Book 3: Teachers
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The Legend of Korra-Chitose Gen Crossover



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March 9, 2014

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Book 3: Teachers

From the other end of the space-time dimension hole, Chireru and Eva entered the Leylines, an infinite space of oddities and data. The two looked all around, but couldn't find what they were looking for. "Where do you think that door Borero made is?" Eva had asked Chireru.

Scratching his head for moment, Chireru simply said, "I'm gonna try something..." With that, Chireru activated his Shingan "Soul's Eye", for a split second he looked back and forth. Then just like that he glared to the left, retorting, "It's faint but I feel Borero's presence, or what's left of it in any case." Chireru grabbed Eva's hand and with a burst of raw spiritual energy, he rushed and rushed, to where the dimension door Borero had created and, without stopping and thinking, jumped in with Eva...

In the Spirit World, just as Korra and Mako were ready to leave, they took notice of two more people coming out of the same resonance portal that the Dark Avatar came out of. The women landed gracefully on her feet, while her male companion happened to land flat on his butt. Korra and Mako looked at them in disbelief, as the woman told the man, "Well next time you won't be an ignorant fool who just rushes into things. I swear, you may have the highest recorded spiritual connection of our time, but you still act like a total buffoon!" When she finished lecturing Chireru, she studied her surroundings and noticed Korra and Mako. Easygoing and carefree, she went on to say, "Umm, hi! I'm Eva Shinto and this is my idiot fiancé Chireru Amakuni. You wouldn't mind if you could tell us where we are?"

Seeing that these two were more ordinary compared to the man claiming to be the Dark Avatar, Korra went on to say, "This happens to be the Spirit World. Could you explain about how you came to be here? You entered here from a different portal from the one connected to the physical world?"

Mako quickly asked Korra, "Are you sure we can trust them? They came out of the same portal as that Borero guy."

Korra smiled to Mako and told him, "Something tells me that these two aren't like that other guy who passed through."

Picking up on their conversation Chireru inquisitively asked, "Judging by your conversation, Borero was here recently. I happen to be his older brother. I don't know how he made that portal, other than the fact that he did so by becoming something called a 'Dark Avatar'. I'd like to give chase, but as I know nothing of Avatars..."

Korra immediately stopped him mid-sentence and answered his question, "An Avatar has the power to control the four elements and is supposed to be the bridge between the physical and spirit least until recently. Now that the two worlds are linked together, I'm uncertain as to what role the Avatar has to play."

Chireru looked at her thoughtfully then quickly answered back, "Judging by the way you explained it, I'm guessing you yourself happen to be an Avatar, am I right?" Korra gave a silent nod. Chireru then continued to say, "Linked or not, there is always a need for a bridge of the physical and the spiritual. It is the absolute proof that the two are capable of co-existing, so don't doubt yourself. The problem we must deal with now is my brother. It's troubling because he has a single-minded goal of taking revenge on me, for not being the heir to our clan." As Chireru finished his words, one more person came from the resonance portal, Chireru's other brother Josefubu.

The newcomer saw the four together and smiled, "Good! The two persons required to fix this problem are here now. Chireru, and the Avatar, there is something I must say. Borero is not merely the Dark Avatar."

Chireru looked at him perplexed and Korra questioningly asked, "What else is he?" The observer sat down, looking up at the group:

"According to Ryu's own sensei, who has been around since Xegia, the man Ryu reincarnated from, there has been a Resonance once before. The man who became the first Resonance Trigger came here and freed Raava and Vaatu once, long before any avatar existed. The two spirits clashed, and because humanity here was in its early stages, it fell to Xegia to set things right. Because Xegia was both man and god, his great power returned the light and dark spirits into a singular form, defeated this 'Trigger' by banishing his physical form and separated what was not to be together. For this dimension, it wasn't until a period of a great many years that man learned to bend the elements and gained spiritual enlightenment, which led to the advent of the Avatar. Now however, a second Resonance has occurred, and Borero has become both Dark Avatar and Resonance Trigger. The fact that he is not here means that Borero has learned patience as well as discretion and is seeking to master the two powers previously outside his grasp, Bending and Kekkai State."

When Josefubu finished his tale, he gave a warning, "When that happens, neither you Chireru, in your KS4: Shikon Chireru form nor you Korra, in your Avatar State will be capable of stopping him. Therefore, you both must teach each other what you both lack. Chireru...teach Korra to wield her spiritual abilities into a Kekkai State form. Meanwhile, Korra, you must teach Chireru to bend the four elements. My theory is that, while Chireru cannot wield an Avatar's power, because Chireru houses within him four souls, each individual soul has an element of its own, allowing his Shikon Chireru form to wield all four elements at once..."

Chireru and Korra looked each other in the eyes for a moment, then held his hand out for the gesture of a handshake, "If what my brother just said is true, then it looks like we're both gonna be teachers for each other!"

Taking cue, Korra shook his hand saying, "I've never heard of a non-Avatar learning the four elements, but I guess this is the course left to us."

Chireru when asked, "Where would the best place for teaching and training be, by the way?" Chireru looked to Eva, then Josefubu, then Mako and back to Korra, "Lets head to Air Temple Island. We're going to pay Tenzin a visit."

In the physical world (Korra's dimension):

Borero yawned, sitting on the newly recommissioned Avatar Aang's statue's head! He mumbled to himself, "Where the hell I am to go? My spirit powers returned to full, but now I'm lost!"

Out of nowhere, the spirit of a man replied, "Maybe I can be of assistance?"

Borero saw the tall regal man's spirit and asked, "And you are?"

The man left a chuckle and said, "You must be a novice after all, in terms of knowledge of the Avatars. I am Unalaq."

Borero yawned again and said, "Oh right, the past life. In other words, the first Dark Avatar. I guess you're gonna pop up often so, oh what the hell. Speak your mind."

Unalaq's spirit was slightly surprised. "You're surprisingly forthcoming. Was Vaatu wise in choosing you?"

Borero's usual bitter vigor instantly returned. "A challenge from a dead man? You seem to be quite a comedian!"

Unalaq settled down, "I am anything but. On another note, I can help you, at least for a single bending art."

Unalaq's spirit put his hand on Borero's head. Borero began recollecting Unalaq's experiences with water bending. Unalaq urged him to give it a try. Borero did as suggested and began to bend the ocean water around the statue. Borero eased up. Then said, "I am grateful to you, it seems having a past life can be of use to me after all. Now, are there any recommendations for learning the other elements?"

Unalaq's spirit began to dissipate, his last words were, "Head to ether the Fire Nation or Earth Kingdom. And save Air bending for last. If word got out you were a Dark Avatar, finding an airbending teacher would be next to impossible for you..." After careful consideration, Borero decided to head for the Fire Kingdom first. Using the powers of his sword, Raijin, he flew towards Republic City in search of directions...

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