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February 5, 2011

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Book 3 Chapter 1 (Azula's Mysterious Plan)

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Aang reflects on Wan Shi Tong's advice and has a shocking confrontation with Azula. In the mortal world, the White Lotus healer helps Katara recover.

Book 3 Chapter 2: Azula's New Power

Aang clambered over a high tree root as he made his way back through the forest away from Wan Shi Tong's library. His mind was spinning; if there was no way for him to come back to life, then there had to be another way they could remove Azula's powers.

He racked his brain for some detail he may have missed that could help him, but again his mental search came up empty. Even if Azula were to be killed, she would simply be reborn and in a matter of years her siege of terror would continue. The only way for this to end would be for Aang to be alive when she died. That would return the reincarnation cycle to him, and end her reign of Avatar-fueled destruction. But according to Wan Shi Tong, that was impossible...

Aang was violently jolted from his thoughts when a large beam of blue light illuminated his surroundings and an enormous inhuman scream rippled through the trees and pierced the natural silence like a knife. Aang dropped to the ground and covered his ears with his hands as the trees around him were uprooted one by one by the sonic assault. The noise was earsplitting, and against impossible odds seemed to be growing louder with every passing second. With a surge of unimaginable force, Aang was lifted into the air by the sound and thrust forward along with the rest of the forest.

He screamed and shielded his eyes as he tumbled down toward the ground. He slammed headfirst into the dirt and frantically grappled around with his arms, trying to steady himself. Then, suddenly, as quickly as the sound had began, it simply ceased without a trace.

Aang shakily rose to his feet and gazed around in disbelief. The entire forest was destroyed, laying in clumps and piles all around him. Trees were uprooted and strewn every which way. Then a single, barely visible speck of blue heat whizzed past his peripheral vision and in another moment the entire remains of the forest was on fire. Aang screamed, but his cries were cut short when a giant cascade of water crashed down upon him from above. He was crushed against the ground with the great torrent of rushing water, and he was unable to move. When it finally stopped pouring, he once again shakily stood up, this time finding himself face to face with Hei Bai, the friendly forest spirit he had met during his travels.

"Hei Bei, did you do this?" Aang exclaimed. "You destroyed this forest! Do you even know what you just did?"

"I don't think this spirit has a clue what it just did," called a maniacal voice. Azula leaped off of Hei Bai's back and straightened up to face the Avatar.

"Another perk," Azula crowed, "of my new powers. I can command these spirits to do whatever I want. What a wonderful thing to discover." Her eye twitched and she giggled madly.

Oh, no, Aang thought. He had never heard of this side effect of the Elemental Amulets. Why would the original Avatar have wanted control over the Spirits? He didn't have the answer, but if Azula could control the spirits then how could they possibly defeat her? He couldn't fight her now. He didn't have his bending.

And then Aang remembered that he was a spirit too..

"If only this power could work with humans as well." She sighed. "But then again, you're not human, are you?" Aang took a fearful step back as Azula realized, "I killed you back in that disgusting temple, and your spirit has traveled here. So if I were to touch you..."

"No...NO! Get away!"

As Katara slowly regained consciousness she became aware that a crowd of people surrounded her. She struggled to open her eyes, but a soft female voice advised her to keep them closed. Preferring to comply rather than cause any unnecessary trouble in this unknown place, Katara resolved to evaluate her surroundings by using her other senses.

She smelled salt in the air and heard the rushing of waves in the distance...and then with a sudden flash she remembered everything. Ignoring the protests of the healer, and fueled with a sudden determination by her recollected memories, Katara exclaimed, "We need to find Ursa!"

Several White Lotus guards shifted uneasily and shot each other nervous glances. How did this girl know about her? No one outside of the higher Order was supposed to know Ursa's whereabouts.

"Come," Iroh said to Katara, offering her his hand when she slumped back over in her weakened state, "I'll explain on the way."

"No!" Aang cried. "Get back!" He stumbled backward and tripped on an upturned root. Azula leered down at him as she took several crooked steps forward. Aang quickly scuttled back to his feet and sprinted away from her as fast as she could. But when he heard the sound of her maniacal cackling growing louder and louder he knew she was in close pursuit...

"You can't run from me forever, Avatar," Azula cooed. "And when I get my hands on you you'll fall under my control and do whatever I say." She extended her arm farther and Aang sped up to avoid her grasp. "Oh, how I enjoy the powers that these amulets have given me. My uncle Iroh always used to speak about destiny, though naturally I never believed a word of it. But maybe the old man was right about a few things here and there, because my destiny will change the world..."

Author's Note

Sorry it took a little longer than usual to get this chapter out. I've been really busy with school...

In other news, this fanon has been featured in the Ba Sing Se Times!! Thank you to everyone who has read my fanon. You guys really are the best!

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