Leaving the Spirit World
The Spirit World
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Azula's Mysterious Plan





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January 28, 2011

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Book 2 Chapter 3 (Azula's Mysterious Plan)

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Book 2 Chapter 5 (Azula's Mysterious Plan)


Azula escapes into the Spirit World as Katara and Sokka trek through the bizarre landscape in search of help. Just when they begin to think all hope may be lost, they encounter the one spirit who could turn their luck around...

Book 2 Chapter 4: The Spirit World

Katara cautiously got to her feet, unsure what to think of her new surroundings. Everything around her had an eerie sort of brown-yellowish tint to it. Above her head she saw the tallest trees she had ever seen blowing back and forth in a nonexistent wind, and in front of her was a vast expanse of terrain unlike anything she had ever seen before. The climate was reminiscent of a desert, but the ground was littered with various grasses and roots.

Suddenly the ground violently shook and Katara lost her footing. As she fell backward she saw a giant claw extending downward from the sky. Picking herself up, she saw a strange creature that looked like a cross between a wolfbat and a badgermole, with a huge bulky frame covered in thick brown fur and wings extending from its sides. It surveyed the area and settled the gaze of its large, beady red eyes on Katara, who took a few steps backward in fear. The creature's long, thin black nails scraped at the dirt as it heaved its giant paw into the air again.

"Sokka! Sokka wake up!" Katara screamed, shaking her brother. As he began to come to, Katara was horrified to see that Azula was waking up as well. Sokka's eyes opened a crack, and he took one look at the monster and jolted awake. Azula sat up and rubbed her head, as disoriented as Sokka. Then, realizing that she was in the Spirit World, she let out a guffaw of twisted delight.

Katara grabbed the still disoriented Sokka and together they scrambled away from the monster, which had slammed its paw down on the ground again, causing another mini-earthquake to shake the landscape. Katara watched as the mountains in the distance twisted and distorted under the pressure of the tremors, and it suddenly began to rain out of nowhere, with not a cloud in the sky.

A hot, blue blur whizzed by Katara's face and scalded her cheek, jolting her back from her reverie. Looking up she saw Azula grinning down at her from high in the air.

"I've done it! I'm in the Spirit World!" She tilted her head and stuck out her tongue, giggling madly. "My DESTINY awaits!" She flew off into the distance until she was nothing more than a speck, and then she vanished leaving Katara and Sokka to face the monster alone in the vast expanse of nothingness.

"Great," said Sokka, finally coming to, "now what are we supposed to do? We're stuck in the middle of nowhere in the Spirit World with that thing after—" he glanced around. "Wait, where'd it go?" True to his word, Katara looked all around but the beast was gone.

"I don't know," said Katara, still shaking, "but we're the only two in the Spirit World who know that Azula is here. We have to find someone who can help us." They began trudging through the endless plateau. Katara was sure that they had been travelling for at least five hours, but there was no sun in the sky and therefore no way to ensure that time was even passing at all. Perhaps time didn't happen in the Spirit World. Considering everything else that had happened in the past few days, Katara didn't think it too crazy of an idea.

It was what Katara deemed another couple hours before there were finally signs of other life. In the distance they saw what looked to be a forest, and bird spirits flying above the treetops. Fatigued but determined, the two pressured onward toward the expanse of trees.

When they entered the canopy they immediately felt the temperature drop, a pleasant relief after the grueling trudge through the humid rain of the plains.

"What was that?" Sokka squeaked. They listened, and soon Katara heard it too: faint whispering all around them. It began growing louder and louder until it was unbearable. "Just run!" Sokka yelled, and they clambered through trees and vines and roots and plants until they emerged into a vibrant pond in the middle of the forest. Sokka dived headfirst into the water, and Katara followed suit.

Suddenly, the quiet pond turned into a tumultuous whirlpool of motion that dragged the two deeper and deeper until they were convinced they would never resurface again. Then, the moment they touched the bottom, they touched the bottom, and the world flipped upside down in a disorienting combination of rushing water and distorted gravity. They swam through the bottom of the oasis and resurfaced on what must have been the underside of the Spirit World.

The whispers that had been deafening them were now reduced to a mere murmur. Katara looked back into the pond at her reflection, and was entranced to see it distorting into a new person entirely. The figure in the pond solidified, and Katara recognized it immediately.


Author's Note

Fun Fact: The Spirit World is a great place for catching up with monstrous beasts, old ancestors, and deceased Avatars.

(P.S. Not really. :P)

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