Book 4: Chireru's Bending; Korra's Kekkai State
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Book 4: Chireru's bending; Korra's Kekkai State:

The group entered the physical world through the South Pole portal. The five were surrounding by the restored forest and the southern lights beaming in the skies. Chireru gazed up by the celestial lights, simply in awe, "That's so amazing! It's just like the phenomenon of lights that emanated continuously at the World's End!" Neither Mako nor Korra understood what he spoke about, but Korra just went on to casually explain, "It is one of the effects of leaving the portals opened, though I agree it is a sight to be admired." Though after she said that she just thought of something else, "I just remembered...only Tenzin knows where we are. I didn't leave any hints of my staying in the Spirit World for meditation." Before Josefubu stepped forward, Mako responded to Korra's reaction, "Actually, that isn't a problem. Bolin and Asami know we're here, and I had them come here once every few days in case you wanted to return either home or to Republic City. All I have to do is signal them with firebending, if today happens to be one of those days..." Mako launched the breathe of fire bending technique into the air with force. After five or ten minutes of waiting around, a new design of the signature police airship had appeared above them. As the airship neared the tip of the trees, one of the side panels opened up, revealing a new sort of ladder design being released from opened panel. Then, Bolin in typical high spirits, shouted from the panel entrance of the airship, "Hey Korra! Mako! What have you guys been up to? Come on up! Asami's new ladder attachment is safe!" Josefubu chuckled a bit, "That fellow seems enthusiastic, and who is he?" Mako sighed calmly, stating, "That is my brother Bolin." After that, everyone began climbing up the ladder attachment, one by one. After everyone finished climbing up, Korra noticed there was only one who didn't climb up yet. Taking notice, Eva looked down and saw Chireru just standing there smiling. Chireru merely shouted, "Just observing the ship! It's a nice design! Old man Jack would have appreciated it!" Annoyed, Eva shouted, "Your brother is loose and your taking in the view!?! Have you any sense of responsibility?!" Eva just pulled the ladder up, much to everyone's surprise. However, moments later, Chireru had jumped into the opened panel. "Geez, I would've just used the ladder..." Bolin, though confused, didn't seem at all deterred from his laid back self, "Hey, who are these guys? New friends of sorts?" Thinking Eva as cute, his optimism started to work against at the moment. "And you are..." Eva turned her attention to him. Giggled and said, "Engaged to him, truth be told..." She pointed to Chireru, who was just as laid back looking as Bolin. "...Though you call me Eva. My fiancé is Chireru and the silent one there is his brother Josefubu. A pleasure to meet you, umm, Bolin was it?" As the panel closed, Korra cut short the introduction, "Bolin, something has come up. Let's go meet up with Asami so I can tell you what is happening." Bolin took the lead, "Okay, she is piloting the airship." After a few moments, they reached the cockpit, the design somewhat different than of the typical Police airship. At the helm was Asami, who took notice of her guests. Chireru was the most intrigued, looking around at the interior in admiration. Asami quickly replied in earnest, "This is a prototype version. The production version will be used for multipurpose services that includes a public transport variant, an evacuation variant and a new police variant that allows for bending and non-bending individuals to use, though the latter will be exclusive to the metalbending police force." Chireru observed the craftsmanship of the interior and said, "I could learn a thing or two from this design!" Satisfied, Asami turned to Korra and said, "Welcome back, Korra. Did you find your answer in the Spirit World?" Judging by her question, Korra knew Mako must've told her the extent of her reason to meditate under the Tree of Time. She wasn't mad at him. This time she was rather grateful because at the moment Team Avatar was now needed together once again. "Actually, I have my answer. An avatar is still needed as an example to prove that people and spirits can live peacefully and work together. If I denounce my role, what's to stop spirits and people from engaging in needless conflict? That's why until the day I leave this world, I won't give up my Avatar role. Especially once you know about the trouble we have to deal with now..." Korra told Bolin and Asami of the events leading up til now. Bolin childishly complained, "Oh man...why can't we ever catch a break. One Unalaq was enough for one lifetime!" Josefubu kept his calm demeanor, "Borero doesn't have a strong spiritual connection. He does however have a wild amount of spiritual power within, Dark Avatar or not, and has an insane amount of physical strength when compared to Chireru or I. Fortunately, we have stroke of good luck...for the time it'll take for him to master his powers, we will be prepared..." Once he finished, he pulled a scroll from his robes, "What I'm about to do is a one-time thing. I'm only allowed to teach or observe, but I think I'll take advantage of Resonance..." Josefubu activated Shingan and looked Korra in the eyes and within seconds, he obtained information via memories and returned his eyes to a natural state. "Okay! I know now where we're going." He opened the scroll revealing a blank scroll. Josefubu touched it once and chanted, "Jìnzhǐ yìshù: Kōngjiān fǎshù bānqiān. (forbidden art: Space relocation spell)" Within moments, 空間搬遷法術 appeared onto scroll. For everyone but Josefubu who maintained contact from the scroll, they were rendered unconscious by the force of the spell... Sometime later, everyone began to regain their consciousness. Chireru shook his head complaining, "Give us some warning when you're casting!" Josefubu just stood up and said, "In any case, I think we're here..." Korra, Mako, Bolin and Asami looked out the cockpit window, utterly amazed by Josefubu as they recognized Air Temple Island. Bolin, truly excited, went asked, "Is there any way you could teacher me to do that?" Josefubu took out another scroll and opened it and asked him to read it. After a moment, Bolin gave in and said, "How do you expect me to read it?" Josefubu closed it and said, "Those are one of our clans' sacred scrolls. I'm currently the only one who could read it." Chireru looked to Korra and said, "I'd like to start training as soon as possible." Korra had leaded the way, with everyone following...

One month has passed since then...

Midday, standing in front of the airbending gates, was Chireru, currently in his 3rd stage Kekkai and wearing attire of an airbending practitioner as well as an arm brace seal, Josefubu, Tenzin and Meelo. Chireru said with earnest resolve, "Alright, may we give it another try? I think I might be able to do it this time." Tenzin activated the rotating gates with his airbending. Without his Shingan activate, Chireru began to maneuver through the rotating gates. He reached the other end without touching the gates, and then used airbending to deactivate the gate. Chireru walked to the others, saying, "I finally did it...took me a week, but I did it!" Tenzin looked genuinely impressed, "It seems like your diligence paid off. Your airbending isn't master level, but you've proven a strong proficiency for airbending in such a short amount of time." Chireru thanked Tenzin for teaching him, then eased off his Kekkai state, and then tried it again in his normal state, only to fail miserably. Tenzin shock his head in disapproval, Meelo was laughing his butt off and his brother sighed and began to lecture him, "Chireru...your bending art the way you are now is fire. Even if you use what you committed to memory in your Kekkai State, the result will be the same. In any case, you have successfully gained a proficiency in all four bending arts individually. Let's go see how much further Korra's training has progresses since you assigned her that homework you gave her to master spiritually manifesting her abilities..." As soon as he said that, a spirit in the form of adult flying bison circled above them, Chireru looked at it in awe, "This is Eva's Spirit Recreation Technique...but she never created anything like this! It is way outside her characteristic parameters. That must mean..." The flying bison spirit went to the open area for which airbending training normally took place and landed next to Korra, Eva, Ikki and Jinora, who also took interest in Eva's technique. Tenzin watched as Ikki and Jinora were petting the spirit. He then asked Korra, "Was it you who made this spirit, Korra?" Though somewhat exhausted, maintained her headstrong attitude, "Yeah, but I didn't think it could be that hard to master. Actually Eva's training was much refined than Chireru's! In fact, if it wasn't for Eva, I don't even think that his training would have made any sense!" At that, everyone laughed, even Chireru, though he managed to say, "I'll take that into account when I try to teach someone...I didn't think I was teacher material to begin with..." Stretching, Chireru walking away saying, "I'm taking a break for an hour! After that, we finish our final leg of training..."

One hour has passed, and everyone was gathered, with Korra and Chireru, now in his original attire, standing face to face. Chireru then asked, "Would you like to start, or shall I?" Korra thoughtfully said, "You can start, I want to see if you can bend all elements at once." Chireru warned everyone, "I recommend stepping back one step. Korra, enter your Avatar State." Everyone but Josefubu backed up, creating a strong spiritual barrier to protect everyone. Jumping as high as possible, Chireru let loose his spiritual power to its maximum, his sword converted into a spiritual entity as did his body, revealing four different spirit souls, converging into a single form...Chireru's form instantly emerged, outpouring raw spirit energy, manifesting spirit-like wings. Then Chireru gathered all the outpoured spirit energy and condensed it into his body. Chireru looked down on Korra, who withstood the spiritual energy outpouring through a mix of the Avatar State and Chireru's teachings of withstanding such spiritual force. Chireru announced with several voices encompassing his own, "This form is the power of four souls into one...Shikon Chireru. " He displayed his ability to bend each element individually, while stronger than an ordinary bender, it wasn't Avatar level. Chireru asked Korra, "Are there any techniques that allow for bending all four at once?" Speaking in her Avatar State, her voice encompassed with Raava's, had said, "There is one, but it may be dangerous. If you can bend all four elements at once, there isn't danger. Do you want to go through with this?" Chireru looked down with a smile, "The greater the risk, the greater the reward!" Korra, giving Chireru what he wanted, used the elemental sphere on Chireru, the same ability Korra intended to use to reseal Vaatu during Harmonic Convergence. Chireru, activating his Akuma Shingan in response, observed the spiritual capability of the sphere, concluding that, if need be, he could use one hundred percent of his power to break free, but decided to try bending to undo the sphere. Initially having no success, much to Eva's worry, Chireru took a deep breathe, recalling every shred of his individual bending training exercises. Expanding his mental energies to their absolute max, he began to attempt bending the elemental sphere, at first he bended the fire portion, following earth and water, and after a few minutes of difficulty, also bended the air, bending each element of the elemental sphere, albeit with immense difficulty. The mental strain proving too much, Chireru reverted to his normal form and would've landed head first if Korra, also in her normal state didn't use airbending to cushion his fall. Breathing heavily, he tried to get up, but lost his balance and fell over, as everyone rushed over to him. Eva, who was by far more the most worried. Chireru struggle to say, "Geez...just real dizzy, and my head hurts. Best not to try that again." With speed and precision, Eva used a Master-level technique of the spirit recreation technique, creating a sort of soul fragment and introduced it into Chireru. Seconds later Chireru got to his feet, much to everyone's (besides Josefubu and Eva) surprise. Korra and Jinora were particularly impressed. Josefubu looked at Chireru with grim honesty, "I saw what you did. You over loaded yourself trying to use and maintain all four bending elements, Shingan and Kekkai State all at once. Try to use some restraint when you do things!" Chireru just said, "No need to worry. Korra, it's your turn." Korra jokingly asked, "Should I expect something similar to happen to me?" Chireru said, "I don't think're just learning to activate a Kekkai State. I had to practice bending all the a Kekkai form, though that won't be a problem for you, being the Avatar and all. Let's get started." Everyone backed up once again. Chireru activated his Shingan and stepped away from Korra and told her, "I have a plan!" He picked up his Kusanagi sword and collected a small portion of his spirit energy and another's'. Picking up on the others source, Korra shouted, "Why do I sense my spiritual energies mixed in?!" Chireru, impressed with how much she improved from training with him and Eva, "I see you mastered the ability to identify an individual's spirit essence! It's true I copied a small portion of your life energy, but it's only for the purpose of jumpstarting your own Kekkai State. For that reason, use what you learned to catch this attack and hold it until I tell you to activate your Avatar State. Do you think you can do that?" Despite not understanding the meaning behind his request, she can him she was ready. With that, Chireru released his "Espada Bombarda" at Korra. Doing as instructed, she caught the attack with both hands and used her spirit energy to hold it in place. Ten minutes had passed and it was starting to become tiring to hold it without her Avatar State. Without giving any hint or warning, Chireru urged her to use her Avatar State. Doing as instructed, she entered the Avatar State with a positive, yet unintended effect for Korra. Raava's Spiritual energies manifested itself and began absorbing Korra's copied spirit essence from within the espada bombarda. After absorbing those energies and combining them with Korra's reserve energies and Raava's newly released energies, it finally took the form of a spirit cloak. Now, with relative ease, Korra dissipated what was left of Chireru's energy attack with little effort. Korra observed this form with great interest, and then asked Chireru, "How did you know this would happen?" Chireru slyly retorted, "Cuz this was how Ryu-sensei and Eva activated my first form in a similar manner. Your Kekkai State is going to need a name. Any ideas?" Deactivating her new form, she had decided on its name..."Raava's Cloak" Korra. Then out of nowhere and with great vigor, one of the Air Acolytes came rushing over declaring, "They're back! The Equalists...they just revealed themselves at Republic City as the Equalists' Remnant!"


  • Josefubu's forebidden art was (in this instance) Chinese. The case for this is that Amakuni Clan sacred scrolls are derived from various languages rather than an individual language, hence the fact that Chireru or Borero, despite being of the same clan, cannot read or utilize them.

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