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Book 5 War
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Omnitrix grand master






Omnitrix grand master


Book 6 Family


The Legend of Korra


After Kuvira's defeat, peace has been brought back into the world. The Earth Kingdom is now the United Earth Republic. But all good things must come to an end. Pure Dark Spirits, spirits created by Vaatu 20,000 years ago to not have any light, have joined forces with the Red Lotus and seek to destroy the Avatar. Led by Vaatu's old lieutenant, Heylin, the creator of the Chaotic Attack, they plan on removing Raava from Korra, which will effectively break the Avatar Cycle until the next Harmonic Convergence.

Korra, Mako, Bolin, Opal, and Asami join forces with the last of the Pure Light Spirits, Raava's old lieutenant, Xiaolin. They seek to purify five shrines that have been corrupted by Heylin as a way of gaining more power to weaken him and to draw out the other Pure Dark Spirits and destroy them.

They have entered into a war.


Korra: Korra has been through a lot during the past few years, but after being attacked by a Pure Dark Spirit named Thalassa, and learning about the conflict from Xiaolin, she's ready to get back in action as the Avatar. A year after Kuvira's defeat, she and Asami broke up, and now she feels attracted to Xiao.

Xiaolin: A Pure Light Spirit created by Raava 20,000 years ago to destroy the Pure Dark Spirits alongside the other Pure Light Spirits. During the Era of Raava, he used the Tree of Time to find the Pure Dark Spirits and send the location to his brothers and sisters. But after Vaatu was imprisoned within the Tree of Time, this became difficult and they had to search the old fashioned way, but many of his siblings were destroyed until only he remained. Xiao resembles a 23-year-old Water Tribe male with blue eyes and black hair, and he wears regular Southern Water Tribe clothes due to having a liking for the South Pole before the Hundred Year War. He is capable of shooting golden spirit blasts from his hands and can manifest golden wings on his back that allow him to fly, but the feathers are his most important feature, for they can purify a Dark Spirit once they make contact. After teaming up with Korra, he feels attracted to her, but the problem is that he never felt the emotion of love before and doesn't know what to do.





Heylin: A Pure Dark Spirit who seeks to avenge Vaatu's defeat by removing Raava from the Avatar so that the Avatar will not be around to stop the spread of chaos in the world. He created the Chaotic Attack and taught it to Hundun and his brother, but after they mastered it, they used a technique that severely weakened Hey and stole much of his power, forcing him to hide in the Spirit World so that the Light Spirits wouldn't destroy him. When Harmonic Convergence came, he regained his lost power and when Hundun and his brother were destroyed by Korra, the power they had stolen from him returned, making him even more powerful. Now he wants more power and is using five spirit shrines that were corrupted during the Hundred Year War to become powerful enough to challenge the Avatar. He possesses the same powers as Xiaolin, but his wings are purple and the feathers corrupt spirits instead of purifying them. He also possesses the power to steal souls and consume them for more power; if the soul is not returned to its host, the body will turn to dust in 24 hours. He lacks any morality. He possesses a calm demeanor outside of battle, during battle, and even when he threatens others as if it's a normal thing.

Thalassa: Female Dark Spirit of Water

Pyros: Dark Spirit of Fire

Terra: Female Dark Spirit of Earth

Storm: Dark Spirit of Air

Phobos: Dark Spirit of Fear

Parasite: Dark Spirit of Famine

Razor: Dark Spirit of Disorder



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