Origin of firebending mural Zuko, something happened to Book 4 - Blood in the last hundred years.

This fanon has been discontinued, but is still available to read for your enjoyment.

The idea of the fanon Avatar: The Last Airbender - Book 4 - Blood is to continue the story of the Avatar: The Last Airbender series. If there was a continued series, many fans would expect to see "Book 4 - Air", but I added a little twist to the title and added "Blood", and Blood is a sub-element of Waterbending. One of the greatest and most creative fanons contributed to this series of all time.

Main Story

It is nine months after the war since the Fire Nation was defeated and the Southern Water Tribe's population of Waterbenders grew and Fire Lord Zuko was a respected leader of his nation. Azula and Ozai were being held in prison at the Boiling Rock with 0% chance of escape. After those nine months of peace, a new threat was being in the process to attempt to build a Renegade Fire Nation and continue the war.

Katara became an allied soldier of the Kyoshi Warriors and even helped rebuild the Water Tribes by creating "The Water Tribe Of Kyoshi", which was an opinional squad for members of the group to learn Waterbending, for Waterbenders, or just support the Water Tribe in general. Katara and Ty Lee became good friends over the months.

Toph Beifong was speaking in an important meeting with Fire Lord Zuko if she could share Ember Island for a new sub-nation to the Earth Kingdom and Fire Nation known as the "Metal Nation", where Toph was the first and only leader of the "Metal Nation" at the time and she would be known as the "Metal Lord". It appears that the next leader of the Metal Nation would be a member of the Beifong family, but its doubtful her parents had any rights to the ownership of the nation. Toph tought many elite Earthbenders (who would later after being trained would be enlisted in her army) how to Metalbend and that's who became her army. She even tought them how to make their own armour by Metalbending. Their amour was very basic, the Metalbending soldiers of her amour wore nothing but metal over them, which made them very hard to kill.

Avatar Aang was becoming a more powerful Avatar after the months, he learned "Bloodbending" from Katara, and learned "Metalbending" from Metal Lord Toph. When he confronted Katara about the question if she could train him Bloodbending, it was a hard choice for her but she agreed since Aang was going to use it as a power for the next Avatar(s) to use in the Avatar State. There are not a lot of details on him learning Metalbending from Toph.

Another adventure that was being taken place during this time was when Aang and Zuko traveled to the Western Air Temple to learn how to blast Fireballs out of their heads using Firebending just like Combustion Man (Spark Sparky Boom Man) but searching in the lower parts of the temple searching for his remains. They found his skeleton and next to it was his metal arm where in the inside of it they found a scroll on how to use his Firebending power where he shots Fire missiles out of his head. Together, the Fire Lord and Avatar learned this advanced power together.

War Minister Qin asked former soon-to-be Fire Lord Azula's Dai Li agents were going and they replied "we were banished sir", the War Minister replied back "come with me, I have a plan if the Fire Nation losses the war". It is not known were they went to talk about a plan.

Qin's ultimate plan was to hunt down Fire Nation citizen's they still believed in Fire Lord Ozai's beliefs in the war, and the Dai Li would teach them Earthbending, as this is what influenced their name to be the "Earth Of Ozai", a group of Fire Nation soldiers that Earthbend. The "Earth Of Ozai" traveled to Wan Shi Tong's Library and used the agents to get part of the towers of the library out of the sand and together they busted the top roof out and when they leaped down into the library, Wan Shi Tong told the "humans", "get out of my library", after he said that the Dai Li cuffed the giant Spirit with Earthbending and them threw him down to the buttom of the library. Qin ordered to kill everybody else in the library, but he shouted "Stop!" when he found Professor Zei. They corrupted the Ba Sing Se professor and trained him Earthbending. He was used as a corrupted assassin for the "Earth Of Ozai" army wearing Phoenix King amour, like the other citizens that joined.

Professor Zei was the only corrupted member of the "Earth Of Ozai". He was sent on a secret mission to assassinate every soldier in Omashu and the only reason why he failed was because something happened to his corrupted mind and he remembered who he was, so he went back to the "Earth Of Ozai" occupied Library and killed many Dai Li agents, possibly buried them in the sand. The "Earth Of Ozai" continued to use the knownledge in the library for building their fort.

The Professor knew the right prison to get in contact with about this and traveled Ba Sing Se and found Avatar Aang. After he told him them information, Aang told Sokka and Suki that they were in a whole lot of trouble, and that "There's a renengade Fire Nation in the desert that must be stopped". Sokka thought that Aang was kidding but Aang told him that he really wasn't, Professor was the proof.

Zei told them all about it, their armour, their plan, their name, everything. Fire Lord Zuko had a war meeting with a few select Generals that were invited to the meeting from the other nations, and they talked about the plan that were going to use and how they must be stopped. Fire Lord Zuko's girlfriend, Mai was willing to go to battle with them but Zuko didn't want her to go but she found a way to get by. They planned that during the battle, they would steal the War Minister's "Drill" plans and use the drill for support against capturing the Library fort, and use Mai's knifing skills as extra support to cut through the walls. The Kyoshi Warriors would Chi Block the Earthbending Phoenix King styled soldiers out, and would later sneak into their fort and steal their brand new Phoenix King amour. Suki would give Ty Lee orders to excute specific targets, and Katara would use her squad of "Water Tribe Of Kyoshi" to keep watch on the back of the Library to keep an eye on Earth Of Ozai soldiers from escaping. The "Water Tribe Of Kyoshi" wore the brand new Phoenix King amour from the inside of the fort to trick enemies into thinking they were on the same side.

Aang went into the fort and captured the War Minister and "Bloodbended" him to the Yuyan Archers where the archers took him back to a local Earth Kingdom prison and there he was there probably for some good time. It is said the Dai Li agents were not supporters of "Earth Of Ozai" and were only in it for the money, once they got some money they left, not caring about the plan. The Earth Of Ozai soldiers were killed, but to make sure none existed, Aang blasted a large Fire Missile out of his arrow which put the library to rumble, since a few soldiers could have survived when the Metal Nation's elite soldiers beat them up with their armour.

Author Of "Book 4 - Blood"

You can just call the author of the fanon Book 4 - Blood, 'Papoose.' This is just a little bit of what should be in a Book 4 - Blood of Avatar: The Last Airbender. I, the author of this fanon understand that this is very incomplete, but this fanon article gives you a whole idea of what a scene would be like in a Book 4 - Blood plus it has all of the characters in it and it explains a lot of their life nine months after the war. I hope you enjoy, and please comment and give your feedback, thanks!

Author: Papoose
Fanon Story Name: Avatar: The Last Airbender - Book 4 - Blood
Year: 9 months after the war

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