Book 2: Equals and Opposites
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The Legend of Korra-Chitose Gen Crossover



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March 9, 2014

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Book 2: Equals and Opposites

Within the Spirit World, Borero had emerged from the resonance portal he created. Taking notice, Korra had collected herself from her meditations and along with Mako, approached the newcomer. Speaking with caution, Korra had asked, "Who are you? What are you doing in the Spirit World."

Borero merely looked about his surroundings, ignoring her momentarily. Then said to himself, "So this is your world we ended up in, eh Vaatu?" Borero merely stretched his arms a bit, complaining, "Oh man, this won't do at all... I can't believe I expend a good portion of my spiritual energies. I guess I can't utilize the Avatar state with spirit capability alone..." He looked towards Korra and Mako, saying, "You must be the Avatar, right girl?"

Korra suspiciously asked, "You seem to know more than you're letting on. Just who are you?"

Borero merely took a vial out of his pocket and drank it. "I am Borero, of clan Amakuni. I am the second Dark Avatar, as of right now, you are not my enemy. I don't even give a damn if you're the Avatar. Well, I have to leave now... I gotta go learn to bend the elements." As Borero turned his back, Korra entered the Avatar State and launched a fire bending strike at Borero, only for Borero to easily sidestep it. Borero wickedly replied, "I knew you would attack me, you don't want to let another Dark Avatar loose, do you? Though thanks to the drug I just drank, the limiters in my brain have been temporally shout down. I'm not at full potential right now, so I don't have time to play with you..." With that said, Borero ran into the portal for the physical world with inhuman speed. Korra recalled her Avatar State and sat down.

Mako sat beside her, asking, "Are you going to be alright, Korra?"

Grateful for Mako's support, she sighed and replied, "I'll be fine. I just don't understand what just happened. A random man came out of nowhere claiming to be a Dark Avatar. What I don't understand is that if is a Dark Avatar, why didn't he try to extract Raava like when Unalaq did?" Korra leaned her head on Mako's should, lost in thought.


Deep in space, aboard Chireru's ship, The Oracle, Chireru was spazzing out due to an insane case of boredom. With NIA piloting the ship, Chireru, Ryu and Eva were debating their next course. Chireru, as usual, proved just how childish he was, anncounced,  "Adventure... I'm dying of not having an adventure! Where can we go that will satisfy me?!?"

Both Ryu and Eva named off all known planets and places, Chireru rebuffed them all. Out of nowhere, a suggestion came from an unknown source, "How about a different existing dimension altogether?"

Standing behind Ryu and group in the doorway was Josefubu, who just teleported on the scene. Chireru, in typical Chireru finesse, gave his brother a great bear hug, Screaming, "The wise brother has answered my prayers!!!"

Chireru disengaged the hug, thought for a moment and asked, "What's the catch?"

Josefubu simply said, "Borero is now up and about. He became something called a 'Dark Avatar', and created a door to another dimension. It's safe to assume that revenge is at the forefront of his mind."

Chireru began to laugh childishly, then looked at everyone. "Alright! Eva, let's go check it out! It could be like a date!, NIA and Josefubu, take the ship to Jack's shop back on earth and see if you learned something about Avatars and such." Chireru stood from his chair, grabbed his sword, Kusanagi from under the table and cut into the space in front of him with it, creating a time-space dimension hole connecting into the Leylines. In a gentlemanly fashion, Chireru helped Eva to her feet and said, "Let's go on, Lady Eva. I can't wait to begin this adventure!!"

As the two went into the hole, Eva coyly said, "Well, someone has to keep you outta trouble, my idiot lover Chireru!"

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