Book 5: Game of Despair
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The Legend of Korra-Chitose Gen Crossover



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March 22, 2014

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Game of Despair

At Metalbending Police Headquarters:

A man wearing a simple suit and with light green hair, along with several chi blocker Equalist bodyguards strolled in, all the lesser police officers bested. The group reached a solitary cell, coming across a man known as "The lieutenant", who sat in his cell undisturbed. The man in the suit then looked down on The Lieutenant and said, "You know, it was a real pain in the ass tracking you down. I'm surprised to hear you gave yourself up, no resistance. Did you lose your drive when you saw your sad excuse of a leader blood bended before your eyes? To know the man whom you respected and shared a common enemy was himself that same enemy you were trying to rid the world of? I feel for ya, but how about giving it another whirl, shake the world to its core, erase bending, and give everyone a clean slate start?" The lieutenant merely looked at the man with utter suspicion, replying, "How am I to know if you are any different than Amon himself? A bender who will just use me for his own ends?" The man stared down the former Equalist for a minute and then laughed maliciously. Then in a crude condescending tone, answered, "I don't want your loyalty! I don't expect you to trust me, or my ideals, or my goals!" The unknown man rolled up his shoulder, revealing an unknown, complex tech. "I will tell you this...I can't bend! What I have doesn't even come from here! All I'll tell you is this...I'll give you your revolution and I get a test run. See, if this little revolution turns out a success, then I will be in a position to do the same thing to my home and give you the run of things, set up the new order as you want...however, I am kind of shorthanded. You knew how Mr. Amon worked, given the time you've spent as his subordinate. I need need me! Without me, you'll just rot, with goals, ideals, dreams unfulfilled in this little box you call your home! I will ask you about giving it another whirl?" The lieutenant looked at the man, deep in reflection. He saw a man who was unlike Amon, this man didn't seem to care about equalizing the world. He saw this man as cruel and calculating, yet brutally honest and forthcoming. He was uncertain to what he truly meant by home, though he decided that he would forever regret it if he did not try realize his long-term goals, finally announcing, "I will come, what is your name, sir?" The man opened the cell, all while answering, "Call me Aero Shinto...but I'm better known as The Negator! Now, grab your gear, I staged a distraction to get you out of here, but it'll only be so long before the bulk of the forces return..."

Twenty-four hours later, on Air Temple Island:

Within the dining hall, a discussion about the Equalists' most recent exploits was taking place. Among them were Lin Beifong, Tenzin, Team Avatar (consisting Korra, Bolin, Mako and Asami), Chireru and Eva. Only Josefubu was absent, saying he had to look into something. Lin had described their being an attack on two fronts. The first was an attempted kidnap of President Raiko, while the second was a raid of the Metalbending Police Headquarters itself, resulting of the release of numerous Equalist supporters, including The Lieutenant and Hiroshi Sato (much to Asami's grief), Lin also told the group, "The officers at Headquarters were a fraction of our forces, as the bulk of our forces were leading the investigation and apprehending those involved in the attempted kidnap. However, from what we were told by the other prisoners who witnessed the break in, the Equalists forces were only a third of the remaining officers, yet were still overpowered. One prisoner, whom we had to interrogate what information he had, stated that their new leader of the Equalists' were among those present. While he couldn't make out the leader's name, he heard the leader refer to himself as "The Negator". We were unable to determine if Amon has returned under a new alias, if this is a new bloodbender, or what abilities this man is capable of, other than the fact that he is unusually quick, lethal and is employing unknown technology." For a moment, all was silent in the dinner hall. Korra was the one to break the silence, "So what? How dangerous could these Equalists be when compared Amon's Equalist movement? Unless their leader could permanently do what Amon couldn't, then we should be able to round up the remnant group before they can cause further commotion." Eva then countered with her own statement, "If this man their leader is employing an unknown tech, then it's possible their new leader could be from where Chireru and I come from. That suggests that either Borero is involved, or someone else whose goals happen to be on par with the Equalist movement. Either way, this person is not to be underestimated." Lin rose to her feet and walked away, stating, "I'll have the police force increase security around Republic City. I won't let this situation escalate in the same manner as the original Equalist Movement had." With that, Lin was no longer in the room. Korra looked around to everyone and asked, "Well? Sounds like a job for Team Avatar. Chireru, Eva, would you like to help us?" Chireru and Eva looked at each other, and then Chireru replied, "I don't see why not. Actually, sounds like fun to me!" At that, Bolin laughed and Asami replied, "You don't take anything seriously, do you?" Korra, satisfied with having two new members, looked to Tenzin and asked if he wanted to join them. Tenzin refused, saying, "I plan to bring my family to a safe location. Once they are safe, I'll assist Lin and the Metalbending Police Force. I have no doubt we will see each other often during this crisis." With that said, Tenzin also left the room. Before anyone said anything, a monster growl had come from Chireru's stomach. With everyone looking at him, Chireru laughed and said, "Ummm...left's eat first. I tend to get sidetracked on an empty stomach." Eva merely replied, "You're hopeless!" Everyone else just laughed...

In a hidden Equalist bunker:

In "Aero Shinto's" secret room, exceptionally hidden, Borero and the new leader spoke. "Alright, Borero! I did as you asked! Using the name of your organization's co-founder's name as an alias, I gathered the scattered Equalist group! Are you sure this will lure out the Avatar? What about your brothers?!" Borero, or rather a mist copy generated by Borero's sword Raijin, said, "I know full well, but your still using the experimental technology you refined over the years, The Negator Gauntlet and The Synchronizer Gauntlet. With those along with you great agility, you should be able to hold your own against either Chireru, a Kekkai State user or the Avatar, who bends all the elements. Just do what needs doing, and when we return to the other side, our world, you will have it all. You will be the warlord you always wanted to be, Mr. Eon Kuroi-Shinzō. I'll cause a bit of noise myself to make things easier. Just keep in mind...the price of failure." The mist copy dissipated, Eon grumbled irritably, "Damn punk, to "important" to face me directly...what power does to a man." He left the retreat of his hidden room and continued planning his next plan of action in his office.

Within an apartment in Republic City, after awakening from his swords' mist projection, he noticed his brother Josefubu standing directly behind him, leaning on the wall. Borero chuckled, maliciously saying, "Well, what brings my dear brother, the immortal observer Josefubu, to what I call Home?" Josefubu, calm and serious, retorted, "Just making sure you aren't on some killing spree. When it comes to you, there is always some measure of blood spilt." Borero pointed his sword at Josefubu's throat, replying in an arrogant tone, "My dear brother is it so hard to believe I've been a good little boy? Well, I had to be. Otherwise, if I behaved the way I normally behaved..." he said as he drew a small amount of blood from Josefubu,"...Nobody would have been willing to teach me earthbending or firebending. I had to change my identity a few times so I wouldn't be recognized as the same person. " Josefubu just drew a smile, "It just gets under your skin...that one of the people you want dead is standing before you and you can't kill him. So, only two bending arts? I figured you would know every art save for airbending." Borero also got serious. "Actually...I DO know all bending arts save airbending. For the record, once my powers as the Resonance Trigger are fully realized, than I can and will kill the likes of you! I'll be able to take my powers further than the first Trigger and all because he himself never thought of fusing with Vaatu!" Taking a step to the side and ignoring the small cut, Josefubu cautiously asked, "What are you planning? How do you hope to learn airbending without a willing teacher!?!" Borero just smiled, "I bet it's eating you inside? Knowing that your little Shingan can't pierce my soul! To be unable to gain insight of what's to come? Good! Live your life in despair, for soon you won't have a life to live, not when I'm done with you!" Josefubu left within seconds, teleporting to his other brother to give him what little information he had learned...

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