at the dark spirits, but they were no match for them and got pushed back, but Korra got the spirits' attention when she earthbended a wall into them.

Korra: (smirking) "That's right, come to me."

The Eight Red Lotus members then charged at the world leaders, but Lin, Opal, Mako, and Bolin stepped in to face them.

Lin: "I thought I told you to take the day off, Mako."

Mako: "Sorry, Chief, but I can't just stand to see these goons try to kill the world leaders."

Tonraq: "We appreciate the help."

Izumi: "But don't be surprised if we join in."

Wu: "Yeah, I think I'll just go sit this one out."

The Red Lotus then charged at the group. Desna and Eska double-teamed on a waterbender in the group, who tried to launch ice shards at them, but they merely took control of the shards and converted them into water and used it to blast the Red Lotus member into a wall. Tonraq was challenged by a chi blocker, who jabbed his left arm at his chi points, but Tonraq stepped back and bended the water in a pouch he brought with him with his right hand and blasted at the chi blocker's face, causing her to stagger, and then he water blasted her off her feet, knocking her out. Izumi and Zuko faced two firebenders who proved to be strong, but not strong enough against two firebending masters from the Fire Nation Royal Family. Zuko took down his opponent with swift fire blasts from his hands, while Izumi took her opponent down with a swift fire kick. Lin faced a metalbender from the group; the Red Lotus member bended metal straps at Lin, but she countered them with her metal whip and then earthbended chunks of rock at the goon, causing him to stagger, giving Lin the opening to take him down with just a punch to the stomach. Opal and Bolin teamed up to take on a couple of chi blockers; Bolin used his earthbending to help Opal propel herself at them, which allowed her to blast them with her airbending at point-blank range, causing them to go flying into a fountain, knocking them out. Mako took on an earthbender who tried to get Mako off balance by bending the ground at Mako's feet, but Mako used his firebending to propel himself into the air. The goon then earthbended a boulder at Mako, but Mako fired a bolt of lighting at it, destroying it and its force knocked out the Red Lotus goon.

Meanwhile, Korra's fight with the dark spirits was going well. She hit them with a barrage of fire blasts, and then used her airbending to disorient them and to get them together. Korra then used her waterbending to gather water from the party; she then surrounded the dark spirits with the water, and then she started to use her spiritbending. The water turned to the color gold, which then caused the spirits to turn gold as well; when the water fell to the floor, the spirits walked away and dissipated.

Korra: (brings her hands into a salute) "Go in peace."

While these battles were happening, Xiao engaged Razor in combat outside of the building. Xiao blasted Razor with golden energy blasts, but Razor created a shield to protect himself, but it broke under Xiaolin's attacks. Razor then blasted Xiao; the blast landed a direct hit on him and caused his vision to blur.

Razor: "As the Spirit of Disorder, I am capable of disorienting someone's vision, Xiaolin. Whether they be human or spirit."

Xiaolin: "True, but as the Spirit of Healing, I can fix this."

Xiao then manifested a pair of golden wings on his back. Many of the guests were in awe at how beautiful they were; he looked like an angel with those wings. They glowed, causing Xiaolin's vision to be restored. He then fired a barrage of feathers at Razor, who tried to dodge them, but one of the feathers struck him, causing him to cringe.

Xiao, Korra, and the others came over to Razor and saw that golden spirit energy was spreading through him.

Opal: "What did you do to him?"

Xiaolin: "My feathers are capable of bringing light into a spirit, but since Pure Dark Spirits lack any light, he will cease to exist."

Razor: "My death will not go unnoticed Xiaolin, and Avatar Korra, my master, Heylin, the rest of my kind, and the Red Lotus declare war"

With his last word, he dissipated into golden energy into the night sky.

Korra: "Then bring it on. (Turns to Xiaolin.) So, Xiao, I take it you have more to tell us?"

Xiaolin: "Yes. Now pay attention, what I have to tell you is important to defeating Heylin and the other Pure Dark Spirits."

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