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The Fall of the Airbenders





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March 6, 2011

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Chuan takes the note to Monk Wu Han, who believes that the note is real but that Aguma is innocent. He resolves to bring up the matter with the other two monks, and Chuan leaves to fill in Kaizan with the developments. They are mid-conversation however, when a surprising guest enters the room and demands to know what is going on...

Book 1 Chapter 6: Allies and Enemies

Chuan remembered to knock this time, and stood politely as he heard shuffling from inside of the house. A moment later, Monk Wu Han swiftly opened the door. His robes were askew and he looked heavily disheveled.

"Monk Wu Han?" Chuan asked as he bowed respectfully to the elder. "Is everything all right?"

"Of course, my boy!" the monk said. "With the announcement of the next Avatar, we must all be training so that we may be worthy of his presence when he one day visits this very temple!"

Chuan remembered thinking exactly the same thing barely ten minutes earlier, and with a slight smile he said, "Of course, sir."

"And what has brought you here?" the monk asked as he ruffled and straightened his robes.

Chuan's smile faded as he held out the letter for Monk Wu Han to read. The monk glanced at the paper for a moment and then his expression darkened and he asked, "Young Airbender, where have you found this?"

"In Monk Aguma's quarters!" Chuan exclaimed, immediately regretting this admission that he had been snooping.

But Monk Wu Han did not reprimand him, instead responding, "You believe that Monk Aguma has been plotting...the downfall of the Airbenders?"

"Yes!" Chuan exclaimed, excited that Wu Han did not look as opposed to the idea as Monk Saicho had.

Wu Han finished reading the note and then folded it up, placing it in his back pocket. "Believe me when I tell you that you have nothing to fear," he said suddenly, much to Chuan's dismay. "I have known Monk Aguma for the better part of fifty years, and he would never do such a thing. Nevertheless, if this note was not fabricated," he gave Chuan a glare, "then this is troubling news, indeed."

"I promise that it wasn't," Chuan said resolutely, and Wu Han nodded.

"Then I must ask that you allow me to hold onto this letter so that I may discuss the matter with Saicho and, upon his return, Aguma as well."

"Saicho doesn't believe that the note is real," Chuan said dejectedly.

"I will discuss it with him further. But for now, I ask that you allow me to return to my trainings. If we have an imminent attack on our hands then it becomes more pertinent than ever. And I must ask one more thing of you, Chuan." The monk looked him straight in the eyes. "You must not let anyone know what you have found. If word were to get out, panic would spread, and that would be the worst case in this scenario. Do I have your word?"

Chuan reluctantly agreed and then Wu Han dismissed him to leave. Chuan ran away, his mind spinning, as Wu Han closed the door behind him. Kaizan was already waiting in Chuan's room when he arrived.

"Where've you been?" Kaizan asked him as Chuan stumbled into the room again out of breath.

"Found...another...note," he puffed.

"You what?" Kaizan shouted a little too loudly. He glanced around to make sure that no one had heard, and then added, "What'd it say?"

"Fire Nation's plan...a go...They'll invade...within the week..." Chuan laid down on his bed and caught his breath as Kaizan, horrified, mulled this news over in his mind.

Chuan realized that Wu Han had told him not to tell anyone, but then again, Kaizan had known about the original note, so why not keep him updated?

"What is going on in here?" asked a girl's voice from the door. Chuan lifted his head from his pillow and saw the inquisitive face of Mayana peeking through the doorway, glancing between himself and Kaizan.

"We can't tell you," Kaizan said at once, beckoning at her to leave.

"No, wait," said Chuan against his better judgment. Kaizan looked surprised. "It's okay...she can know." Turning to her, he said, "You just can't tell anyone else."

"Promise," she said firmly. Chuan recounted how they had found the original note, and about the one that he had found today.

"...and Monk Wu Han has the note now, and he'll talk to Aguma and Saicho when Aguma returns."

"So he doesn't think Aguma is involved?" Kaizan asked.

"No..." said Chuan. "He doesn't know why the notes were in his room, but he does believe they're real. I think we need to brace ourselves for the worst."

"Come on, lights out!" said a voice from outside. Mayana realized with a gasp that the sun had set and hurried out the door. She came back a second later and whispered, "We'll talk more tomorrow!" With that she was gone again.

Kaizan patted Chuan on the back and said, "Congratulations, man. You did it."

"Huh?" said Chuan, engrossed in his thoughts.

"You talked to Mayana!" Kaizan exclaimed. "And for a while, too!"

Chuan realized with a jolt that his friend was right. "I was just so caught up in the moment that I didn't even-!"

Kaizan just put his hand on Chuan's shoulder and smiled. "You're on your way with her, you know," he said as he got up and left for his own room. Chuan repeated Kaizan's words in his head over and over as he went to sleep that night. He was on his way with her, you know...

Author's Note

Everything thus-far in book 1 has all been leading up to next chapter. Who's excited? :P And who's shipping Chuan/Mayana? Chuyana? Chuna? Mayan? Haha I don't even know...what would the name be??

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