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Worlds Collide
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Azula's Mysterious Plan



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Book 3 Chapter 10 (Azula's Mysterious Plan)

Series Recap

In Book 1, Azula united the four legendary Elemental Amulets created by the very first Avatar and gained the powers of the Avatar. She used her newfound powers to kill Aang, and then went on a rampage of destruction.

In Book 2, the Avatar gang caught up with Azula, and Katara and Sokka followed her into the Spirit World. There, they encountered Aang, who told Sokka that Zuko's mother, Ursa, held the key to saving both the Spirit and mortal worlds. He returned to Earth and took the gang to Whale Tail Island, the location of the Order of the White Lotus's headquarters. Meanwhile, Katara met with her mom and Aang met with Gyatso. Both learned that their work was not yet done, and they both needed to return to Earth to help stop Azula. Aang sent Katara back to Earth while he contemplated how he could return to life.

In Book 3, it was revealed that the Order of the White Lotus was created in honor of the Spirit of Peace, a bird spirit called the White Lotus. Ursa gave the gang a mystical necklace that allowed them to travel to the Spirit World and meet with this spirit, who told them that all they would need to do to remove Azula's Avatar powers would be to gather and destroy the Spirit Amulets, the Spirit World counterparts of the earthly amulets that originally gave her her powers (Neither set can exist without the other, so destroying one set would inevitably destroy both and remove her powers). Azula then arrived and killed the Spirit of Peace, which threw the Spirit World out of balance and began to tear it apart. As both the mortal and Spirit Worlds began to crumble, the gang assembled the four Spirit Amulets. However, before they could destroy them, Azula once again got in the way of their plans, with her army of possessed spirits. In a last ditch attempt, Zuko unleashed a powerful fire attack at the amulets just as a group of angry possessed spirits attacked him with a barrage of sonic energy, leaving his fate (and the fate of the mortal and Spirit Worlds) uncertain...


Aang goes on the offensive against Azula, and the Spirits continue their attack against Zuko. When their attack finally ends, the result shocks everyone...

Book 3 Finale: Worlds Collide, Part 1: The End of the World

Azula's blazing blue fire attack
Worlds Collide, Part 1: The End of the World
Chapter information

Azula's Mysterious Plan





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February 19, 2011

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Fanon:Book 3 Chapter 10 (Azula's Mysterious Plan)

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Fanon:Book 3 Chapter 12 (Azula's Mysterious Plan)

Azula roared with laughter as her brother was consumed by the ball of fire and energy. "It's finished!" she cried. "You have all failed for the final time. You're outmatched, outnumbered, and today, you're finally all going to die."

Everyone watched as the spirits continued their incessant sonic attack. The explosion grew ever more massive, and Toph took a step backward as Aang charged at Azula in rage. The princess soared into the air and watched the affair with glee while Aang leapt into the air to follow her.

"You'll pay for this!" he screamed. He felt himself slipping into the Avatar State and he allowed the feeling to overwhelm him. He was already dead and he no longer had the reincarnation cycle to worry about, so those risks were out of the picture. His eyes emitted a brilliant white light that spread down the arrows along his body. As the endless power filled his being, he tightened his fists and bared his teeth. He had never heard of a spirit dying after it had already died, so he had no idea what would happen to him if he lost this fight. But it didn't matter. With the power of all his past lives coursing through his body, he was unstoppable.

Angry Aang in Avatar State

Aang lets himself fall into the Avatar State.

Azula fluttered backward in shock. She turned around and flew off at a great speed, but it was no use. Aang had caught up with her in an instant. He brought down his hand and a gust of wind slapped her in the face. She spun to the ground but steadied herself just before making contact with the Earth.

"You forget, Avatar," she spat as she turned to glare back up at him. "You can't touch me. As long as you're a spirit, if you touch me then I can control you!"

Aang had momentarily forgotten about his. He flipped backwards in the air to avoid her outstretched fingertips as she shot back up toward him. He descended to the ground and broke into a run. She had caught up to him, but he activated the Avatar State again and struck her with a salvo of large rocks.

The moment her body hit the floor, the spirits finally ceased their attack. The dust around where Zuko had stood slowly began to clear.

"I don't believe it!" Toph exclaimed. "How is that possible?"

Everyone watched as the dust cleared and they saw just what Toph had been referring to. Standing, proud as ever and completely unhurt, was Zuko.

Azula lifted her head from the ground and observed the figure of her brother standing alive in the midst of the destruction. "NO!" she screamed. "It's not possible. There's no way you could have survived!"

Zuko raised his fists and punched at his sister, who rolled to the side to avoid his fire and then used fire of her own to propel herself toward him.

"If you're a spirit, then that means that I can control you now!" she roared as she gained speed. Zuko stood still, allowing his sister to place a firm hand on his shoulder. She sneered and cackled as she stared into his unblinking eyes.

"You always were the better Firebender," Zuko said calmly. "But you don't have the discipline required for the other elements. This fight ends now." With that, Zuko grasped his sister's wrist and flung her into the air. With a fierce cry backing his attack, he used Airbending to leap into the air after her and struck her squarely in the chest with his foot. She gasped in pain as she plummeted to the floor again.

"How?" she asked weakly as she again dragged her ragged body to a standing position. "How is this possible?"

"Wait!" Suki cried desperately from the sidelines. "Where are the amulets?"

Zuko smiled modestly and patted his chest. "In here."

Azula glared at him, clearly not amused, as he explained. "That spirit attack did everything that my Firebending couldn't do...and more. It blasted the Spirit Amulets to smithereens. But your spirits attacked me from all sides, and the massive energy from the destroyed amulets had nowhere to go but straight into me." He turned to address his sister and continued, "You still have your bending because the energy inside the amulets wasn't allowed to dissipate, but now you're not the only one with power over the elements. And today, little sister, I will finally be the better bender."

Azula's blue fire jets

Azula charges at Zuko in rage.

Tears formed in her eyes. Bested by her brother...again! The indecency! She couldn't allow it...she wouldn't allow it! With a surge of fury, she summoned the elements around her and charged at Zuko. Without skipping a beat, he followed suit and the two Avatars charged toward each other. Their energies met, and a burst of power was released that expanded outward and consumed the entire realm.

Strips of energy tore through the air, tearing holes in the dimension as entire sections of the ground shook loose and tumbled downward into the nothingness of the void between the mortal and Spirit Worlds.

Katara screamed in surprise and agony as the ground beneath her feet fell away and she plummeted into the infinite blackness. With a shout, Aang dove into the ground after her as Suki too was dropped into the blackness...

Hei Bai stopped and turned just in time to be hit with a massive blow of wind and energy. Blinding white light filled the entire Spirit World at once, and Sokka was violently thrust from the panda's hide as the entire world broke apart in one blinding paroxysm of energy and force. In the blink of an eye, the Spirit World was gone from existence...

Author's Note

Uploading this chapter again took a lot longer than I had anticipated, so sorry for the fifty millionth time lately. I've decided to add pictures throughout the four finale chapters to strengthen the impact of the events as the story comes to a close. So the chapters WILL be up soon, but I won't give any definitive dates because I can't be sure when. I can't see it taking longer than another week to get the rest of them out though... *crosses fingers*.'d you like this chapter?

P.S. That series recap was actually pretty difficult to write. I tried to make it pretty thorough while weeding through all the events that don't really apply any more (Book 1 stuff mostly). If you can think of anything I should add/take out from it just let me know. Happy reading!

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